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JEE Main Paper 2B B.Planning Chapters: Subject-wise Chapters & Chapter-wise Topics


Do you aspire to become an urban planner or interior designer? If affirmative, that’s good. And if you are inclined towards appearing through JEE Main, that’s even better. That is because JEE Main Paper 2 B. Planning exam is the assessment that will help you achieve your goals. Since JEE Main is a highly competitive exam, becoming a successful professional planner will require cracking the test. That is only imaginable if you are completely acquainted with the JEE Main Paper 2B B. Planning exam syllabus and chapters.

Despite the never-ending and cut-throat competition, you can boost the likeliness of cracking the test on the first attempt by relying on the Embibe Big Book series. Embibe’s Big Book offers AI-powered video solutions for every chapter-wise topic, which will help you gain comprehensive knowledge about the exam syllabus. You will be confident to crack the JEE Main Paper 2B B. Planning exam with great scores. 

Latest Updates:
— JEE Main 2023 admit card for session 2 to be released soon.
— JEE Main Paper 2 (B. Arch) exam took place on January 28 (from 3.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.)
— Check JEE Main Session 1 Paper 2 exam analysis.

JEE Main Paper 2B B.Planning 2023 Important Chapters

Won’t it be great to start visualising the data interpretation and map reading skills online? The 3D featured videos of Embibe offer greater details and insights into the vast array of JEE Main Paper 2B B.Planning important topics. Benefit? Well, your understanding of complex concepts will improve.

The table given below will help you get acquainted with the important chapter-wise topics for the JEE Main Paper 2B B.Planning exam:

PlanningMap Reading Skills
Data Interpretation
Reading Comprehension
Statement and Passage Based Reasoning
General Science
Current Affairs
General Knowledge Related to Planning
Political science
MathematicsIntroduction to Set Theory
Solutions of Quadratic Equations 
Factoring Quadratic Equations
Applications of Trigonometry Examples
Linear System Equations
Application of Conic Section
Graph of Hyperbola
Applications of Complex Numbers
Operations on Complex Numbers
Mathematical Induction
Mathematical Reasoning
Permutation & Combination
Matrices and Determinants 
AptitudeBasics of Architecture
Architectural Awareness
Mental Ability

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EE Main Paper 2 B.Arch Mock Test SeriesJEE Main Paper 2 B.Plan Mock Test Series
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JEE Main Paper 2 B.Arch 2023 Full Test-2JEE Main Paper 2 B.Plan 2023 Full Test-2
JEE Main Paper 2 B.Arch 2023 Full Test-3JEE Main Paper 2 B.Plan 2023 Full Test-3
JEE Main Paper 2 B.Arch 2023 Full Test-4JEE Main Paper 2 B.Plan 2023 Full Test-4
JEE Main Paper 2 B.Arch 2023 Full Test-5JEE Main Paper 2 B.Plan 2023 Full Test-5
JEE Main Paper 2 B.Arch 2023 Full Test-6JEE Main Paper 2 B.Plan 2023 Full Test-6

Benefits of Studying JEE Main B.Planning Chapters at Embibe

Now that you have got the chapter-wise topic links for all your JEE Main Paper 2B exam preparation next year, you can have this thought why read and learn from Embibe? Here are some extra resourceful advantages of studying from Embibe:

  • It’s simple to store your favourite chapter-wise 3D videos for subjects you wish to view again. From the My Bookmarks area of the My Home section on the Embibe app, all of these videos and other study materials will be immediately accessible.
  • You can assess your level of understanding for each chapter at any point throughout your study and get a detailed report outlining your areas of improvement.
  • When you complete a chapter, you can check your preparation without relying on your professors or other expensive sample test series.
  • Instead of searching for each video as and when a doubt develops, you may watch all the videos addressing a topic simultaneously.

FAQs on JEE Main Paper 2B B.Planning Chapters

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on JEE Main Paper 2B exam that you may have while reading the chapters:

Q: What is the career directory for JEE Main B.Planning paper?

Ans: Candidates who pass the JEE Main B.Planning test can enrol in top engineering colleges for the B.Planning programme (Bachelor of Planning). After Class 12, there is a four-year undergraduate course.

Q: How many sections are there in the B.Planning paper?

Ans: There will be three main sections in the B.Planning paper: Mathematics, Aptitude and Planning.v

Q: What is the course duration of JEE Main B.Planning exam?

Ans: JEE Main B. Planning course duration under the Undergraduate level is of four years.

Q: What are the professions for JEE Main B.Planning exam?

Ans: Students who complete this course will have various job options in the public and commercial sectors, including urban planners, regional planners, project planners, etc.

Q: How many chapters are there in the Mathematics section for the B.Planning paper?

Ans: There are about 30 chapters in the Mathematics section. Most of the chapters have the syllabus concerned from the 10+2 level.

We hope this detailed article on the JEE Main Paper 2B B.Planning important chapters helps you prepare for the JEE Main 2023 exam in the best way possible. Should you have any queries regarding taking the mock test or anything related to the exam, please contact us via the live chat box, which is accessible when signed in. 

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