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Telangana Board Class 12 Important Topics 2023


Did you know that out of 4.5 lakh students who appeared in the Telangana Board Class 12 last year, only 61000 students scored an A, which is a concerning number? With the increasing competition every day, stress among students is also common. If you are stressed about falling into the 61000 category, this article is for you.

The first and foremost step for any preparation is thoroughly understanding the chapters and topics. With Embibe’s topic-wise study materials, you can have in-depth preparation and pass your exams with flying colours. Embibe has over 100 videos, e-books, 1000+ sample questions and mock tests for for Telangana Board Class 12. To know more about the Telangana Board Class 12 topics, continue reading.

Telangana Board Class 12 Subject-wise Topics

Knowing the topics is essential while preparing for Telangana Board Class 12 exams. Familiarizing yourself with the topics helps you understand the syllabus and plan your study routine accordingly. Keep scrolling to know about the Telangana Board Class 12 topics.

12th Telangana State Board Mathematics Topics

Having a proper understanding of the topics is crucial, and what is better than getting all the topics in one place? The cherry on top is the topic-wise study materials available on Embibe. Let us look at the topics of the Telangana Board Class 12 Maths.

Chapter NumberChapter NameTopics
1Complex NumbersAlgebra of complex numbers
Argand plane and polar representation
The geometry of complex numbers
Modulus and Conjugate of a Complex Number
Argument of a Complex Number
2De Moivre’s TheoremDe Moivre’s theorem
Nth roots of unity
Cube roots of unity
3Quadratic ExpressionsNature of roots
Special roots and signs of roots
Equations reducible to quadratic equations
Algebraic inequalities
Formation of Quadratic Equations
4Theory of EquationsPolynomial equation and identity
5Permutations and CombinationsFactorial notation
Permutations when all the objects are distinct and not distinct
Permutations when All the Objects are Not Distinct
Circular Permutations
6Binomial TheoremBinomial Theorem for Positive Integral Index
General and Middle Terms
Multinomial Theorem
Series involving Binomial Coefficients
7Partial FractionsPartial Fractions
8Measure of DispersionMeasures of Dispersion
Mean Deviation
Variance and Standard Deviation
Analysis of Frequency Distributions
9ProbabilityRandom Experiments
Types of Events
Axiomatic Approach to Probability
Conditional Probability and Multiplication Theorem
Bayes’ Theorem
10Random Variables and Probability DistributionsRandom Variables and Its Probability Distributions
Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution
Poisson Distribution
11CircleBasics of Circle
Tangent and Normal to a Circle
Pair of Tangents, Chord of Contact and Chord with Midpoint of a Circle
Interaction between Two Circles
12System of CirclesAngle between Two Circles
Family of Circles
Radical Axis and Radical Centre of Circles
13ParabolaBasics of Conic Section
Basics of Parabola
Tangent and Normal to a Parabola
14EllipseBasics of Ellipse
Tangent and Normal to an Ellipse
15HyperbolaBasics of Hyperbola
Tangent and Normal to a Hyperbola
Asymptotes of Hyperbola
16Indefinite IntegrationBasics of Indefinite Integral
Integration by Substitution
Integration by Parts
Integration of Rational Functions
Integration of Irrational Functions
Definite Integration
Basics of Definite Integral
Properties of Definite Integral
Reduction Formulae for Definite Integration
Application of Definite Integral to Areas
18Differential EquationsBasics of Differential Equations
Variable Separable Form
Homogeneous Differential Equations
Linear Differential Equations

12th Telangana State Board Physics Topics

Physics is an important subject, and preparation for the exam becomes easier when you have topic-wise study materials. Topics like waves, ray optics, and wave optics need ample practice apart from understanding the concepts. At Embibe, you can practice various questions to score better marks. Let us look at the topics of the Telangana Board Class 12 Physics.

