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EMBIBE School App


Introducing the EMBIBE School App, where world-class content meets AI-powered personalisation.

The EMBIBE School App is a Learning Management System (LMS) that streamlines and enhances the overall efficiency of school operations while also empowering educators. In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the EMBIBE School app emerges as a game-changer for teachers, administrators and principals of schools.

The advanced capabilities of the EMBIBE School app easily overcome the traditional challenges faced by the school administration. EMBIBE places you in a realm where spontaneous data requests are swiftly addressed with efficiency and school operations seamlessly transition into the digital age.

Bid farewell to concerns about inefficiencies, delays and the drawbacks of manual data entry. Step into a future where education meets innovation, and let the EMBIBE School App be your companion on the path to excellence.

What Is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

An LMS is a digital edtech platform that simplifies and improves the organisation and delivery of educational content and resources in a school or any educational institution. It serves as a centralised hub for various aspects of the learning process, providing tools for educators, students and administrators to interact, collaborate and manage educational materials.

Why EMBIBE School Platform?

The question arises — why do schools even need learning management solutions, i.e., the EMBIBE School App?

Well, the reasons are manifold, such as:

  • The EMBIBE School App lets you bring joyful learning to students through top-notch media and interactive content. This content is tailored to cover each topic in the syllabus.
  • You can generate personalised assignments that are tailored to each student’s needs at the click of a button.
  • School administrators and principals face challenges in a fast-paced education system. They need a simple and efficient solution. That’s where the EMBIBE School app comes in – a powerful platform to make data management easier.

Also, the EMBIBE School App is not just a tool, it’s a transformational experience for educators. It stands out as one of the premier Learning Management Systems (LMS) in the market for schools and other educational institutions.

No need to depend on remote engineering teams or endure update delays. With the EMBIBE School App, effortlessly manage teacher and student data, update information and establish connections — all at your fingertips.

To learn more, check out the app features below:

Features of the EMBIBE School App

Here are some special features of the EMBIBE School App that educators can benefit from:

1. My Home

The following four features are available under the ‘My Home’ tab.

  • My Classes: Navigate easily through the assigned classes. This feature helps quickly access and manage your classes. Improve the teaching-learning experience by adding relevant books of your choice to create a better educational environment.
  • My Students: Gain a holistic view of your students’ information within a particular class. This feature lets you stay informed about students’ progress, allowing for effective communication and personalised support. The option to easily add new students facilitates a lively and inclusive classroom environment.
  • My Schedule: Stay organised using this feature, which provides a complete view of your weekly timetable. Quickly find class schedules, subjects and specific dates to ensure you are well-prepared for all the classes. The intuitive filters make managing your time easy.
  • My Profile: Manage your professional presence with this feature. View and edit your profile details, to ensure it is up-to-date. A personalised profile not only showcases your achievements but also nurtures a sense of connection within the institution.

2. Create

Create lessons like never before — lessons that match your imagination!

Unlock your creative potential with the ‘Create’ module, which offers a variety of features for planning lessons and creating content.

  • Create Lessons: Allocate classes and create lessons or choose from an extensive library of prebuilt resources. Customise lessons using different templates, text, images, videos, quizzes, questions and even 3D models. The flexibility to choose topics and use the EMBIBE Big Books ensures a tailored approach to the topic(s) at hand.
  • Lessons that Match Your Imagination: Create every lesson the way you want with our highly customisable lesson creator and vast content library.
  • Ready to Teach, Always: Be well prepared for every class with our high-quality preset lessons mapped at the topic level.
  • Create a Rich Learning Experience: Make dynamic lessons with millions of 3D models, videos, book questions and interactive polls.

3. Teach

Introducing the art of intelligent teaching that allows teachers to capture every student’s imagination.

The ‘Teach’ module in the EMBIBE School app is a versatile LMS tool designed to cater to both online and offline teaching experiences.

  • Online Mode: Bring the offline experience to your online classes with a user-friendly interface. Switch to online mode, start teaching and connect with students using ‘EMBIBE Meet’ in a virtual classroom. The options to conduct polls, quizzes and showcase 3D models enhance engagement and interaction.
  • Offline Mode: If you prefer offline teaching, easily switch to offline classes by toggling. The ‘Start Teaching’ button ensures a smooth transition to offline classes, providing flexibility in the instructional mode.
  • A Class Above Everyone Else: Take your online classes to the next level by bringing the interactive classroom experience online.
  • Capture Every Student’s Imagination: Real-time dynamic and interactive teaching experience that helps you adapt to student needs and keep them engaged.
  • Power of a Million Brilliant Teachers: Improvise on the go with the help of real-time insights and leverage learning content narrated by subject matter experts.

4. Assign

Assignments made to measure. Create the assignments with the power of AI.

The ‘Assign’ module lets you efficiently manage homework and assessments.

  • Schedule and Personalise: Create and schedule assignments and tests easily, tailoring them to specific topic(s) from any subject. Personalise assessments by adjusting difficulty levels and durations, ensuring that tasks align with the unique needs of each class and student.
  • Manage: Take control of your teaching schedule by choosing classes for assignment distribution. Assign, schedule, draft or delete assignments effortlessly. This provides educators with the flexibility to adapt to changing classroom needs through effective classroom management.
  • Create Your Own Assignments: Get complete flexibility to create your own Homework and Tests. Choose from 50,000+ videos and 16,00,000+ questions mapped to the curriculum.
  • Experience the Power of AI: Let our AI engine create assignments for you at the click of a button. Generate high-quality assignments designed to improve student mastery.
  • Generate Intelligent Assignments, Instantly: Send one-click learning recommendations that are personalised to every student’s knowledge level.

