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AMU-AT (B.Tech.) Mock Test 2023: Take Online Tests


If you are keen to pursue your Engineering at Aligarh Muslim University, it is essential to crack Aligarh Muslim University Engineering Entrance Exam (AMUEEE). It is a daunting task to ace the competitive exam But not impossible. Many students score less despite preparing well for the exam. Do you know why? Because somewhere, they have lagged in their preparation or made silly mistakes in the exam. The best solution for this problem is to attempt mock tests and improve your preparation. You must also read from the best books, solve sample papers and practice questions.  

At Embibe, mock tests for AMU-AT (B.Tech) are curated by subject matter experts; they give you a fair idea of the latest exam pattern and familiarise you with the type of questions. You will never know your preparation level until you take mock tests. With the help of personalised feedback, you will be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Taking AMU-AT (B.Tech) mock tests is a best practice and a key to obtaining good marks in the exam. 

Attempt AMU B.Tech Mock Test 2023 From Embibe 

With the help of mock tests for AMU-AT (B.Tech), you can self-evaluate your preparation level to achieve your goal. Embibe gives you a detailed performance analysis once you submit the test. Based on that, you can revise the topics where you lag in improvising your score. It will also assist you in time management skills. Now, let’s click on the below to take AMU B.Tech mock test.

Take subject-wise AMU B.Tech mock tests by clicking on the link provided in the table below: 

AMUEEE SubjectsAttempt Mock Tests
PhysicsAttempt Here
ChemistryAttempt Here
MathematicsAttempt Here

Also, take the test series for AMUEEE 2023 to get good practice and maximise scores.

Mock Test Links
AMU-AT B.Tech Full Test – 1 AMU-AT B.Tech Full Test – 6
AMU-AT B.Tech Full Test – 2 AMU-AT B.Tech Full Test – 7
AMU-AT B.Tech Full Test – 3 AMU-AT B.Tech Full Test – 8
AMU-AT B.Tech Full Test – 4 AMU-AT B.Tech Full Test – 9
AMU-AT B.Tech Full Test – 5 AMU-AT B.Tech Full Test – 10

Steps To Attempt AMU-AT (B.Tech.) Mock Test at Embibe?

Find the steps below to take AMUEEE mock tests for through Embibe.

  • 1st Step: To take mock tests, visit Embibe.
  • 2nd Step: You can log in through your email ID or mobile number (if you log in through your mobile number, an OTP will be sent to you through SMS). you must enter the OTP to log in, or you can sign-up. 
  • 3rd Step: You will find the ‘my goal’ page where you can select ‘Engineering’ under ‘getting into my dream undergraduate college’.
  • 4th Step: When you click on ‘Next’. Select AMU-AT (B.Tech) under my exam. 
  • 5th Step: Select your language as ‘English’. 
  • 6th Step: You will find ‘Test’ on the homepage.
  • 7th Step: You can take subject-wise tests for AMU-AT (B.Tech).

Why Should You Take Mock Tests for AMUEEE 2023 From Embibe?

Below, we have highlighted some of the advantages or benefits of taking AMUEEE mock tests in 2023. 

  • Mock tests simulate the exam and pattern, and you will feel that you are writing an exam in real time. But the reality of mock tests is. They prepare you for the actual exam. Mock tests help boost your confidence so that you don’t feel jittery in the exam. 
  • Mock tests give you insights into the questions and examination structure. You will know your strong and weaker sections to focus more on them and excel in those topics.
  • Enhance your speed and accuracy by taking mock tests. You can complete the paper on time so that later you don’t regret missing out on the last question that would have fetched you marks. 
  • After attempting the mock test, you will know the exam’s difficulty level and be mentally prepared for it.
  • Mock tests help you get great scores in the actual exam. 
  • With the help of feedback you receive, you can avoid mistakes and negative markings.

The best preparation techniques, like mock tests and previous year’s question papers, can help you achieve your goal and make your parents proud. 

The most commonly asked questions with answers about AMU Mock Tests 2023:

Q: Why should you take AMUEEE mock tests 2023 from Embibe?

Ans: Taking AMUEEE mock tests from Embibe will help you analyse your score and preparation level, helps you manage time and boosts your confidence. Practising mock tests are essential to help you score well. 

Q: Will AMU-AT (B.Tech) mock tests help me understand exam patterns?

Ans: Yes. Attempting AMU (AT) B.Tech mock tests will help you understand the exam pattern and difficulty level.

Q: What is the exam duration of the AMUEEE exam?

Ans: The exam duration of the AMUEEE exam is 3 hours. 

Q: Where can you take AMUEEE mock tests?

Ans: You can attempt AMUEEE mock tests on Embibe for.  

Q: Is there any negative in the AMUEEE 2023?

Ans: There is a negative marking of 0.25 marks for incorrect answers in the AMUEEE 2023.

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I hope the above article about AMUEEE mock tests is helpful and informative. Follow the steps above to take mock tests on your phone or laptop and score good marks in the upcoming exam. We wish you all the best.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates about AMUEEE 2023.

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