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AMU-AT (Medical) Question Paper: Physics, Chemistry, Biology Question Papers


The best way to prepare for the AMU-AT (Medical) entrance is to practise previous years’ question papers. One obvious reason you should solve the AMU-AT (Medical) question paper is that it is a valuable resource for medical students looking to improve their understanding of subjects and succeed in the medical entrance exams.

Above all, it reinforces your test preparation as it will help analyse your weaknesses. It will also help speed up your preparation to take the entrance exam as one among the thousands of students who will fulfil their dream of studying medical courses at AMU, India’s premier institute. So, continue reading to find all AMU-AT (Medical) previous years’ question paper resources.

AMU-AT (Medical) Question Paper With Solutions

We have provided the solutions for the AMU-AT (Medical) question papers. Our solutions are coherent and easy to understand as these are carefully prepared by our experienced and dedicated experts.

AMU-AT (Medical) Question Paper 2022

You can download the 2022 question paper PDF for AMU-AT (Medical) admission from the table below:

Paper (Shift)Question Paper and Solution PDF by EmbibeVideo Solution by Embibe
17th July 2022Download Medical Question Paper 2022Watch Video – Medical Question Paper Solution & Analysis

AMU-AT (Medical) Question Paper 2021

In the following table, we have provided the 2021 question paper PDFs for AMU-AT (Medical) admission: 

Sl.No.Subject-wise Question Paper and Solutions
1Physics Question Paper 2021
2Chemistry Question Paper 2021
3Biology – Zoology Question Paper 2021
4Biology – Botany Question Paper 2021

AMU-AT (Medical) Full-Length Test Papers

Embibe provides the full-length AMU-AT (Medical) test papers to help you crack AMU-AT (Medical) entrance exam, i.e. NEET, with a better score. Candidates can take the test from the links given in the table below:

AMU-AT (Medical) Full-Length Test PapersTest Links
AMU-AT (Medical) Full Test – 1Attempt AMU-AT Test – 1
AMU-AT (Medical) Full Test – 2Attempt AMU-AT Test – 2
AMU-AT (Medical) Full Test – 3Attempt AMU-AT Test – 3
AMU-AT (Medical) Full Test – 4Attempt AMU-AT Test – 4
AMU-AT (Medical) Full Test – 5Attempt AMU-AT Test – 5
AMU-AT (Medical) Full Test – 6Attempt AMU-AT Test – 6
AMU-AT (Medical) Full Test – 7Attempt AMU-AT Test – 7
AMU-AT (Medical) Full Test – 8Attempt AMU-AT Test – 8

FAQs on AMU-AT (Medical) Question Papers

Below, we have discussed some of the most frequent questions on the AMU-AT (Medical):

Q: Is AMU good for MBBS?

Ans: Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is one of the most sought-after universities for MBBS. It has been ranked 22 under NIRF rankings and is excellent for pursuing a medical degree programme.

Q: What questions do I need to focus on for AMU MBBS 2023?

Ans: The AMU-AT (Medical) entrance exam will have multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Therefore, you must practice such questions to develop an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Q: Which book is the best for the AMU-AT (Medical) 2023 preparation?

Ans: The best books to accelerate preparation for AMU entrance preparation are the NCERT Class 11 and 12 books.

Q: Who conducts AMU MBBS admission?

Ans: The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) oversees the MBBS admissions at AMU.

Q: Do we have to write NEET 2023 to get into AMU MBBS?

Ans: Yes, to secure admission to AMU for the MBBS course, you must take the NEET 2023 exam.

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We hope this detailed article on AMU-AT Medical helps you. You can also find the best learning and test resources for the AMU-AT (Medical) on Embibe.

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