Stay tuned for the subsequent sections covering ‘Track’ and the powerful analytical features that empower teachers and students in their educational journey.

5. Track

Presenting fast-track student improvement.

Gain valuable insights into student performance by utilising in-depth analytics, allowing you to identify both strengths and areas for improvement.

The ‘Track’ feature in the EMBIBE School App serves as your guide through the complex terrain of student progress, providing detailed insights into the learning gaps and achievements of every individual.

  • Learning Gap Analysis: Effortlessly identify learning gaps during your lectures. Log in, go to ‘Track,’ and find valuable information to modify or refine your teaching strategies.
  • Student-wise Analysis: This tab offers a thorough student-wise analysis, allowing you to delve into individual progress and customise your approach accordingly. Understand each student’s strengths and areas for improvement to offer personalised support.
  • Achieve Analysis: Within ‘Track,’ there is the ‘Achieve Analysis’. This tool offers a detailed analysis of the Achieve Journeys assigned to the students. Learn the journey names, assigned dates, chapter details, completion percentages, starting mastery, current mastery and average time spent by the entire class.
  • Adaptive Practice: Witness the power of personalised learning with the ‘Adaptive Practice’ feature. Students can practice questions tailored to their learning style, difficulty level and speed. The assigned Adaptive Practice homework is easily accessible under the ‘Homework Analysis’ tab within the Track module.
  • Homework Analysis: Explore the ‘Homework Analysis’ tab to gain insights into each grade’s subject-wise assignments. Details such as homework type, due dates, average time spent and the number of students who submitted their homework offer a detailed overview of the class’s progress.
  • Deep Analytics for Actionable Insights: Take meaningful actions with a detailed understanding of every student’s knowledge levels and learning behaviour.
  • Every Student on Their Best Learning Behaviour: Understand the strengths and weaknesses of every student and help them get maximum returns on their learning efforts.
  • Leave No Gaps. Find Them, Fix Them: Get a detailed analysis of every learning gap and help students overcome them with personalised learning interventions.

How To Sign in to the EMBIBE School App?

Signing in to the EMBIBE School app is a breeze. Here is how you can log in.

  • Step 1: Get the login credentials from your school administrator or principal. 
  • Step 2: Open your browser and type https://school.embibe.com or simply click on the provided link.
  • Step 3: Enter the username and password provided. 
  • Step 4: You will be redirected to the ‘My Home’ page.

If you are having trouble signing in, you can click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link to reset your password, for which you will need to enter your registered ‘Phone Number’ or ‘Email ID’ and click on ‘Reset My Password’.


Q.1: Why should the schools consider using the EMBIBE School App?

Answer: Schools should use the EMBIBE School App as it streamlines data management, empowers educators and improves overall school efficiency. It offers a transformative experience for administrators and teachers.

Q.2: What features are available under ‘My Home’?

Answer: ‘My Home’ has ‘My Classes,’ ‘My Students,’ ‘My Schedule,’ and ‘My Profile’ for easy navigation and organised information for teachers.

Q.3: How does the ‘Create’ module benefit teachers?

Answer: The ‘Create’ module allows teachers to design unique classes and lessons by incorporating different media, quizzes, questions and even 3D models. This fosters a creative and personalised approach to education.

Q.4: Can teachers conduct online and offline classes with the ‘Teach’ module?

Answer: Yes, the ‘Teach’ module offers both online and offline modes for teaching. Teachers can toggle between them, ensuring easy transition in instructional modes.

Q.5: What does the ‘Assign’ module allow teachers to do?

Answer: The ‘Assign’ module enables efficient management of homework and assessments. Teachers can easily schedule and personalise tasks, adjust difficulty levels and durations, and manage assignments.

Q.6: How does the ‘Track’ feature help in student progress analysis?

Answer: ‘Track’ provides insights into learning gaps, student-wise and class-wise analysis of all activities, thereby helping teachers to plan their remedial sessions and provide personalised guidance.

Q.7: What should teachers do if they forget their login credentials?

Answer: Click on ‘Forgot Password?’ if you forget your credentials. Reset your password by entering your valid phone number or email ID associated with the account.

Q.8: Can teachers customise assignments for individual students using the app?

Answer: Absolutely. Teachers can generate personalised assignments to suit each student’s needs, enhancing the learning experience.

Q.9: How does the app support both online and offline teaching experiences?

Answer: The ‘Teach’ module gives you a live teaching platform for online sessions and ensures a smooth switch to offline classes, maintaining consistent and effective student engagement in any setting.

Q.10: Can I track my student’s performance on the EMBIBE School App?

Answer: Yes, the ‘Track’ feature allows you to fast-track students’ performance to make informed decisions on how to improve their overall achievement. Check out the article above for more.

Wrapping up

Easily manage administrative tasks and personalised learning with the EMBIBE School app, bringing forth an educational evolution. Embrace the simplicity of teaching, creating, assigning and tracking.

Join us in reshaping the narrative of education, unlocking every student’s true potential and magnifying every teacher’s impact. Enhance your educational journey with the EMBIBE School App, where world-class content meets AI-powered personalisation, and learning knows no bounds.

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