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Arunachal Pradesh Board 9th Topics 2023


How many episodes of your favourite K-drama do you binge watch? And how many hours do you study? We bet the ratio is 3:1! Well, we understand, it’s not always your fault. Studying, especially from textbooks, can be dull. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could learn your syllabus from nice, colourful videos? Welcome to Embibe! We are a house full of 3D video books to cover all your 9th Arunachal Pradesh Board topics. You need not worry about the syllabus as we follow the Mizoram Board’s official curriculum and follow the same topic sequence.

Embibe’s special digital books are of 3D video with solutions. In these videos, you learn all the same topics as your school books in the same sequence, but by animation. The dullest and the toughest topics come to life with Embibe interactive videos that make learning process stress-and fun. There are 20+ Embibe books with videos and solutions, 1000+ sample questions, 30+ mock tests, that provide ample resources to make your exam preparation perfect.

Subject-wise 9th Arunachal Pradesh Board Topics

There is no single perfect exam preparation strategy. Still, one aspect that remains the same and uncompromisable is developing a solid foundation in the Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 9 topics. Because unless you understand a topic well, you cannot solve questions based on it. This is where Embibe steps in. The 3D videos can be watched at any time, and you can practice relevant sample questions alongside to check your conceptual knowledge.

We have provided some of the most important topics for 9th Arunachal Pradesh Board Maths and Science. You can refer to all the other chapters from the link provided below subject-wise. 

Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 9 Important Topics in Maths

In Arunachal Pradesh Board 9th class, you will learn different concepts on geometry, polynomials, variables, triangles, parallelograms, areas of different shapes, statistics, etc. You are strictly advised to prepare all the chapters and not skip any topic as questions can be asked from any chapter. However, to streamline the learning process, you can first study the important topics. The topics are highlighted as important by our subject teachers after careful analysis of the topics and previous year question papers.

Refer to the links below to access 9th Arunachal Pradesh Board important topics:

Chapter Name Topics
Polynomials Zeros of a PolynomialPolynomials in One VariableRemainder TheoremAlgebraic Identities & Factorisation of Polynomials
Lines and Angles Angle Sum Property of a TrianglePairs of AnglesLines Parallel to the Same LineParallel Lines and a TransversalBasic Terms for Angles between Lines & Intersecting Lines and Non-intersecting Lines
Quadrilaterals Types of QuadrilateralsAngle Sum Property of a QuadrilateralProperties of a Parallelogram The Mid-point Theorem

Refer to all 9th Arunachal Pradesh Board Maths Topics here.

Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 9 Important Topics in Science

Would you not enjoy seeing how the super-tiny atoms work? what are we actually made of? what is gravitation? and why don’t we float in the air? You can learn how all these processes happen, on the Embibe’s 3D videos. It will feel like watching the Discovery Channel or the National Geographic. 

Embibe’s video lessons can be truly effective, as watching the scientific processes in the form of animation will help you understand the concepts in a lot better way.

You can first study the Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 9 important topics in Science from the table below:

Chapter NameTopics
Matter in Our SurroundingsPhysical Nature of MatterStates of MatterCharacteristics of Particles of MatterEvaporation & Interconversion of Matter
Fundamental Unit of LifeIntroduction to a Cell & Structural Organisation of a Cell
Work and EnergyIntroduction to WorkScientific Conception of WorkEnergyRate of Doing Work

Done with the important topics? Learn  the rest of Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 9 Science topics here.

FAQs on 9th Arunachal Pradesh Board Topics

Below we have provided some of the commonly asked questions on Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 9 Topics

Q.1: What are the important topics in 9th Arunachal Pradesh Board Maths?

Ans: Polynomials, Quadrilaterals, Lines and Angles are some of the important topics in Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 9.

Q.2: Total how many chapters are there in Arunachal Board 9th class Science subject?

Ans: There are 15 chapters in Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 9 Science.

Q.3: What are the Embibe Big Books for 9th Arunachal Pradesh Board topics?

Ans: The Embibe Big Books are 3D video books with solutions. These digital books teach all your school syllabus in the form of videos. Here, you can learn any concept thoroughly and solve questions with step-wise solutions.

Q.4: Which is the best website to learn Arunachal Pradesh 9th class topics?

Ans: Embibe is the best place to learn all your Arunachal Pradesh Class 9 topics and also solve sample problems on them for.

Q.5: Can I learn selective topics of Class 9 Arunachal Pradesh Board Maths from Embibe?

Ans: Yes. You can do topic/chapter/subject-wise selective study for your 9th class Arunachal Board on Embibe.

We hope this article has helped you. Stay tuned to Embibe for more updates on Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 9 exams 2023.

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