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7th Jammu and Kashmir Board Important Chapters


If you are enthusiastic about learning the chapters and securing a good rank in the Jammu and Kashmir class 7 exam, then you must rigorously practice questions to answer correctly in the exam. It will help if you dedicate a lot of time to practising the questions from the chapters to remember them for the long term. But if you are looking for a platform to take practice sessions, then you are here. Embibe consistently aims to provide interactive learning with the help of videos.

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J&K Board Class 7 Chapters

Embibe provides 100+ videos and several practice questions for your overall exam preparation. It provides the best and complete study resources to assist you in scoring excellent grades. Now, let’s find the list of Maths and Science chapters for Jammu and Kashmir Board Class 7 

JKBOSE Class 7 Science Chapters

Below is the list of important chapters for Science from J&K Board class 7: 

Sl.NoUnitsImportant Chapters
1BiologyNutrition in Plants
Nutrition in Animals
2ChemistryFibre to Fabric
Acids, Bases and Salts
Winds, Storms and Cyclones

Note: To find the complete list of Science chapters for class 7, click here.  

JKBOSE Class 7 Mathematics Chapters 

Find the list of important chapters for Mathematics from Jammu and Kashmir Board class 7 in the table below table: 

Sl.NoUnitsImportant Chapters
Fractions and Decimals
Comparing Quantities
2StatisticsData Handling
3AlgebraSimple Equations
Algebraic Expressions
4GeometryLines and Angles
The Triangle and Its Properties
Congruence of Triangle

Note: Click here to get the complete list of chapters for class 7.

The most frequently asked questions with answers about J&K Board class 7 chapters are given below: 

Q: Which are the important chapters in Science for JKBOSE class 7?

Ans: Nutrition in plants, acids, bases and salts, heat etc., are important chapters in Science. The links to access the chapters are provided in this article. 

Q: How will Embibe help me learn the chapters for class 7, Jammu and Kashmir Board?

Ans: Embibe helps to select the chapters and watch 3D videos to learn them quickly. The videos of the topics are arranged in an order. You can grasp them quickly and cover the entire syllabus in less time. 

Q: Where can I attempt free online tests for JKBOSE class 7?

Ans: You can attempt free mock tests for Jammu and Kashmir Board class 7 on Embibe.

Q: How many subjects are there in Jammu and Kashmir Board class 7?

Ans: There are 5 compulsory subjects in Jammu and Kashmir Board class 7. 

Q: Can I get books for J&K board class 7 on Embibe?

Ans: You can get access to the best reference books on Embibe. The platform offers 30+ books for J&K board class 7. 

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