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12th Telangana State Board Books: List of Important Books for Preparation


If you are a Class 12 student preparing for the board exams, you must probably be nervous about covering the vast syllabus. With over 97.13% of students passing the exam last year, you must already know about the competition. But getting buried in those school books is not an option to succeed here. It is important to break the wheel and mix the 12th Telangana State Board Books with exciting learning videos mapped with each subject.

Embibe makes preparations for the 12th Telangana Board exams easier with interactive and exclusive books. The comprehensive books with 3D videos and solutions make learning fun for students. This way, they learn more and get to use their knowledge in the practical world. The TS Inter 2nd textbook gives students an opportunity to learn and practice concepts. Scroll down to learn more.

TSBIE Intermediate 2nd Year Books PDF Download

To help students prepare better for the 12th Telangana Board exams, Embibe provides six exclusive books and more than 10 reference books for. Furthermore, Embibe also has tons of interactive 3D Explainer Books for all subjects. Check the table below to grab the best books online:

Maths-Paper 2ATelangana Board Class 12 Book
Maths-Paper 2BTelangana Board Class 12 Book
PhysicsTelangana Board Class 12 Book
ChemistryTelangana Board Class 12 Book
ZoologyTelangana Board Class 12 Book
BotanyTelangana Board Class 12 Book

Telangana Board Class 12 Maths Books

Maths is difficult for students since it requires problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and reasoning aptitude. However, Embibe will provide students with the best guidance to help them achieve their goals. Access all of the Maths books with solutions in the table below to better comprehend the key concepts:

Telangana Board Class 12 Physics Textbooks

The concepts from Physics are a bit puzzling, but with Embibe students can understand and learn them easily. Check the table below to get the best e-books to scale the exam preparation level:

Telangana Board Class 12 Chemistry Books

Do you ever feel confused after looking at chemical equations? Well, do not worry anymore, as Embibe offers books with illustrations to assist students in understanding the basics. Check the links below to get the best TS Class 12 Chemistry books:

Telangana Board Class 12 Biology Books

How does our body work? What constitutes the nervous system? There are several such questions that intrigue students and raise their curiosity. Students having any doubts regarding any topic in Biology can refer to Embibe’s best books to ace the exams. The link to the books have been provided below:

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FAQs on 12th Telangana State Board Books

Below we have provided some of the most commonly asked questions on Telangana State Board Books:

Q.1: Which books are the best for Telangana Board Class 12 exams?

Ans: Embibe’s big books are the best for those who are preparing for the Telangana Board Class 12 exams. These books contain explanations to some of the important topics in an interactive way.

Q.2: What are the benefits of studying from the books offered by Embibe?

Ans: Students must read the books offered by Embibe as they are quite informative and prepared by subject experts. These books come in very handy and help students finish the syllabus on time. Also, the videos present in these books act as a visual aid for the students.

Q.3: When will the 12th Telangana Board exams 2023 begin?

Ans: The Telangana Board Class 12 exams will tentatively begin in March 2023.

Q.4: Does Embibe offer mock tests for Telangana Board Class 12 exams?

Ans: Yes, Embibe offers mock test series with detailed feedback analysis for the Telangana Board Class 12 exams. Therefore, they must sign up first to attempt the mock tests.

Q.5: What is the duration of the 12th Telangana Board exams?

Ans: The duration of the Telangana Board Class 12 exams is three hours.

We hope this detailed article on the 12th Telangana State Board Books helps you prepare for the board exam in the best way possible. If you have questions regarding the exam, please get in touch with us via the live chat box, which is accessible when signed in.

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