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Assam Board Class 10 Books: List of Best Books & Important Books


Nowadays, students prefer web-based solutions because of their flexibility. They can learn at their momentum without taking any extra pressure. If you have already started preparing for one of the most significant exams in your life, you must have the best Assam Board class 10 books that cover the entire syllabus efficiently. In this manner, you can learn at your own pace, prioritise the topics depending on your strong and weak areas and learn according to your needs.

The Embibe digital books mentioned on this page have unlimited benefits. You will understand the topics more efficiently as these are written in simple language. These books will simultaneously boost your knowledge and confidence. Read this article to access the best books for the Assam class 10 Board exam.

Access Assam Board Class 10 Books to Ace Your Exam

Embibe’s Assam Board Class 10 books have exercises at the end of each chapter. You must practice them to check your understanding of that chapter. Access the 10th Assam Board books below:

10th Assam Board Books Author/Publisher
Mathematics Text Book for Class 10
Science Text Book for Class 10
Embibe Chapter Wise Previous Year Papers for Mathematics
NCERT Exemplar Problems Solutions Mathematics
NCERT Exemplar Problems Solutions Scienc

Benefits of Assam Board Class 10 Books

10th Assam Board books are the core study resources that will help you to navigate the chapters and explore a wide range of subtopics. These books have several benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • These books will help you to develop crucial mathematical concepts. The explanations given in these books are easy to understand. You can comprehend any difficult topic easily. You will feel confident while appearing for the exam.
  • 10th assembled books are accessible on any device. You can use your smartphone, computer, or laptop to go through them.
  • The Embibe app is like a free e-library that contains a wealth of academic text. It allows you to read your favourite subject without any cost.
  • Now, you can gain new knowledge and expand your horizon to score better marks in the exam. You can instantly navigate the Embibe app for video lectures if you have any doubts.
  • After completing the syllabus from these books, you can start attempting subject-wise mock tests on the Embibe app. 

Steps to Attempt Assam Board Class 10 Mock Tests

Mock tests are the backbone of any exam preparation. Therefore, you must attempt mock tests daily before appearing for the most crucial exam. Your speed and accuracy will gradually improve. To appear for a 10th Assam board mock test, you must follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1: First, you must visit the official website of Embibe, embibe.com. You can also download the Embibe app.
  • Step 2: Sign up by entering your mobile number or e-mail ID. If you already have an account, you can simply log in.
  • Step 3: Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number or email ID. 
  • Step 4: Next, you have to select your desired goal, which is “Assam Board.”
  • Step 5: After that, you must select the 10th Assam Board exam.
  • Step 6: Click next and select your preferred language. 
  • Step 7: Then under “Test” from the Header Section. Scroll down to the “Take Full Tests.”

Assam Board Class 10 Expert-suggested Books

In the following table, candidates can access the expert-recommended Assam Board Class 10 books:

Biology Crash Course (Based on Revised Syllabus-2023)
Chemistry Crash Course (Based on Revised Syllabus-2023)
Mathematics Crash Course (Based on Revised Syllabus-2023)

FAQs on Assam Board Class 10 Books

Check out the frequently asked questions on the 10th Assam Board books.

Q. From where can I access the best 10th Assam Board books?

Ans: You can access the best 10th Assam Board books on the Embibe app. The links are given to this article as well.

Q. Are these study materials available for free?

Ans: Yes, all these books and study materials are available for free on the Embibe app.

Q. Will these study materials be enough for the exam?

Ans: These study materials will be enough to score high in the exam. If you want to clear your doubts, you can access the Embibe video lectures as well.

Q. Do I need to attempt mock tests to prepare for the exam?

Ans: Mock tests will help you evaluate your preparation level and find your strong and weak ideas. You can attempt mock tests absolutely for free on the Embibe app.

Q. What is the weightage for each subject?

Ans: A total of 100 marks are allotted for each subject in the Assam board exam.

We hope this article 10th Assam Board Books is helpful. In case of any queries, check our website or download our app. Stay tuned to embibe.com for the latest news and updates on the 10th Assam Board.

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