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9th Telangana State Board Important Chapter


Are you preparing for the Telangana State Board class 9 exam but finding it difficult to learn the chapters? Then what would you do? Refer to the books or browse multiple platforms to understand the topics from the chapters. To make it more convenient and easy to complete the chapters, we have provided everything in a single platform.

Learning the chapters and topics for the Telangana state board is fun with the help of the 3D visualisation technique. The 3D explainer videos are mapped to the chapters; you can select the chapter and watch all the videos covering all the topics. The interactive video sessions make it easy to finish the chapters to gain a proper understanding and have no learning gaps. You can practice more questions on Embibe to enhance your speed and accuracy. So when you have a powerful learning platform, you are perfect and confident to face the exam.

Telangana State Board Class 9 Chapters

Embibe provides 100+ 3D videos and practices questions to help you master the chapters for Telangana State Board class 9. It is recommended to prioritise the important chapters and practise rigorously to crack the exam. Now, let’s look at the important chapters for TS Board class 9.

TSBSE Class 9 Science Chapters

We have mentioned the list of Science chapters for Telangana state board class 9 in the below table:

Sl.NoUnitsImportant Chapters
1ChemistryMatter Around Us
Is Matter Pure?
Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Reactions
What is inside the atom?
Laws of Motion
Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces
Floating Bodies
Work and Energy
3BiologyCell: Its Structure and Function
Plant Tissues
Animal Tissues
Plasma Membrane
Diversity in Living Organisms
Sense Organs
Animal Behaviour
Challenges in Improving Agricultural Products
Adaptations in Different Ecosystems
Soil Pollution
Biogeochemical Cycles

TSBSE Class 9 Mathematics Chapters

In the below table, we have provided the list of Mathematics chapters for TS board class 9:

Sl.NoUnitsImportant Chapters
1ArithmeticReal Numbers
2AlgebraPolynomials and Factorisation
Linear Equations in Two Variables
Proofs in Mathematics Revision
3GeometryThe Elements of Geometry
Lines and Angles
Geometrical Constructions
4Co-ordinate GeometryCo-ordinate Geometry
Statistics and Probability
5Statistics and ProbabilityStatistics
6MensurationSurface Areas and Volumes

The most commonly asked questions with answers about TS Board class 9 are as follows:

Q: Where can I get the list of important chapters for TS Board class 9?

Ans: You can get the list of important chapters for TS Board class 9 on Embibe application.

Q: Is it easy to learn the chapters for Telangana State Board class 9 on Embibe?

Ans: Yes, 3D videos provided by Embibe make it easy to learn the chapters and finish them in less time.

Q: Does Embibe provide mock tests for TSBSE class 9 exam preparation?

Ans: Yes, Embibe provides mock tests for TSBSE class 9 exam preparation.

Q: Name the important chapters for Maths from Telangana State Board class 9?

Ans: The important chapters for Mathematics are real numbers, triangles, lines and angles and circles. The links to access the chapters are given in the above article.

Q: How to score well in TS Board class 9 exam?

Ans: You can score well in Telanagana State Board class 9 by following some of the effective preparation tips like solving sample papers, mock tests and practising regularly.

I hope this article about Telangana State Board class 9 chapters is helpful for your exam preparation.

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