Chapter NumberChapter NameTopics
1WavesTransverse and longitudinal waves
Doppler effect in sound
Equation of a Progressive Wave
Speed of a Travelling Wave
Principle of Superposition of Waves
2Ray Optics and Optical InstrumentsReflection at the plane and spherical surfaces
Refraction at plane surfaces
Refraction through a prism
Scattering of light
3Wave OpticsHuygen’s principle
Doppler effect in light
Diffraction of light
Coherent and Incoherent Addition of Waves
Interference of Light Waves and Young’s Experiment
4Electric Charges and FieldsBasic properties of electric charge
Coulomb’s law
Superposition principle
Electric flux
5Electrostatic Potential and CapacitanceElectric potential
Capacitors and capacitance
Potential Due to an Electric Dipole
Potential Due to System of Charges
Equipotential Surfaces
6Current ElectricityElectric Current
Electric Currents in Conductors
Ohm’s Law
A drift of Electrons and the Origin of Resistivity
Limitations of Ohm’s Laws
7Moving Charges and MagnetismMagnetic Force
Motion in a Magnetic Field
Motion in Combined Electric and Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Field due to a Current Element, Biot-Savart Law
8Magnetism and MatterThe Bar Magnet
Magnetism and Gauss’s Law
The Earth’s Magnetism
Magnetization and Magnetic Intensity
Magnetic Properties of Materials
9Electromagnetic InductionExperiments of Faraday and Henry
Magnetic Flux
Faraday’s Laws of Induction
Motional Electromotive Force
Eddy Currents
10Alternating CurrentAC Voltage Applied to a Resistor
Representation of AC Current and Voltage By Rotating Vectors-Phasors
AC Voltage Applied to an Inductor
AC Voltage Applied to a Capacitor
11Electromagnetic WavesDisplacement Current
Maxwell’s Equations
Sources of Electromagnetic Waves
Nature of Electromagnetic Waves
Electromagnetic Spectrum
12Dual Nature of Radiation and MatterElectron Emission
Photoelectric Effect
Einstein’s Equation of Photoelectric Effect
Photoelectric Effect and Wave Theory of Light
Particle Nature of Light: The Photon
13AtomsEarly Atomic Models
Alpha-particle Scattering and Rutherford’s Nuclear Model of Atom
Atomic Spectra
Bohr Model of the Hydrogen Atom
14NucleiAtomic Mass and Composition of Nucleus
Size of the Nucleus
Mass-Energy and Nuclear Binding Energy
Nuclear Force
15Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple CircuitsComparison of Vacuum Tubes and Semiconductors
Energy Band Theory and Electrical Properties of Matter
Semiconductor Material
Extrinsic Semiconductor
p-n Junction and Semiconductor Diode
16Communication SystemElements of a Communication System
Bandwidth of Signals
Production and Detection of Amplitude Modulated Wave
Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves Modulation

12th Telangana State Board Chemistry Topics

An in-depth knowledge of the topics is crucial as it helps you plan your study routine. At Embibe, you can learn each topic with the help of 3D videos for better understanding. Given below are the topics of the Telangana Board Class 12 Chemistry.

Chapter NumberChapter NameTopics
1Solid stateGeneral Characteristics of Solid State
Amorphous and Crystalline Solids
Classification of Crystalline Solids
2SolutionsTypes of Solutions
Methods of Expressing Concentration of Solutions
Vapour Pressure of Liquid Solutions
3ElectrochemistryElectrochemical Cells
Galvanic Cells
Electrode Potential and Standard Electrode Potential
Nernst’s Equation
Relationship between Electrode Potential, Gibb’s Energy and Equilibrium Constant
4Chemical KineticsRate of a Chemical Reaction
Factors Affecting Rate of a Reaction
The Rate Law and Rate Constant
Order of a Reaction
Molecularity of a Reaction
5Surface chemistryImportance of Surface Chemistry
Classification of Colloids
6General Principles of MetallurgyOccurrence of Metals
Concentration of Ores
Oxidation-Reduction in Metallurgy
Reduction of Metal Oxides to Metals
Thermodynamic Principles of Metallurgy
7p-Block ElementsOccurrence of p-Block Elements
Atomic and Physical Properties of Group 15 Elements
Chemical Properties of Group 15 Elements
Dinitrogen: Preparation, Structure, Properties and Uses
8d and f Block Elements & Coordination CompoundsPosition of d-Block and f-Block Elements in Periodic Table
Electronic Configuration of d-Block Elements
General Properties of d-Block Elements
Some Important Compounds of Transition Metals
9PolymersPolymers and Polymerisation
Classification of Polymers
General Method of Polymerisation
Some Commercially Important Polymers
Natural and Synthetic Rubbers
Importance of Carbohydrates
11Chemistry in Everyday lifeApplications of Chemistry
Drugs and Their Classifications
Drug-Target Interaction
Therapeutic Action of Different Classes of Drugs
Chemicals in Food
12Haloalkanes and HaloarenesIntroduction to Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Classification of Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Nomenclature of Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Nature of C – X Bond in Haloalkanes
13Alcohols, Phenols and EthersClassification of Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
Nomenclature of Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
Structure of Functional Groups of Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
Methods of Preparation of Alcohols
14Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic AcidsIntroduction to Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
Nomenclature and Structure of Aldehydes and Ketones
Preparation of Aldehydes and Ketones
Physical Properties of Aldehydes and Ketones
15Organic Compounds Containing NitrogenGeneral Introduction of Amines
Structure of Amines
Classification of Amines
Nomenclature of Amines
Methods of Preparation of Amines

12th Telangana State Board Biology Topics

Topic-wise study materials are always a bonus and helpful during preparation. Ebooks at Embibe help you learn all the Class 12 Biology concepts in a fun and engaging way with the help of 3D videos. Given below are the topics of the Telangana Board Class 12 Biology.

