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Himachal Pradesh Class 12 Preparation Tips


Himachal Pradesh Class 12 Preparation Tips: The HPBOSE Class 12 exam is a stepping stone in a student’s life. It is a gateway to their higher education which ultimately shapes their career. Students preparing for their Himachal Pradesh Board Class 12 exams should be thorough with all the topics and start their preparation early.

This article will walk you through the HPBOSE Class 12 preparation tips. These tips can assist students in strategising their study plans and following a proper timetable. Knowing the syllabus and learning every topic meticulously to score well in the final exam is important. Students can refer to the preparation tips to know the do’s and dont’s while preparing for the exam.

Himachal Pradesh Board Class 12 Preparation Tips: Practice Questions

Students should focus on understanding the concepts before attempting the numericals. However, early preparation is the key factor in acing the exam. Once you have completed learning the concepts, you can start the revision process with sample papers. It will give students an insight into how much they have learned and where they need to improve.

The table below consists of subject-wise links to practise and ace the exams.

Subject Name

Himachal Pradesh Board Class 12 Important Preparation Tips

Some tips are discussed below that might help students of the HPBOSE Class 12 prepare for their final exam.

  • Be Thorough With Your Syllabus: The first step toward a successful preparation is knowing every paper’s syllabus. Students can get the updated syllabus from the Board’s official website.
  • Exam Pattern: Knowing the exam pattern gives the students an upper hand while preparing for their final exam. They will be able to figure out the marks distribution for each chapter, allowing them to know which chapters to focus on while studying.
  • Use NCERT Textbooks and Reference Books: Besides using the textbook prescribed by the Board, it is also recommended to have NCERT books and other reference materials. This will help students get exposure to various problem statements.
  • Solve Previous Years’ Question Papers: Solving previous years’ question papers is a reliable way of elevating your level of preparation. The question papers are available online on the website and can be downloaded. 
  • Self-assessment: Students can take tests on the topics or chapters they have learned. It aids in self-assessment, where they can gauge how much they have learnt and where they need to improve.
  • Make a Proper Time-table: Having a timetable or a study chart is one way of setting up fixed, achievable goals. The aim is to be consistent while giving equal attention to each paper. Students can allocate 90 minutes for each subject to avoid boredom and monotony.

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Q.1: Where can I start my mock tests to prepare for HP Board 12th exam?

Ans: You can take mock tests for the HP Board 12th exam from Embibe.

Q.2: Can I prepare for my HP Board 12th exam without the syllabus?

Ans: Students should always know the syllabus while preparing for the Board exam. It gives them an idea of what topics are included.

Q.3: Should I use NCERT books for HP Board Class 12 preparation?

Ans: Yes, NCERT books are good reference books to prepare for HP Board Class 12.

Q.4: How can I practice numericals for HP Board Class 12 subjects?

Ans: You can practice your concepts for HP Board Class 12 subjects from Embibe.

Q.5: Are the preparation tips helpful for Board exams?

Ans: Yes, following the preparation tips can help you strategise your studies and maximise efficiency.

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