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Ties-up with Greenwood High School to bridge the learning gap between teacher & students. Specially designed personalised teaching solution will help teachers impart quality education & provide attention to every student.

Published on 20 Jun 2022

Hyderabad: Reaching another milestone in spreading artificial intelligence (AI) enabled personalised teaching solutions for teachers in schools across the State that help fix the gap between the teachers and students, EMBIBE, a leading education technology platform, entered into another partnership with Greenwood High School, Warangal.

This is the second such alliance between EMBIBE and a school during the last three months.

The teaching solution will help teachers impart quality education and provide personalised attention to every student during academics as defined in the New Education Policy. The method will help teachers bring the best out of students and assists them in understanding the subject more easily.

Speaking on the occasion, Sumeet Pall Marwaha, CZO of EMBIBE, said, “We are working to ensure that both teachers and students, regardless of the medium of learning, would benefit with this technology-enabled alliance, specially when the pandemic cast a heavy shadow over school education.”

Emphasising the aims and ambitions of the AI-enabled personalised teaching solutions platform, he said, “EMBIBE troubleshoots the learning gaps using Al design for personalised learning and leveraging the student-teacher trade matrix. The platform caters to the entire education ecosystem of class content aligned to every prescribed teaching, tests and preparation of curriculum in every language.

Explaining the importance of personalised learning that helps teachers fix learning gaps in students, Bharadwaj Naidu, director of the school, “This initiative will give students more access to high-quality academic content and deeper insights into their performance and learning behaviour. It is highly beneficial for teachers too, who can now, with a simple click of a button, understand the strengths and weaknesses of every student and take necessary remedial steps.

The aim is to create an adaptive learning environment around teachers and students, catalysing high-quality digital education with 3D content in tune with the syllabus, thereby helping them catch students young.”

“Teachers can now create impactful lessons using innovative technology. They could train students with just a click of a button in both online and offline modes. Assigning homework completely personalised to students and conducting tests using the platform are other technology-enabled features that make the teacher-student equation very simple and efficient.

Besides, it also helps keep track of students’ grades, syllabus coverage, score progress, and ascertain their behavioural change and class engagements, among other things. All this has been made possible due to the partnership with EMBIBE”, added Bharadwaj.