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Goa state government has signed a memorandum with platform provider Embibe.

Published on 16 May 2023

The Goa government has announced the rollout of a digital learning platform that will be made available to students of all 594 government and government-aided schools in the state.

The state government has signed a memorandum with platform provider Embibe, which was acquired by Reliance Industries in 2018, to provide the digital learning platform to 1-lakh students & 3,000+ educators from 594 government-run and aided schools across Goa.

According to State Project Director S S Ghadi, remarked the partnership “will provide necessary guidance to several students from lower socio-economic backgrounds, and revolutionise the way our students learn”

“It has been a great support to our students and teachers even during the pandemic when teaching had to turn entirely digital. We believe that this partnership will be a game-changer for education in the state of Goa and a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to ensure that all of our students have access to a world-class education,” Ghadi said.

The collaboration will be effective from the academic year 2023-24.

“We are keen to demonstrate how our content can increase teaching and learning outcomes for the entire state. We hope to become knowledge partners to the State of Goa that can drive efficient decision-making to enhance education,” Aditi Avasthi, the CEO of Embibe, said.