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SEBA Class 9 2023 Preparation Tips


SEBA Class 9 Preparation Tips 2023: The Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) affiliated schools will conduct the class 9 exam. The exam will tentatively be conducted in March 2023. Since the exam is approaching, students may have anxiety before the exam. Don’t worry, if students put in the time and effort, they will do it with flying colours. 

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Assam Board Class 9 Exam Study Plan

Students can increase their problem-solving and time-management abilities with the help of the SEBA Class 9 preparation tips. The tips mentioned below can also assist students in reviewing, which is essential for exam preparation. When learning a new topic, pupils should begin with the most difficult topic.

Students can increase their chances of scoring well on the SEBA class 9 examination by thoroughly preparing for it. Candidates can get a good understanding of the subject matter. Here, we’ve listed some subject-wise tips that class 9 Assam Board students can follow. With these preparation tactics, pursuing academic success is only a step away!

Steps to Prepare for SEBA Class 9

Below are a few important steps to prepare for the class 9 exam.

  • Developing a study plan is essential.
  • Highlight every important day on the exam schedule.
  • It is recommended that candidates study for around 5-6 hours a day.
  • Additionally, record the days when you have other obligations (like extracurricular activities or family outings).
  • Check the marking scheme for each chapter and concentrate on the chapters with a high marking scheme.
  • Aspirants can complete studying the entire syllabus 2-3 months in advance to practice sample papers or mock tests that will help them time and evaluate themselves for the exam.

Although preparing requires a great deal of time, it is an excellent use because candidates will be productive after creating a study plan. More importantly, students must strictly adhere to the study plan and develop discipline.

Subject-wise Preparation Tips for Assam Board Class 9

Aspirants can check the subject-wise preparation tips below for the SEBA class 9.

  • English: While preparing for English, we recommend that candidates use various memory aid techniques, such as the mnemonic method. This will help students in retaining the information.
  • Mathematics: Maths has a lot of exercises and various methods for a problem. We recommend candidates practice for the exam using sample papers or mock tests available at Embibe.
  • Science: Since science includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology, candidates can use the Pomodoro Technique. This technique suggests candidates study for around 25 minutes, take a short break of about 5 minutes, and then return to study. This method allows students to keep their concentration level high while learning and improving their cognitive flexibility.
  • Social Science: Social Science includes History, Geography and Political Science. Students should study for the exam well in advance and try a few practice papers that ensure candidates will keep their memory manageable, thus allowing them to remember the information for the exam. 

SEBA Class 9 2023 Practice Papers and Mock Test

Candidates can find the links to the practice papers and mock tests from Embibe in the table below.

SubjectsPractice PaperMock Test
MathematicsPractice Paper for MathematicsMock Test for Mathematics
SciencePractice Paper for ScienceMock Test for Science

Candidates can check some of the most frequently answered questions related to Assam Board class 9 preparation tips 2023.

Q: What is the SEBA’s official website?

Ans: The official website for the SEBA is sebaonline.info.

Q: What subjects are taught in SEBA class 9?

Ans: The subjects for class 9 of the Assam Board include Mathematics, Science, and Social Science.

Q: Where can I get SEBA class 9 study materials?

Ans: Students can easily get SEBA Class 9 study materials with the Embibe app.

Q: When are the SEBA class 9 examinations?

Ans: Since the SEBA Class 9 exams are school-level exams, the school affiliated with the board will determine the exam dates. However, the exam is likely to be conducted in March 2023.

Q: How can I score above 90%in SEBA class 9 exams?

Ans: Students can score 90% in SEBA Class 9 examinations by checking the article above.

This article about class preparation for the SEBA class 9 is beneficial. Please read the preceding preparation tips and adhere to them precisely.

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