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Telangana State Board Class 6 Syllabus 2023


Telangana State Board Class 6 Syllabus 2023: The Telangana State Board of Secondary Education (TSBSE) is responsible for conducting and regulating the Telangana Board Class 6 exam. It also sets the syllabus for Class 6 and ensures that it gives students an up-to-date curriculum. In this stage, students learn the basic concepts in all their subjects to strengthen their fundamentals.

Therefore students should study consistently and rigorously. Knowing the syllabus before studying is the right way to start as it helps them know what chapters to study and how much time to allocate to each. In this article, students can find the Telangana Board Class 6 syllabus. Students can scroll through to get the subject-wise updated syllabus and kickstart their preparation.

TSBSE Class 6 Subject-wise Syllabus

Since Class 6 lays the foundation for higher classes, it is crucial to thoroughly study the subjects. And before doing that students should refer to the syllabus first. Going through the syllabus will help them know which chapters are included and what topics to study. This gives them clarity to plan their studies accordingly and complete their studies on time. Students can find the KBPE Class 6 subject-wise syllabus in the section below.

Telangana State Board Class 6 Maths Syllabus

Maths is a subject that requires a strong foundation and an in-depth understanding of the concepts. The syllabus in Class 6 Maths is designed to build the fundamentals that are later. applicable to higher classes. Students can find the detailed syllabus of Telangana Board Class 6 Maths below.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Knowing our Numbers
2Whole Numbers
3Playing With Numbers
4Basic Geometrical Ideas
5Measure of Lines and Angles
7Fractions and Decimals
8Data Handling
9Introduction to Algebra
10Perimeter and Area
11Ratio and Proportion
13Practical Geometry
14Understanding 3D and 2D Shapes

Telangana State Board Class 6 Science Syllabus

The concepts taught in Class 6 Science help students understand the organisms in our environment, the interaction between them, various phenomena of nature, and many more. It is important that students learn these concepts thoroughly. They can refer to the table below for the Telangana Board Class 6 syllabus.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Playing With Magnets
2Simple Electric Circuits
3Learning How to Measure
4Light, Shadows, and Images
5Rain: Where Does it Come From
6Separation of Substances
7Fibre to Fabric
8Changes Around Us
9Water in Our Life
10Materials and Things
11Our Food
12What Do Animals Eat?
14Plants: Part and Functions
15Movement in Animals
16Living and Nonliving

Telangana State Board Class 6 Social Science Syllabus

Social Science teaches students about humanity, their past, ways of living, geographical regions, society, government, etc. The subject is divided into History, Geography, and Civics. The syllabus is quite vast, but if students follow a proper study timetable they can complete it on time. The table below provides the Telangana Board Class 6 Social Science syllabus.

Chapter NoChapter Name
1Reading and Making Maps
2Globe – A Model of the Earth
3Land Forms Penamakuru – A Village in the Krishna Delta
4Dokur Village on the Plateau
5Penugolu- A Tribal Village in the Hills
6From Gathering Food to Growing Food -The Earliest People
7Agriculture in Our Times 
8Trade in Agricultural Produce: Part A & Part B
9Community Decision-Making in a Tribe
10Emergence of Kingdoms and Republics
11First Empires
12Democratic Government
13Village Panchayats 
14Local Self-Government in Urban Areas 
15Diversity in Our Society 
16Towards Gender Equality 
17Religion and Society in Early Times 
18Devotion and Love Towards God   
19Language, Writing and Great Books 
20Sculptures and Building 

Below we have provided the mock tests for Telangana State Board Class 6:

SubjectsMock Tests
ScienceTS Board Class 6 Science Mock Tests
MathematicsTS Board Class 6 Mathematics Mock Tests

FAQs on Telangana State Board Class 6 Syllabus 2023

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Telangana State Board Class 6 syllabus.

Q. Where can I get the Telangana Board Class 6 syllabus?

Ans: Students can get the Telangana Board Class 6 syllabus on this page.

Q. Where can I learn the Telangana Board Class 6 Maths chapters?

Ans: Students can learn the Telangana Board Class 6 Maths chapters on Embibe.

Q. Where can I take mock tests for Telangana Board Class 6 exam?

Ans: Students can take mock tests for the Telangana Board Class 6 exam on Embibe.

Q. What is the importance of the TSBSE Class 6 syllabus?

Ans: The TSBSE Class 6 syllabus gives students an idea about the chapters included for a specific academic year and helps them plan their studies accordingly.

Q. How many chapters are there in the Telangana Board Class 6 Social Science?

Ans: There are 20 chapters in the Telangana Board Class 6 Social Science.

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