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CA Foundation 2022 Cut-off: Category-wise Cut-off


Students eagerly waiting for the CA Foundation 2022 cut-off must know that the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has already released the passing rate for the June session of the CA Foundation 2022. The overall passing rate for the CA Foundation test in June 2022 was 25,28. While 93729 candidates appeared for the exam, only 23693 qualified for the CA Foundation test in 2022.

The passing percentage comprises information like the number of candidates who appeared for the exam, those who passed, and the corresponding pass percentage. According to the established passing norms, candidates must achieve a minimum of 40% on each CA foundation paper and a cumulative total of 50% to be pronounced successful. Check out the article below to learn more about the CA Foundation 2022 cut-off.

CA Foundation 2022 Cut-off in Detail

Students preparing for the 2023 exam must know the pass percentage for CA foundation sessions as it will help them to analyse the difficulty of the exam. CA Foundation cut-off also helps the candidates to assert the competition in this exam. Check out the CA Foundation 2022 cut-off below:

GenderNumber of Candidates AppearedNumber of Candidates QualifiedPassing PercentageTotal No of Exam Centres


CA Foundation Pass percentage December 2022

Along with the cut-off, candidates are also interested to know the passing percentage out of the total number of candidates. We have given the details below.

Number of Candidates Appeared6009750565110662
Pass Percentage30.20%30.37%30.28%
Number of Candidates Passed181511535933510

FAQs on CA Foundation 2022 Cut-off

Check out the frequently asked questions on CA Foundation 2022 cut-off:

Q: What was the overall qualifying percentage of CA Foundation students in the June 2022 session?

Ans: The overall pass rate for the June 2022 session of the CA Foundation was 25.28%.

Q: Is the CA Foundation’s Business Mathematics part challenging?

Ans: Yes, the math portion of the CA Foundation exam is the most challenging, according to sample papers. Therefore students must prepare well to score the required cut-off.

Q: How many students qualified for the July 2021 CA foundation exam?

Ans: According to the July 2021 CA Foundation pass percentage, 19158 students in total passed the test.

Q: How much time should I devote to preparing for the CA Foundation exam?

Ans: You should study 10 to 15 hours daily to prepare for the CA foundation exam and score the required cut-off.

Q: Is one month sufficient to prepare for the CA Foundation exam?

Ans: No, you must prepare your study schedule in advance. The final month before the exam should be reserved for CA Foundation revision only.

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