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Assam Board Class 8 Topics 2023


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8th Assam Board Topics Subject-wise

It is very important to cover the whole syllabus of the 8th Assam Board. But, there are some chapters that students need to focus on as they are more important. To help you access them quickly, we have tabulated the Assam Board 8th important topics in Maths and Science subjects in the section below. Learn them well, but ensure that you complete other chapters and leave no topic unprepared. 

Assam Board Class 8 Important Topics in Maths

Mathematics can be your best friend, and you can score 100% marks in Maths. Isn’t that great? All you need to do is learn its topics properly and solve sample problems on them. You can memorise the formulas and prevent making silly mistakes. First, cover the important topics and then move on to other chapters. You must study all 16 chapters in the book since questions can be asked about any topic. 

Chapter NameTopics
Rational NumbersIntroduction to Rational Numbers
Properties of Rational Numbers
Representation of Rational Numbers on the Number Line
Rational Numbers between Two Rational Numbers
Squares and Square RootsProperties of Square Numbers
Patterns in Numbers
Finding the Square of a Number
Square Roots
Square Roots of Decimals
Estimating Square Root
Cubes and Cube RootsCubes
Pattern in Numbers
Cube Roots
Comparing QuantitiesRatios and Percentages
Increase or Decrease as Per Cent
Profit and Loss
Taxes on Sale of an Item
Exponents and PowersBasics of Exponents and Powers
Powers with Negative Exponents
Laws of Exponents
Use of Exponents to Express Small Numbers in Standard Form
Comparing Very Large and Very Small Numbers
Playing with NumbersNumbers in General Form
Letters for Digits
Tests of Divisibility
Linear Equations in One VariableIntroduction to Linear Equations in One Variable
Solving Linear Equations in One Variable
Applications of Linear Equations
Reducing Linear Equations to Simpler Form
Equations Reducible to the Linear Form
Algebraic Expressions and IdentitiesBasics of Algebraic Expressions
Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions
Multiplying a Monomial by a Monomial
Multiplying a Monomial by a Polynomial
Multiplying a Polynomial by a Polynomial
Direct and Inverse ProportionsDirect Proportion
Inverse Proportion
FactorisationIntroduction to Factorisation
Division of Algebraic Expressions
Finding the Error
Understanding QuadrilateralsPolygons
Classification of Polygons
Sum of the Measures of the Exterior Angles of a Polygon
Kinds of Quadrilaterals
Practical GeometryConstructing a Quadrilateral
Special Cases of Construction of Quadrilateral
Visualising Solid ShapesNature of Solid Shapes
Views of 3D-Shapes
Mapping Space Around Us
Faces, Edges and Vertices
MensurationPerimeter and Area
Area of Trapezium
Area of a General Quadrilateral
Area of a Polygon
Solid Shapes
Data HandlingBar Graphs
Organising Data
Grouping Data and Histogram
Circle Graph or Pie Chart
Chance and Probability
Introduction to GraphsBasic Graphical Representations
Linear Graphs
Application of Graphs

Assam Board Class 8 Important Topics in Science

Don’t run away from this subject. You have Embibe to your rescue now. Learn the important chapters of 8th Assam Board Science important topics from the direct links tabulated below. Then cover the rest of the chapters. Be prepared with all the chapters so that you can answer any question from the syllabus. Better be prepared!

Chapter NameTopics
Crop Production And ManagementAgricultural Practices
Preparation of Soil
Basic Practices of Crop Production
Manure and Fertilisers
Microorganism Friend and Foe

Introduction to Microorganisms
Friendly Microorganisms
Harmful Microorganisms
Food Preservation
Nitrogen Fixation
Conservation of Plants and AnimalsDeforestation and its Causes
Consequences of Deforestation
Conservation of Forest and Wildlife
Cell – Structure and Functions

Discovery of the Cell
Cell Shape and Size
Cell Structure and Function
Parts of the Cell
Comparison of Plant and Animal Cells
Reproduction in AnimalsModes of Reproduction
Sexual Reproduction
Asexual Reproduction
Reaching The Age of AdolescenceAdolescence and Puberty
Changes at Puberty
Secondary Sexual Characters
Role of Hormones in Reproductive Functions
Reproductive Phase of Life in Humans
Pollution of Air and WaterIntroduction to Pollution
Air Pollution
Greenhouse Effect
Water Pollution
Synthetic Fibres and PlasticsSynthetic Fibres
Types of Synthetic Fibres
Characteristics of Synthetic Fibres
Characteristics of Plastics
Material : Metals and Non-MetalsPhysical Properties of Metals and Non-metals
Chemical Properties of Metals and Non-metals
Uses of Metals and Non-metals
Coal and PetroleumNatural Resources
Natural Gas
Conservation of Natural Resources
Combustion and FlameCombustion
Controlling the Fire
Types of Combustion
Structure of a Flame
Force and PressureForce – A Push or a Pull
Exploring Forces
A Force Can Change the State of Motion
Contact Forces
Non-contact Forces
FrictionForce of Friction
Factors Affecting Friction
Friction : A Necessary Evil
Increasing and Reducing Friction
Fluid Friction
SoundSound Is Produced by a Vibrating Body
Sound Produced by Humans
Sound Needs a Medium for Propagation
We Hear Sound Through Our Ears
Amplitude, Time Period and Frequency of a Vibration
Chemical Effects of Electric CurrentLiquids Conduct Electricity
Chemical Effects of Electric Current
Some Natural PhenomenonSparks and Electric Charges
Charging by Rubbing
LightLaws of Reflection
Regular and Diffused Reflection
Multiple Images
Reflected Light Can be Reflected Again
Sunlight – White or Coloured
Stars and the Solar SystemThe Moon
The Stars and Constellations
Solar System

FAQs on 8th Assam Board Topics 2023

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on 8th Assam Board Topics:

Q. Does Embibe teach all the 8th Assam Board topics for free?

Ans: Yes. You can learn all the Assam Board 8th class topics for Science and Maths on Embibe.

Q. How can Embibe guide me in learning the Assam Board 8th class topics?

Ans: Embibe provides 3D video books with solutions which explain all the 8th Assam Board topics in a fun and interesting manner. You can also solve practice problems and take mock tests to improve your preparation.

Q: Which topics are important in Assam Board Class 8 Science?

Ans: In 8th Assam Board Science, microorganism friend and foe, conservation of plants and animals, fibres and plastics, etc., are some of the important concepts. 

Q: Are the chapters in 8th Assam Board Maths easy?

Ans: Yes. The syllabus of Assam Board 8th Maths is easy and fun to learn.

Q: Where can I learn Assam Board 8th Maths chapter Exponents & Powers?

Ans: You can learn Exponents & Powers Class 8 Maths on the Embibe app.

We hope this article on 8th Assam Board Topics helps you. Stay tuned to Embibe for more information on Assam Board Class 8 exam.

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