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Telangana State Board Class 6 Chapters 2023


Why is it that we read a nice storybook just once and still remember the stories for a long time? It’s because you liked what you were reading and got whisked away to your story world. But alas! That doesn’t usually happen with our school books, does it? But what if it did?! Even though you may find your 6th Telangana State Board chapters dull and boring, you have to read them. So we made them cute, colourful and interesting, just for you. 

Embibe provides 3D videos that teach your chapter topics through animation. They offer reference material like Embibe Explainers to teach all the chapters. Embibe Explainers are topic-wise videos mapped to books and chapters bringing topics to life through 3D models and animation. They capture your imagination and make learning a fun activity. We have 30+ Embibe Explainers and 1000+ sample questions to help you ace each chapter. Read on to know more about Class 6 Telangana Board chapters.

Subject-wise 6th Telangana State Board Chapters

Do you want to rank first in your class? To achieve that, you must understand the topics covered in your school textbooks. You also need to be attentive in class and clarify your doubts immediately. Apart from your school books, you can also refer to Embibe Explainers to understand the concepts. We have provided subject-wise links to the 6th Telangana Board State Board chapters. You can click on the links for direct access to the topics also.

Class 6 Telangana State Board Chapters in Maths

Are you one of the students who do understand the Class 6 Telangana Board Maths concepts and make silly mistakes while solving the questions? For that, you need to focus on learning the topics and solve as many sample questions as you can. Refer to the table below to learn the topics through animation. You can also find links to practice questions on each topic. 

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Knowing Our Numbers
2Whole Numbers
3Playing with Numbers
5Fractions and Decimals
6Ratio and Proportion
7Basic Geometrical Ideas
8Measures of Lines and Angles
9Perimeter and Area
11Practical Geometry
12Understanding 3D and 2D Shapes
13Data Handling
14Introduction to Algebra

Class 6 Telangana State Board Chapters in Science 

Do you get confused between different concepts and forget their features and characteristics? You need to have a proper understanding of the topics to know their exclusive features. Embibe’s 3D videos explain all the concepts in detail, and the visualisation technique will help you retain the key points for all topics. Check the table below to prepare the Telangana State Board Class 6 chapters in Science:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Playing With Magnets
2Simple Electric Circuits
3Learning How to Measure
4Lights, Shadows and Images
5Rain: Where Does it Come From
6Separation of Substances
7Fibre to Fabric
8Changes Around Us
9Water in Our Life
10Materials and Things
11Our Food
12What Do Animals Eat?
14Plants: Part and Functions
15Movement in Animals
16Living and Nonliving

FAQs on Telangana State Board Class 6 Chapters 2023

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on 6th Telangana State Board chapters:

Q: What topics will I learn in 6th Telangana Board Maths chapter Measures of Lines and Angles?

Ans: In the Telangana Board Class 6 Maths chapter Measures of Lines and Angles, you will learn Line Segment, Drawing a Segment Line, Line Segments in Shapes, Introduction to Angles, etc.

Q: What are the number of chapters in Telangana state Board Class 6 Science?

Ans: Telangana Board Class 6 has 16 chapters Science subject.

Q: Where will I find Telangana State Board Class 6 chapters for all subjects?

Ans: You can get Telangana State Board Class 6 chapters for Maths and Science subjects on the Embibe app. 

Q: What is an Embibe Explainer?

Ans: Embibe Explainers are 3D videos that teach the 6th Telangana State Board chapters  with animation. It will enable you to understand a topic fairly quickly and remember the important points.

Q: How does Embibe help in understanding the Telangana State Board Class 6 chapters?

Ans: Embibe explains the Telangana State Board Class 6 chapters by 3D graphical representation. Each chapter has key points to remember, prerequisites to ace a topic. You also get direct links to practice questions on a chapter and get Telangana State Class 6 chapter-wise solutions for all the questions. Thus, you can prepare every single chapter from start to finish on a single platform.

We hope this article on 6th Telangana State Board chapters was useful to you. Stay tuned to Embibe for more information on Telangana Board Class 6 exam 2023.

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