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Assam CEE Important Chapters 2023: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM)


Knowing the Assam CEE important chapters to prepare for the entrance test is the same as knowing the right amount of ingredients required for a perfect recipe. Any engineering exam preparation can be vast and time-consuming, to make the preparation easy, we have, therefore, provided the Assam CEE important chapters list. There are also 3D explanatory videos for these chapters to understand the chapters better.

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Assam CEE Subject-wise Important Chapters 2023

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The list of chapters in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as per the Assam CEE syllabus is given below: 

Physics Important Chapters for Assam CEE 2023Chemistry Important Chapters for Assam CEE 2023Mathematics Important Chapters for Assam CEE 2023
Laws of MotionStates of MatterComplex Numbers
Rotational Motion and Moment of InertiaAtomic StructureDifferential Calculus
Solids and FluidsSome Basic Concepts of ChemistryDifferential Equations
Units, and MeasurementChemical EquilibriumDynamics
OscillationsChemical Energetics and ThermodynamicsIntegral Calculus
WavesRedox Reactions and ElectrochemistrySets, Relations and Functions
Description of Motion in One DimensionSurface ChemistryPermutations and Combinations
Current ElectricityRates of Chemical Reactions and Chemical KineticsBinomial Theorem and Its Applications
Thermal and Chemical Effects of CurrentsChemistry of Non-Metals – 1Sequences and Series
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating CurrentsChemistry of Non-metals-IITwo-Dimensional Geometry
Electromagnetic WavesChemical Bonding and Molecular StructureThree Dimensional Geometry
Atoms, Molecules and NucleiChemistry of Lighter MetalsMeasures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
Solids and Semi-Conductors DevicesChemistry of Representative Elements
Ray OpticsHeavy Metals

FAQs on Assam CEE Important Chapters 2023

Below are the frequently asked questions with answers about important chapters of Assam CEE 2023:

Q: How does Embibe help in learning the chapters for Assam CEE?

Ans: Embibe provides a powerful learning experience, mock tests and free practice. You can learn the chapters with the help of 3D videos and take a test. You can understand complex chapters easily from Embibe.

Q: What are the advantages of taking mock tests at Embibe for Assam CEE?

Ans: Embibe mock test simulates the actual exam. You will get feedback once you submit the test, where you can detect the weak areas and improve your scores. 

Q: What is the difficulty level in Assam CEE 2023?

Ans: The difficulty level of Assam CEE can be expected to be ranging from moderate to difficult. 

Q: Who releases the Assam CEE syllabus 2023?

Ans: The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) will release the Assam CEE syllabus 2023.

Q: What is the duration of the Assam CEE exam?

Ans: The duration of the Assam CEE exam is 3 hours.

I hope the above article about Assam CEE chapters is helpful and informative for you before appearing for the entrance exam in 2023. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to contact us through the live chat option available in the app. 

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