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Assam Board Class 11 Study Material 2023


Studies and exams are an integral part of a student’s academic life. But doesn’t it feel more like a burden? What if we told you that studies need not feel like mountains on your shoulder but a wonderful learning experience? You read that right. You can benefit more by working smartly along with working hard. For a round exam preparation, 11th Assam Board study materials are the best bet. 

 Embibe provides study resources that cover your entire Class 11 syllabus by graphical representation. Embibe 3D videos explain your chapter topics, and you can understand them quickly and easily. 

There are 30+ Embibe 3D videos, 2000+ sample questions, and mock tests that make you exam-ready and strengthen your academic foundation for higher classes.

 Assam Board Class 11 Study Material 2023

A crucial reason for success in any exam is having good study material. Embibe has a wide variety of resources for exam preparation. From learning a concept to testing your overall knowledge in each subject, Embibe is an application with something for all student requirements. 

In the below sections, you can choose a subject and select any topic or chapter that you want to learn. You can also solve sample papers to check how well you have understood a topic and attempt mock tests to see how ready you are for the actual exam.

Assam Board Class 11 Study Material: Books

Embibe 3D videos explain all your Assam Board Class 11 chapters in the form of animation. You can choose any chapter and watch videos explaining all the topics in that chapter. The topics are arranged in the same sequence as your textbooks. These videos make it easy to finish a chapter without referring to different books.

Assam Board  Class 11 Study Material: Practice Questions

Embibe practice questions can be solved for any chapter or topic within the chapter. You can solve all the questions from all books for the chosen topic. You get hints and step-by-step guidance for all questions, so you can learn to solve more questions in less time. Embibe also provides real-time speed vs. accuracy analysis so that you can improve your problem-solving skills.

SubjectAssam Board Class 11 Practice Questions
MathematicsSolve 11th Assam Board Practice Questions
PhysicsSolve 11th Assam Board Practice Questions
ChemistrySolve 11th Assam Board Practice Questions
BiologySolve 11th Assam Board Practice Questions

Assam Board Class 11 Study Material: Mock Test

Doesn’t that really boost your confidence if you are able to solve each question correctly? Now that you have practiced questions from the links above, it’s time to take tests and step closer to success.

Embibe allows you to create your own tests as per your personalised needs for Assam Board Class 11. You can create unlimited tests with so much flexibility in difficulty level, marking scheme, time duration, topic, subject or chapter, syllabus coverage, etc. After submitting a test, you will get details on your strong and weak topics, like strong topics you did not attempt or got wrong. This narrows down the scope of your preparation. Click on the subject links and attempt a mock test now.

SubjectAssam Board Class 11 Mock Test
MathematicsAttempt 11th Assam Board Mock Test
PhysicsAttempt 11th Assam Board Mock Test
ChemistryAttempt 11th Assam Board Mock Test
BiologyAttempt 11th Assam Board Mock Test

FAQs on 11th Assam Board Study Material

Below are some frequently asked questions on Assam Board Class 11 Study Material:

Q: Can I  download  3D videos for Assam Board 11th  Physics at Embibe?

Ans: Yes. You can download and watch 3D videos for  Assam Board Class 11 Physics for free at Embibe. 

Q: What are the advantages of referring to the Embibe app for the 11th Assam Board exam?

Ans: Embibe offers several excellent study resources that will help you learn the topics in a comprehensive manner. You can learn a concept from the start, check your knowledge by solving the sample questions and attempt mock tests to enhance your exam preparation.

Q: What study resources are there 11th Assam Board on Embibe?

Ans: You get 1000+ practice questions, 25+ 3D video books with solutions, attempt mock tests, etc, on Embibe.

Q: What is the medium of instruction for 11th Assam Board exam?

Ans: The medium of instruction for 11th Assam Board exam is English and Assamese.

Q: Are 11th Assam Board book chapters difficult?

Ans: The Assam Board Class 11 chapters are not difficult, but you may find some topics complicated. With sincere efforts on your side and help from teachers, you can understand them easily.

We hope this article on 11th Assam Board study material helps you. Stay tuned to Embibe for more information on Assam Board Class 11 exam.

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