Chapter NumberChapter NameTopics
1Transport in PlantsMeans of Transport in Plants
Plant Water Relations
Long-Distance Transport of Water
2Mineral NutritionStudy of Mineral Requirements on Plants
Essential Mineral Nutrients
Mechanism of Absorption of Elements
Translocation of Solutes
3EnzymesChemical Reaction
Enzymatic Conversions
Nature of Enzyme Action
Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity
4Photosynthesis in Higher PlantsEarly Experiments to Understand Photosynthesis
Sites of Photosynthesis
Pigments Involved in Photosynthesis
Light Reaction of Photosynthesis
5Respiration in PlantsIntroduction to Respiration in Plants
Aerobic Respiration
6Plant Growth and DevelopmentPlant Growth
Development in Plants
Plant Growth Regulators
Morphology of Bacteria
Bacterial Cell Structure
Nutrition in Bacteria
Reproduction in Bacteria
8VirusesDiscovery and Classification of Viruses
Structure of Viruses
Multiplication of Viruses
Viral Diseases in Organisms
9Principles of Inheritance and VariationInheritance of One Gene
Deviation from Mendelism
Inheritance of Two Genes
Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance
Linkage and Recombination
10Molecular Basis of InheritanceDNA Structure and Packaging
The Search for Genetic Material
RNA World
11Biotechnology: Principles and ProcessesPrinciples of Biotechnology
Tools of Recombinant DNA Technology
Process of Recombinant DNA Technology
12Biotechnology and its ApplicationsBiotechnology in Agriculture
Applications of Biotechnology
Transgenic Plants
Bio-safety and Ethical Issues
13Strategies for Enhancement in Food ProductionPlant Breeding
Single Cell Protein
Tissue Culture
14Microbes in Human WelfareMicrobes in Household Products
Microbes in Industrial Products
Microbes in Sewage Treatment
Microbes in the production of Biogas
Microbes as Biocontrol Agents
15Digestion and AbsorptionThe Human Digestive System
Physiology of Digestion in Humans
Absorption of Digested Food
Disorders of the Digestive System
16Breathing and Exchange of GasesRespiratory System
Mechanism of Breathing
Respiratory Volumes and Capacities
Transport and Exchange of Gases
Regulation of Respiration
17Body Fluids and CirculationLymphatic System
Clotting of Blood
Circulatory Pathways
Cardiac Cycle
Double Circulation
18Excretory Products and their EliminationExcretion in Animals
Human Excretory System
Urine Formation
Regulation of Kidney Functions
Disorders of Excretory System
19Musculo-Skeletal SystemIntroduction to Movement and Locomotion
Types of Movement in Organisms
Human Muscular System
Human Skeletal System
20Neural Control and CoordinationNeural System
Central Neural System
Peripheral Neural System
Generation and Conduction of Nerve Impulse
Reflex Action and Reflex Arc
21Endocrine System and Chemical CoordinationHuman Endocrine System
Mechanism of Hormone Action
Hormonal Disorders in Human
22Immune SystemBasic Concepts of Immunity
Types of Immunity
Immunological Disorder
23Human Reproductive SystemIntroduction to Human Reproductive System
Male Reproductive System
Female Reproductive System
Menstrual Cycle
24Reproductive HealthReproductive Health- Problems and Strategies
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Birth Control- Needs and Methods
Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies
25GeneticsHeredity and Variation
Multiple Allelism
Polygenic Inheritance
Sex Determination
26Organic EvolutionOrigin of Life
Biological Evolution
Evidence of Evolution
Theories of Evolution
Modern Synthetic Theory of Evolution
27Applied BiologyAnimal Husbandry
Poultry Farm Management
Bee Keeping
Fishery Management
Biotechnology in Healthcare and Medicine

FAQs on 12th Telangana State Board Topics

The frequently asked questions on Telangana State Board Class 12 topics are as follows:

Q: Where can I find topic-wise study material for Telangana Board Class 12?

Ans: You can find topic-wise study material for Telangana Board Class 12 on the Embibe platform.

Q: When will the board exams be conducted in 2023 for the Telangana Board Class 12?

Ans: For 2023, the Telangana Board will conduct Class 12th exams in March 15.

Q: How many topics are there in the Telangana Board Class 12 Chemistry chapter Solutions?

Ans: There are 11 topics in the Telangana Board Class 12 Chemistry Chapter Solutions. You can access them in the above sections provided in this article.

Q: Where can I find topic-wise practice questions for Telangana Board Class 12 exams?

Ans: You can find topic-wise practice questions for Telangana Board Class 12 exams at Embibe.

Q: How can Telangana Board Class 12 topics help me score better marks?

Ans: Knowing the topics is always an added bonus and can help you prepare for your exams efficiently. Thorough knowledge of topics saves your time and helps you plan your studies accordingly.

We hope this detailed article on the Telangana Board Class 12 Topics helps you prepare for the exam in the best way possible. Should you have any queries regarding the same or anything related to the exam, please feel to reach out to us via the live chat box, which is accessible when signed in. Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on Telangana Board Class 12 Topics!

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