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IMU CET Exam: Check Paper Analysis Here


If you are considering applying to the IMU CET then a thorough analysis of the exam paper is a prerequisite.

A paper analysis is a useful method for understanding trends, forecasting the importance of specific topics, and providing students with in-depth knowledge for better preparation. Students can plan their own study strategy using the previous year’s paper analysis.

Understanding the framework of a question paper builds students’ self-confidence and self-esteem, and makes them say, “Yes, I can do it.”

Therefore, we have provided a detailed paper analysis of the IMU CET exam 2020 in this article. The authorities have not released the IMU CET analysis yet. However, we will update this article as soon as we get the notification. So, bookmark us for the updates, and for now, let us scroll down for more details.


IMU CET 2020 Paper Analysis

The detailed paper analysis of the IMU CET 2020 examination is provided below: 

  • The IMU CET is divided into six sections.
  • B.Tech candidates were tested in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, and Aptitude.
  • MBA candidates were assessed on their verbal, quantitative, data interpretation, and logical reasoning skills.
  • The number of questions in each section is divided by subject as follows:
SectionNo. of Questions
General Knowledge25


Section A: Physics

There were 50 questions in the Physics section. There were a few tricky questions, but they weren’t very time-consuming. Among the topics covered were:

  • 4 questions on Nuclear Physics
  • 5 questions on Energy and Power
  • 7 questions on Electrostatics
  • 5 questions on Properties of Matter
  • 9 questions on Laws of Motion and Work
  • 7 questions on Semiconductor Devices
  • 8 questions on Current Electricity
  • 5 questions on Magnetic Effects

Section B: Chemistry

There were 25 questions in this section, all of which were moderately difficult. Here, the questions took longer to answer. Topics included in this section were:

  • 5 questions on Electrochemistry
  • 3 questions on Thermodynamics
  • 6 questions on Carbonyl Compounds
  • 3 questions on Atomic structure
  • 4 questions on Carboxylic Acids
  • 4 questions on Chemical Equilibrium

Section C: Mathematics

Due to the number of questions in this section, it was considered the most difficult section by students. In total, it had 50 questions. The topics covered were:

  • 3 questions on Matrices
  • 9 questions on Trigonometry
  • 7 questions on Vector Algebra
  • 3 questions on Differential Calculus
  • 5 questions on Differential Equations
  • 6 questions on Probability Distributions
  • 4 questions on Integral Calculus
  • 6 questions on Discrete Mathematics
  • 7 questions on Series Completion

Section D: English

This section was considered the easiest. It was the least time-consuming of all. The section contained only 25 questions in total. The topics covered were:

  • 2 questions on Passage Completion
  • 7 questions on Error Correction
  • 8 questions on Cloze Test
  • 8 questions on Comprehension Passage i.e. 2 passages with 4 questions each.

Section E: General Knowledge

Candidates were tested on their General Awareness in this section with 25 questions covering topics such as:

  • 5 questions on Business News
  • 4 questions on International News
  • 8 questions on National News etc 

Section F: Aptitude

There were 25 questions in this section, making it the trickiest part of the exam. Topics covered included:

  • 5 questions on Series Completion
  • 3 questions on Blood Relations
  • 4 questions on Directions
  • 5 questions on Puzzles
  • 4 questions on Data sufficiency
  • 4 questions on Arrangements

FAQs on IMU CET Exam Analysis

The following are some questions that IMU CET exam aspirants ask:

Q: Which was the trickiest part of the IMU CET 2020 exam

Ans: The Aptitude section was considered the trickiest part of the exam.

Q: What were the different sections in the IMU CET exam 2020?

Ans: The IMU CET is divided into six sections:  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, and Aptitude.

Q: Which was the easiest section of all in the IMU CET 2020 exam?

Ans: The English Language section was the easiest of all.

Q: How many questions were asked from the Physics section in the IMU CET exam 2020?

Ans: There were 50 questions from the Physics section.

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