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Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Chapters 2023


“To become a champion requires a good mental attitude towards preparation. You have to accept the most tedious task with pleasure.” Now, many of you might wonder how you can have that solid preparation without making it a tedious task. Class 8 is an important academic year, requiring you to go that extra mile to score excellent marks in your Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 exams. To help you do that, Embibe is your one-stop solution. 

With Embibe’s chapter-wise study materials, you can have in-depth preparation without any hassle and easily sail through your Class 8 exams. For Chhattisgarh Board Class 8, you can find 26 ebooks, including textbooks and reference books, more than 200 chapter-wise videos, 500+ practice questions and chapter-wise mock tests. To know more about the Class 8 Chhattisgarh Board chapters, continue reading the article. 

Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Subject-Wise Chapters

Before starting your exam preparation, you must spend some time previewing the chapters as it will help you get an idea of the chapters that have more weightage, and you can plan your study routine accordingly. 

As it is popularly said that “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”, so you must also start your preparation today, and with Embibe’s chapter-wise explainers, you can prepare for your Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 exams easily. 

Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Science Chapters

Science is the way of life and one of the most important subjects in Class 8. To score good marks in Science, you must have a thorough understanding of the concepts, and you should start your preparation by going through the chapters. 

Given below are the Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Science chapters. 

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Sky Vision
2Refraction of Light
4Chemical Effects of Electric Current
5Sources of Energy
9Chemical Reactions- When and What Types
10Metals and Non-Metals
11Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
12Structural and Functional Unit of Our Body- The Cell
13Food Production and Management
14How Much Food?- What Type of Food
15Some Common Diseases
17Microorganisms- A Wonderful World

Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Mathematics Chapters

In order to get a good score in your Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Maths exam, you need to have a proper understanding of the chapters. You must start your preparation by going through the chapters and for that, we have provided a list of the Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 chapters. 

Click on the links below to access them. 

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Square and Cube
3Parallel Lines
4Multiplication and Division of Algebraic Expressions
5Circle and its Elements
7Direct and Inverse Variation
8Factors and Factorisation of Algebraic Expressions
11Construction of Quadrilateral
13Application of Percentage
14Mensuration I
15Mensuration II
16Figures (Two and Three Dimensional)
17Playing with Numbers
18Operations on Rational Numbers
19Mensuration III

FAQs on Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Chapters

Given below are some of the frequently asked questions on Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Chapters-

Q. How will Embibe’s chapter-wise videos help me to get 90% marks in my Class 8 exams?

Ans: By studying with Embibe’s chapter-wise videos, you can have a good understanding of the concepts which will help you get good marks and with continuous efforts, you can score 90% and above marks in your Class 8 exams.

Q. Where can I find Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Maths chapters?

Ans: You can find Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Maths chapters on the Embibe App for.

Q. Is the ‘Refraction of Light’ chapter of Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 tough?

Ans: The Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 chapter ‘Refraction of Light’ is an important chapter and might seem difficult. However, with Embibe’s 3D explainers, you can understand this chapter with utmost ease.

Q. How many chapters are there in Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Maths?

Ans: There are 19 chapters in Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Maths.

Q. Which is the easiest chapter in Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Science?

Ans: many students find ‘Some Common Diseases’ as an easy chapter in Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 Science.

Hope this article was helpful for you and you could get an insight into the Chhattisgarh Board Class 8 chapters. Stay tuned on Embibe for more such articles.

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