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Assam CEE Study Plan 2023: Check Complete Exam Guide


Assam CEE Study Plan 2023: A study plan for the upcoming Assam CEE exam 2023 can help in setting specific goals and targets for each day, week, and month, which can guide the preparation process. It can help candidates to allocate time for each subject and topic and ensure that they cover the entire syllabus in a timely and effective manner.

Moreover, a study plan can also help candidates to monitor their progress and identify areas that need more focus and improvement. By following a study plan, candidates can track their performance and ensure that they are on the right track towards achieving their goal of cracking the Assam CEE exam 2023. Keep reading this article to know the preparation tips along with the study plan.

Assam CEE Study Plan 2023: Exam Preparation Strategy

Check the following points given below to know the complete Assam CEE exam preparation strategy:

  1. Understand the exam pattern and syllabus: The first step is to go through the Assam CEE exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly. This will help in understanding the structure of the exam and the topics that need to be covered.
  2. Create a study plan: Candidates should create a study plan that includes a detailed timetable and covers all the topics in the Assam CEE exam syllabus. They should allocate sufficient time for each subject and topic and ensure that they cover the entire syllabus before the exam.
  3. Practice with previous year question papers: Solving previous year’s question papers can help candidates to understand the exam pattern, difficulty level, and frequently asked topics. This can also help in improving speed and accuracy while solving questions.
  4. Take mock tests: Candidates should take the Assam CEE mock tests regularly to assess their preparation level and identify their strengths and weaknesses. This can also help in improving time management skills and developing exam-taking strategies.
  5. Revise regularly: Revision is crucial in retaining the learned concepts and topics. Candidates should revise regularly and ensure that they are thorough with all the important topics.

Assam CEE Preparation Books for Physics

The best study materials for Assam CEE Physics are as under:

Book NameAuthor/Publishing House
NCERT Textbook (Class 11 and 12)NCERT Publications 
Fundamental Physics (Class 11 and 12)Pradeep 
Physics for 1st Year PUCAS Govind
Principles of PhysicsS.Chand

Assam CEE Books for Chemistry

The following are the best books for Assam CEE Chemistry:

Book NameAuthor Name/Publishing House
NCERT Chemistry Textbooks for Class 11 and 12NCERT Publications
Modern’s ABC of ChemistryS. P. Jauhar
New Course ChemistryPradeep
Chemistry for 1st Year PUCProf. Somashekara Prasad

Assam CEE Books for Mathematics

The following is the list of Mathematics books for CEE Assam that candidates can use for their preparation:

Book Name Author Name/Publishing House
NCERT Mathematics Textbooks for Class 11 and 12NCERT Publications 
Mathematics for 1st Year PUCDr. PG Umarani
Objective MathematicsDinesh

Assam CEE One Month Time Management Study Plan 2023

Here’s a one-month time-management plan for Assam CEE exam preparation for 2023:

  • Revise the basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • Solve at least 30-40 questions from each subject.
  • Identify the topics you’re weak at and make a note of them.
  • Practice previous year question papers and solve at least 60-70 questions from each subject.
  • Identify the type of questions that are frequently asked in the exam.

Week 2:

  • Focus on the topics that you’re weak at and solve more questions related to those topics.
  • Refer to your notes and textbooks to understand those topics better.
  • Solve at least 40-50 questions from each subject.
  • Revise the topics that you have covered in the last week.
  • Take a break and relax.
  • Stay calm and confident, and be ready to face the exam

Week 3:

  • Start with a full-length mock test of Assam CEE to assess your preparation level.
  • Analyse your performance and identify your strong and weak areas.
  • Spend more time on the topics you’re weak at and revise the concepts.

Week 4:

  • Practice more questions on the topics that you find difficult.
  • Solve at least 50-60 questions from each subject.
  • Make short notes of important formulas and concepts to revise later.
  • Take another full-length mock test to assess your progress.
  • Revise the topics that you got wrong in the mock test.

Remember to take breaks and maintain a healthy lifestyle during your preparation. Good luck with your preparation!

FAQs on Assam CEE Study Plan 2023

The following are some of the common questions regarding the Assam study plan 2023 that students may have on their minds:

Q: What will be the total number of questions in the Assam CEE 2023 exam?

Ans: The Assam CEE exam 2023 will comprise 120 questions. 

Q: Where to find the Assam CEE study plan PDF?

Ans. On this page, we have provided the complete study plan guide for your Assam CEE Preparation 2023.

Q: How to prepare well for Assam CEE 2023?

Ans: You should solve sample question papers, make notes, and revise them daily. Everyone must start preparing a month in advance so that they can revise it as needed.

Q: What are the sections in the Assam CEE exam?

Ans: There are 3 sections in the exam: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Q: Is there a negative marking scheme in Assam CEE 2023?

Ans. Yes, there is a negative marking in Assam CEE 2023, where one mark will be deducted for every wrong response in the exam.

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