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Shubham Bala, AIPMT AIR 2314 [Interview]


Name: Shubham Bala


Rank: AIR 2314

Location: Indore


Subham Bala AIR 2314

Shubham is an aspiring medical professional from Indore! In his past time however he loves spending time on the computer and exploring new software’s and hardware. He is not much into gaming but likes trying new configurations. His father is Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery.

  1. Did you ever think about preparing for AIPMT in class X or before?

I had interest in medical field even before Class 10. I knew I wanted to work towards pursuing medicine.

  1. What was your preparation strategy for your Medical Exams 2015?

I like to plan and study. I had a very directional approach to my preparation. I used to maintain a personal diary and make a to-do list, which I would follow religiously. I had a clear schedule that I maintained and this helped me finish my syllabus and revision at least 3 times in the year. Studies have to be planned otherwise it is extremely difficult to succeed.

  1. What do you think worked in your favour?

I relied a lot on tests. I used to analyze my tests irrespective of whether they went well or badly. I gave a high weightage to tests. For a student like me Embibe was a blessing since I could go deeper in to my performance.

  1. What was your daily routine while preparing for the exam? Did it change as the exam date came closer?

Unlike most students who would look to study for 16-20 hours a day I had a fairly simple routine. I did not set hectic targets for myself. I would sleep 6-8 hours a day and ensure studying without tension or panic. I used to work hard through out the year and I did not change my strategy. Before the exams I had a revision plan, which I followed properly.

  1. What according to you, were specific weaknesses that, you were afraid would hold your score back?

Sometimes I feel like I should have given more time to my studies and I might have done better. I think I did I did very well in the first AIPMT exam hence there was a certain amount of over confidence which became a weakness.

  1. Did you use any online tools to prepare for the exam?

I did not spend as much time on online tools but my professor from Rankers Point advised me to use Embibe. I did use Embibe and trust me if you follow it properly you will benefit. Allen online test series is good but does not have features such as Embibe.

  1. Which features did you find the most beneficial on Embibe?

Anyone who uses Embibe will know that it is the exact same in terms of quality of content and difficulty as AIIMS, AIPMT and JIPMER. I loved the embibe analysis and feedback as it helps you estimate your strengths and weaknesses. It is a easy to use tool that shows you the right direction.

  1. How did you feel when you entered the exam hall? What challenges did you face while taking the exam?

I fell a little ill before going in for the exam. I took a 1-year drop and that worried me a lot but the doctor told me not to take any tension and just focus on doing a good paper and keeping a cool mind. If you do not have a cool mind then you will forget even what you know and have studied. I had to just kill it.

  1. What would be your message to upcoming Medical aspirants 2016?

Plan and revise with a proper plan and take tests with full heart and that will be sufficient for 2016.

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