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AMU AT (Medical) Topics 2023: Know Subject-wise Important Topics 


As an AMU aspirant, you may make a mistake if you do not jot down important topics while preparing for the exam. Consider again. Do you believe you can afford to waste time as a medical aspirant? Time is valuable, and so is time management ability. The only way to manage time while studying for an exam is to make a timetable that includes all the AMU AT medical important topics. Would it not be better to jot down the topics and then prioritise them based on your needs? We recommend you allot time to each topic in your AMU AT medical study plan.

Nobody wants to fail, after all. To be successful, stick to a schedule and meet deadlines. Our experts say prioritising topics as per the weightage is the best solution. Additionally, if you think you are weak in an area, we advise you to devote more time to it. We have provided all the important AMU AT medical topics in this article. Note that only 150 students are accepted for the MBBS programme at AMU each year. Therefore, we advise you to perform your best to outdo the others. Scroll down to proceed with the AMU AT topics now.

AMU AT (Medical) Topics: Subject-wise Details

As there will be 200 MCQs, 40 each from Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology, we have tabulated the important topics subject-wise. Check the tables below for more details:

AMU AT Topics for Physics

Refer to the table below for the AMU AT Physics topics:

Work Energy Power
Wave Optics
Wave Motion
Vectors Motions
Units Dimensions Errors
Solids and Semiconductor Devices
Simple Harmonic Motion
Rotational Motion
Ray Optics
Principles of Communication
Physics of Nucleus
Motions in 2D
Motion in One Dimension
Modern Physics: (Atomic Models)
Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism
Laws of Motion
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Heating and Chemical Effects of Current
Heat and Thermodynamics
EM Waves
Electromagnetic Induction
Current Electricity
Circular Motion
Center of Mass, Impulse and Momentum
Alternating Current

AMU AT Topics for Chemistry

Check the table below for the AMU AT Chemistry topics:

Chemical Equilibrium
p-block Elements
General Organic Chemistry
Chemical Bonding
Mole Concepts
Atomic Structure
Ionic Equilibrium
Periodic Classification Of Elements
Alcohol Phenol Ether
Gaseous State
Coordination Compounds
Chemical Kinetics
Aldehyde Ketone
Amines and Diazonium Salts (Comp. containing Nitrogen)
Chemical Thermodynamics
Environmental Chemistry
Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes
Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives
Chemistry in Everyday Life
Redox Reactions
s-block Elements
Solid State
Surface Chemistry
Transition Elements (d and f block)

AMU AT Medical Biology Topics

The table below presents the AMU AT Biology Topics:

Mineral Nutrients
Biomedical Technologies
Origin of Life
Cell Division
Circulation of Body Fluids
Sensory System
Application of Biotechnology
Plant Morpho
Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Human Health Diseases
Animal Morpho
Environmental Issues
Food production-Plant Breeding
Cell Respiration
Microbes in Human Welfare
Genetics-Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Plant Growth
Plant Water Relations
Food production-Animal Husbandry
Growth Repair and Regeneration
Biotechnology Principles and Processes
Animalia – Porifera to Echinodermata
Animal Respiration
Animal Reproduction and Dev
Animal Tissues
Animal Nutrition
Chemical Coordination
Nervous Coordination
Movement and Locomotion
Reproduction in Higher Plants

FAQs on AMU AT (Medical) Topics

Refer to the following questions regarding AMU AT Medical Topics:

Q: How many sections does the AMU AT exams comprise?

Ans: This exam comprises 3 sections: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Q: How many seats are allotted for AMU Medical admission?

Ans: There are 150 seats allotted for AMU Medical Admission.

Q: Is knowing important topics help with my AMU AT preparation?

Ans: Yes, knowing the important topics help in creating a timetable where you can prioritise each topic accordingly.

Q4: How many questions does the AMU AT question paper comprise?

Ans: The AMU AT question paper comprises 200 questions.

Q5: How many marks does each section carry in AMU AT Medical exam?

Ans: Each section carries 40 marks in AMU AT Medical exam.

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