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Lower Secondary- Stage 8 Preparation Tips


Cambridge Assessment International Education conducts the Cambridge board lower secondary stage 8 exams. The exams are much similar to ICSE and CBSE boards. But it has a huge scope, as several colleges worldwide consider Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International A levels for admissions. Colleges in the United States and Canada accept students. University admissions in the United Kingdom (UK) are based on Cambridge IGCSE scores.

Students appearing for the Lower secondary- stage 8 exams must not waste a minute and follow a strict preparation strategy. The exams are difficult, but a well-structured preparation plan will help them crack them. This article will provide effective preparation tips for Cambridge board lower secondary stage 8.

Preparation Tips for Cambridge Board Lower Secondary Stage 8

The competition will be intense, but the preparation tips and tricks will guide them to study better and overcome stress. Proper planning is always essential to make your preparation top-notch and perform well in the exam. Now Let’s find some of the effective preparation tips for Cambridge board class 8:

Make a Proper Study Plan: When preparing for the Cambridge board lower secondary stage-8 exam, you must make your own study plan to complete your studies early and get ample time for practice and revisions. You must dedicate at least 6 hours every day to your studies. Prioritise each subject and allocate at least 2 hours for core subjects.

Practice Writing: Write and practice numerical problems than remembering them. It gives good practice. Not only numerical problems but write answers from all the subjects by maintaining a separate notebook. It enhances your speed and accuracy so that you manage time.

Clear Your Doubts: IGCSE is challenging compared to other boards, and several doubts may arise while preparing for the exam. Always never hesitate to consult your teachers or professionals to clear your doubts. Take the help of online videos to get a better understanding.

Refer to the Best Books: You need the best reference to gain extensive knowledge of the chapters. The books provided by Embibe for Lower secondary stage 8 will help you to understand the concepts thoroughly. The books create a pathway to success.

Revise Regularly: When you have noted important topics like formulas, theorems and definitions. Revise them every day. Allocate a separate time for revision every day. Revise whatever you have studied in a day at the end of your study time. This practice will help you remember the topics for a long time. It’s always better to revise than memorise.

Attempt Mock Tests: Once you are prepared for the Lower secondary stage 8 exam, you must attempt mock tests to maximise scores. Knowing your preparation level is crucial, as you must be 100% in your preparation. The mock tests prepare you for the real exam. By taking mock tests regularly, you will find the question paper easy in the exam.

FAQs on Lower Secondary- Stage 8 Preparation Tips 2023

Below are the most frequently asked questions with answers about Cambridge board lower secondary- stage 8:

Q: How to start preparing for the Lower secondary- stage 8 exam?

Ans: Students must create a proper study plan and collect the best study resources to start preparing for the lower secondary stage 8 exam.

Q: Can I practice questions for Lower secondary stage 8 on Embibe?

Ans: Yes, you can practice questions for Lower secondary stage 8 on Embibe

Q: How many subject categories are there in Cambridge board lower secondary stage 8?

Ans: There are 5 subject categories, each with multiple subjects in Cambridge board lower secondary stage 8.

Q: What is the abbreviation of IGCSE?

Ans: The abbreviation of IGCSE is International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

Q: Does the Cambridge board conduct Lower Secondary stage 8 exam twice a year?

Ans: Yes, the Cambridge board conducts lower secondary- stage 8 exam is held twice a year in May and October

I hope this article about Lower Secondary-stage 8 preparation tips is helpful.

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