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BCA Entrance Important Topics


The Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) course is in high demand due to its professional value which makes the BCA entrance exam very competitive. You must study hard to prepare for the exam and to secure admission to a BCA programme in the college of your choice. To help you with this, we bring the BCA entrance topics and free 3D video explanations to help you streamline your preparation.

The exam tests your knowledge of various topics, including Mathematics, logic, programming, databases, and systems. This article gives you all the required BCA entrance topics with the bonus of free AI-powered 3D video explanations from Embibe. With the help of these video explanations enriched with illustrations and animations, you will be able to crack the BCA entrance exam on the first attempt.

Subject-wise BCA Entrance Topics

While preparing for the BCA entrance exam, you may have noticed that there are rarely discussed topics, and it’s easier to miss out on them. Let’s look at the subject-wise topics you need to cover and ensure you stay caught up towards the right preparation path!

BCA Entrance Topics: English Language and Comprehension

The table below lists the topics you will need to study to crack the BCA entrance exam. These include basic grammar, such as Parts of Speech, Cloze test questions and Tense Usage.

S.No.BCA Entrance English Topics
1.Parts of Speech
2.Cloze Test
4.Articles and Determiners
6.Sentence Formation and Correction
8.Sentence Rearrangement
9.Reading Comprehension

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BCA Entrance Topics: Logical Aptitude and Reasoning

Logical reasoning is important for scoring good marks in the BCA entrance exam. It will develop your understanding to come up with a logical conclusion or decision within a limited time frame. So, during your preparation, you must focus on the Logical Aptitude and Reasoning topics given in the following table:

S.No.BCA Entrance Logical Aptitude and Reasoning Topics
1.Alphabet Test
2.Verbal Analogy, Classification and Series
3.Coding Decoding
4.Direction Sense Test
5.Relationships and Blood Relations
6.Puzzle Test
7.Data Sufficiency

Click here to get the complete list of the Logical Aptitude and Reasoning topics.

BCA Entrance Topics: Quantitative Aptitude

Check the list of important BCA entrance topics for Quantitative Aptitude. You can start studying topics such as Ratio and Proportion, Number Systems, and more from the direct links provided in the table below:

S.No.BCA Entrance Quantitative Aptitude Topics
1.Number Systems
2.Simplification and Approximation
5.Ratio and Proportion
6.Algebraic Expressions
7.Exponents and Surds

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BCA Entrance Topics: General Knowledge

The General Knowledge section of the BCA entrance exam is one of the most challenging sections to crack. However, once you master the BCA Entrance topics for the General Knowledge given in the table below, you will be in a better position to excel in this exam:

S.No.BCA Entrance General Knowledge Topics
1.Art, Architecture, Culture and Religion
2.Banking Awareness
3.Financial Awareness
4.Environmental Affairs
5.Environmental Issues
6.India and the Global Economy

For the complete list of BCA Entrance General Knowledge topics, click here.

BCA Entrance Topics: Mathematics

In the table below, you can find the list of important BCA entrance topics for Mathematics. We have also provided direct links to free 3D video explanations for each topic that you can study to clear your concepts:

S.No.BCA Entrance Mathematics Topics
1.Fundamentals of Mathematics
2.Set Theory and Relations
3.Logarithm and its Applications
4.Theory of Equation
5.Trigonometric Ratios and Identities
6.Trigonometric Equations and Inequations

To view the full list of Mathematics topics you need to study for the BCA entrance exam, click here.

FAQs on BCA Entrance Topics

Some of the frequently asked questions on the BCA Entrance exam are as follows:

Is BCA entrance tough?

The BCA entrance exam is relatively easy if you prepare for it with hard work and determination. However, many factors contribute to how tough the exam may seem to you, such as your preparation level, the questions’ difficulty, and your abilities. Therefore, you must focus on these factors while preparing for this competitive exam.

How should I study for the BCA entrance exam?

Start preparing the important topics per the BCA syllabus given in this article to reinforce your learning curve.

Can you name a few entrance exams for admission to the BCA courses?

KIITEE, BVP BUMAT, IPU CET, DSAT, SUAT, GSAT, SHIATS, LUCSAT, and AIMA UGAT are some of the well-known BCA entrance exams.

What is the duration of the BCA programme?

BCA is a three-year undergraduate course in computer applications.

Which are the best colleges to study BCA?

Ans: The best colleges for pursuing a BCA degree include Presidency College in Bangalore, SICSR in Pune, Christ University in Bangalore, Lucknow University, and Loyola College in Chennai.

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There you have it! A list of some important BCA entrance exam topics. So make sure you revise these topics thoroughly before your exam. Good luck! 

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