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Himachal Pradesh Board Class 8 Syllabus 2023


The Himachal Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (HPBoSE) administers the Himachal Pradesh Class 8 syllabus and textbooks. Class 8 is a school-level examination, and the school authorities will notify the exam dates to the students. The Himachal Pradesh Board Class 8 syllabus gives insights into the chapters that students must prioritise to score well in the exam. 

Students must know the syllabus and make a proper study plan to cover all the subjects well before the exam. Students must focus on learning the important topics that have weightage. The Class 8 exam pattern describes the format of the question papers, which assists students in knowing what type of questions will appear in the exam. So it is important to understand the HPBoSE Class 8 exam pattern and syllabus to get an idea about the important chapters and marks distribution in the question paper. Read this article to find the syllabus for Himachal Pradesh Board Class 8.

HP Board Class 8 Subject-wise Syllabus 2023

The Himachal Pradesh Board Class 8 syllabus is curated so students understand the basic concepts without difficulty. The Class 8 syllabus includes all the chapters and topics from Maths, Science, Social Science and two optional languages. Students can check the subject-wise syllabus for the Himachal Pradesh Board class 8 in the following sections.

HPBoSE Class 8 Social Science Syllabus 

Students must remember the dates and events in Social Science to score better. They must note them in separate books and revise them regularly. The Social Science syllabus for HP Board Class 8 is as below:

Chapter No.Chapter Names
1How, When and Where
2From Trade to Territory
3Ruling the Countryside
4Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age
5When People Rebel 1857 and After
6The Birth of an Imperial Capital: Colonialism and Delhi
7Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owners
8Civilising the “Native”, Educating the Nation
9Women, Caste and Reform
10Changes in Visual Arts: Effect of Colonialism and Nationalism
11The Making of the National Movement: 1870s-1947
12India After Independence
14Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources
15Mineral and Power Resources
18Human Resources
19Natural and Man-Made Disasters
20The Indian Constitution
21Understanding Secularism
22Why Do We Need a Parliament?
23Understanding Laws
25Understanding Our Criminal Justice System
26Understanding Marginalisation
27Confronting Marginalisation
28Public Facilities
29Law and Social Justice

HPBoSE Class 8 Science Syllabus

Science is a very important subject, and students who want to go for higher studies in this field must focus on all the chapters. Learning Science chapters will help students to score well in the Class 8 final exam. Below is the Science syllabus for HP Board Class 8: 

Chapter No.Chapter Names
1Force and Pressure
4Chemical Effects of Electric Current
5Some Natural Phenomenon
7Stars and the Solar System
8Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
9Material: Metals and Non-Metals
10Coal and Petroleum
11Combustion and Flame
12Crop Production And Management
13Microorganism Friend and Foe
14Conservation of Plants and Animals
15Cell – Structure and Functions
16Reproduction in Animals
17Reaching The Age of Adolescence
18Pollution of Air and Water

HPBoSE Class 8 Mathematics Syllabus

Mathematics is not an easier subject for all students, so they must refer to the books and watch interactive videos on Embibe to learn Mathematical problems easily. It helps them understand better. Now, let’s check the Himachal Pradesh Board Class 8 Mathematics chapters in the below table: 

Chapter No.Chapters
1Rational Numbers
2Squares and Square Roots
3Cubes and Cube Roots
4Comparing Quantities
5Exponents and Powers
6Playing with Numbers
7Linear Equations in One Variable
8Algebraic Expressions and Identities
9Direct and Inverse Proportions
11Understanding Quadrilaterals
12Practical Geometry
13Visualising Solid Shapes
15Data Handling
16Introduction to Graphs.

Below are the most commonly asked questions with answers about the HP Board Class 8 syllabus 2023:

Q: What are the subjects in the HP Board Class 8?

Ans: As per the Himachal Pradesh Board class 8 syllabus, Science, Social Science, and Mathematics are the three core subjects with two optional languages.

Q: Can I find the complete HP Board Class 8 syllabus at Embibe?

Ans: Students can find the entire syllabus for HP Board Class 8 at Embibe.

Q: How many chapters are there in HP Board Class 8 Maths?

Ans: There are 16 chapters in HP Board Class 8 Mathematics.

Q: What is the official website of the HP Board of School Education?

Ans: The official website of the Himachal Pradesh Board is “hpbose.org/Home.aspx”.

Q: How to prepare for the Himachal Pradesh Board Class 8 exam?

Ans: Students must be completely aware of the syllabus and exam pattern; they must make a proper study plan and attempt mock tests to score well in the Himachal Pradesh Class 8 exam. 

We hope the above article about the Himachal Pradesh Board Class 8 syllabus is helpful. Students can attempt mock tests and practice questions from Embibe to enhance their speed and accuracy.

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