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IMU CET Preparation Tips 2023: Detailed Guidance


Are you preparing for the IMU CET exam? Then you must check out the IMU CET preparation tips from experts at Embibe. IMU-CET, or the Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test, is an entrance exam to enrol students in courses at IMU campuses and affiliated institutes. Candidates must prepare themselves to face fierce competition and prepare thoroughly to crack the exam. Embibe has a team of experts who have provided the best preparation tips to help you achieve the best score.

Before starting your IMU CET exam preparation, you must remember that going through the entire syllabus is necessary. You must understand each topic mentioned in the syllabus. Additionally, you must have the best books for every subject prescribed by the toppers or experts. Read on to know some of the best IMU-CET preparation tips that will help you crack the exam.

IMU CET Preparation Tips by Experts

You must have a fixed schedule to qualify for the IMU CET exam on your first attempt. Alternatively, you can also decide what topics should be covered each day and set a goal accordingly. Sometimes it’s possible that you cannot follow the schedule for some reason. In that circumstance, candidates must create daily short goals to finish the curriculum on time.

Don’t spend the entire day at the study table. Take small breaks. You can resume your studies with fresh minds by taking brief pauses. Always try to steal time from your schedule and give time to your interests, yourself, and your family.

  • Follow the Study Timetable

Give the challenging or time-consuming sections, such as reasoning and mathematics, additional time. Switch between easy and challenging topics as per your comfort; this way, it will be easier to finish the entire course.

A successful preparation will be completed when you review and practise the IMU CET syllabus numerous times. The following are the main ideas that can help you efficiently and effectively review the syllabus:

  • Set a goal to finish the curriculum one month before the exam.
  • Thoroughly review and practise the curriculum.

Additionally, try to improve your speed by working through the previous year’s question papers.

  • Go Through the Entire Syllabus

Check out the entire syllabus first. It will help you to find out your strong and weak areas. Start your preparation with your strong areas. It will boost your confidence. After that, work on your weak areas. Gradually you will see improvement in your preparation.

  • Attempt Mock Tests

Join a series of online practice tests to prepare for the IMU CET exam. It will assist you in identifying your strong and weak areas. Eventually, you will understand what you need to improve to qualify for the exam.
The IMU CET Online Test Series is offered by Embibe, which will help you jumpstart your preparation. Click on the links below to access the online mock tests at Embibe.

Practice IMU CET Unlimited QuestionsPractice IMU CET Unlimited Questions
Practice Physics Questions for IMU CETPractice General Aptitude Questions for IMU CET
Practice Mathematics Questions for IMU CETPractice English Questions for IMU CET
Practice General Knowledge Questions for IMU CETPractice Chemistry Questions for IMU CET
  • Take Care of Your Well-Being

Last but not least, look after your physical and emotional well-being. We all know that we can accomplish anything in life if both our physical and mental health are in good shape. So keep in mind that your body must be healthy to accomplish your ultimate goal.

  • To increase your energy and focus, exercise and practise meditation every day.
  • Avoid negative people, and surround yourself with good energy.
  • Limit your exposure to stress.
  • Let’s make it happen. If you have faith in your ability to pass the exam, you will undoubtedly achieve success.

To succeed, adhere to the instructions listed above.

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FAQs on IMU CET Preparation Tips

Check out the frequently asked questions on IMU CET preparation tips:

Q. Is the IMU CET exam difficult to crack?

Ans: It depends on the candidate. Most questions are moderate in difficulty, while a few can be more challenging. Therefore candidates must prepare hard to crack the exam.

Q. What are IMU CET passing scores?

Ans: The applicant must hold a degree in Mechanical/Marine/Civil/Naval Architecture, or a related field, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 60%. SC and ST candidates will be eligible for a 5% minimum mark relaxation.

Q. Is the IMU CET exam harder than JEE Mains?

Ans: One of the crucial exams for merchant marine in India is the IMU CET. However, the JEE Main is more challenging than the IMU CET in terms of the exam’s difficulty level. The questions in the IMU CET are usually taken from the class 11 and 12 board exams.

Q. Will the IMU CET 2023 be an online or offline test?

Ans: IMU CET 2023 Application Form will be available online only. There won’t be an offline version.

Q. What is the merchant navy cut-off?

Ans: A diploma in related engineering courses is necessary, with a minimum percentage of roughly 60%.

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