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Lower Secondary- Stage 9 Books


As you prepare for Cambridge Board Lower Secondary- Stage 9 exams, you will study from the prescribed textbooks with textual content and diagrams. Well, that will help you to an extent, but you also require other reference books to understand the chapters to cover the entire syllabus quickly and comprehensively. And that is where Embibe Ebooks come into play.  

Embibe provides 1400+ books with video solutions, practice questions and several mock tests to help you with overall preparation. Learning from books becomes a fun activity with the help of 3D visualisation. You will gain an extraordinary knowledge of the concepts when you practically understand them with real-life examples. The platform aims to create a robust learning environment with its innovative technology. It also aims to bridge the learning gaps so that you secure a good rank in Lower Secondary- stage 9 exam.

Subject-wise Books for Cambridge Lower Secondary- Stage 9

Embibe provides the recommended books for Cambridge Board Lower Secondary- stage 9. Watch 3D explainer videos mapped to the books and practice questions to perform well in the examination. Let’s look at the subject-wise books for Lower Secondary stage 9.  

Lower Secondary- Stage 9 Science Books

Below, we have provided science books for Lower Secondary- stage 9: 

Lower Secondary- Stage 9 Mathematics Books

The Mathematics book for Cambridge board lower secondary stage 9 is given below:  

Embibe Big Book For Lower Secondary- Stage 9 

The AI integrated Embibe big book for Maths and Science that covers the entire syllabus is given below: 

How To Find Books for Lower Secondary- Stage 9 on Embibe

The step-wise process to access books for Cambridge Board Lower Secondary- Stage 9 on Embibe is given below. Follow the steps to kickstart your preparation with the help of the Ebooks.

  • 1st Step: Visit embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Login using your mobile number or email I.D. OTP is sent to your number and email address.
  • 3rd Step: Select the goal as ‘Cambridge Board’.
  • 4th Step: Clicking Next, select Lower Secondary- Stage 9.
  • 5th Step: Select the English language.
  • 6th Step: Click on the ‘Learn’ tab and scroll down to find books for Lower Secondary- Stage 9.  

FAQs on Lower Secondary- Stage 9 Books

Below are the frequently asked questions with answers about Cambridge Board lower secondary- stage 9 books

How to access books for Lower Secondary- stage 9 on Embibe?

You can access the books for Lower Secondary Stage-9 by following the steps provided in this article. 

How will the books help me learn the chapters for Cambridge Board lower secondary-stage 9?

Embibe provides books with 3D explainer videos that will help you creatively learn the chapters and cover more topics quickly.

Where can I attempt mock tests for Lower secondary-Stage 9?

You can attempt online mock tests on the Embibe app. 

Does the Cambridge board follow the CBSE syllabus?

No, Cambridge board follows the IGCSE syllabus. 

Is Cambridge board Lower secondary- stage 9, a school-level exam?

Yes, Cambridge board lower secondary stage 9 is a school-level exam held twice a year. 

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