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What is a Learning Management System (LMS) and Do I Need One?


Are Learning Management Systems (LMS) as good as the Edteach companies paint them? Are they as streamlined as it gets or is there a catch that we’re missing out on?

Educational advancement is all over the world—with companies using the LMS to get the most out of their learning services. But what is it and why it is the centre of attention nowadays?

Let’s find out.

What is an LMS?

Think of an LMS as fancy software that allows you to create, administer, manage, and analyse e-learning resources, such as courses, e-books, worksheets, instructional videos, and others. 

Not only that but there is no more to a Learning Management System than meets the eye. 

From onboarding to compliance to training, LMS is there to keep everything organised. The concept of LMS emerged from e-learning, and the 1990s was the time when LMS was first introduced.

So, do you need one?

The answer is BIG ‘Yes’. Whether you’re a business wanting to train your team, a teacher navigating the online world, or just someone hungry for knowledge—an LMS is like your personal guide to making learning easier and more organised.

How Does the EMBIBE School app Fit in as an LMS?

EMBIBE for School is a perfect example of what an LMS can do. It has the capability of delivering and managing all types of learning-related content, be it courses, documents, videos, and more.

You can think of it as your educational system, saving you from the chaos of scattered resources and the headache of manual tracking. With an LMS by your side, you’ll conquer mountains of information.

It strikes a perfect balance between streamlining and enhancing the management and delivery of your educational content—within a school or educational institution.

It is a centralised hub for everything education. Using EMBIBE School LMS, schools and teachers can effectively manage and deliver interactive content to their students and map the topics to the syllabus accordingly. 

4 Reasons Why You Need an LMS — EMBIBE for School

Here are four reasons why you should use a learning management system for your school, educational institution, or e-learning platform:

1. Lesson Creation

An LMS allows you to create lessons for your students to match your imagination. It allows you to both create a lesson from scratch and use pre-built lessons from the library. Lessons come with varied templates, videos, quizzes, questions, 3D models, images, text, and more.

2. Art of Teaching

Another feature of using an LMS is that it gives you the ability to capture students’ imagination. What’s more not only can you deliver classes to your students online but also you can do so even when offline. The app has a feature to seamlessly toggle between offline and online modes and a streamlined teaching experience.

3. Assignignment

Management is key to success—let there be no doubt about it. 

If you could schedule, personalise, create, and manage homework, assignments, courses, and everything else, it would be effective for you. And guess what—that is where our LMS, EMBIBE for School, comes in. 

Take control of the teaching schedule; create, draft, or delete any assignment as you wish—everything at the tip of your fingers.

Now, management is a breeze.

4. Tracking

With the ‘Track’ option available on our learning management system, tracking is not a hassle anymore. Now, you can track actionable insights using the LMS, which will allow you to figure out what the strengths and weaknesses of the students are.

The ‘Tracking’ features of LMS allows the following:

  • Learning gap analysis
  • Student-wise analysis
  • Achieve analysis
  • Adoptive analysis
  • Homework analysis

Now that you have understood what an LMS is, it’s about time you go for one and put it into practice to make the most out of your school or educational institution.

These four reasons, mentioned above, aren’t the only ones; the features vary from LMS to LMS—it’s about which type of LMS you are using, and what their capabilities are. 

However, most EdTeach LMS share the common features mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: What is a Learning Management System (LMS), and do I need one?

Answer: LMS is like a digital wizard that makes learning magical. It helps you create, manage, and analyze e-learning resources. Whether you’re a business, teacher, or just a knowledge-hungry individual, an LMS is your guide to organized and easier learning.

Q.2: Is a Learning Management System (LMS) as good as EdTech companies say? Is it too good to be true?

Answer: It’s not a magic trick; it’s real! LMS is the spotlight in today’s educational world, streamlining everything from onboarding to training. The hype? Totally justified.

Q.3: How does the EMBIBE School app fit in as an LMS?

Answer: EMBIBE for School is the superhero of LMS. It manages and delivers all your learning content, saving you from chaos. Imagine it as your educational command centre, bringing order to the scattered resources.

Q.4: Why do I need an LMS like EMBIBE for School?

Answer: Four words: Lesson Creation, Art of Teaching, Assignment Management, Tracking. EMBIBE for School isn’t just an app; it’s a game-changer. It turns lesson creation into an art, teaching into an experience, and management into a breeze.

Q.5: What are the key features of EMBIBE for the School’s LMS?

Answer: EMBIBE for School is your all-in-one toolkit. Create lessons that match your imagination, toggle between online and offline teaching modes, manage assignments effortlessly, and track progress with features like learning gap analysis and adaptive practice. It’s not just an LMS; it’s your education sidekick.

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