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12th Madhya Pradesh Board Topics 


Feeling stressed before the exams and cramming in the books? Or scrolling through the internet in search of important topics for exams? This is the moment you realise you have to start working hard. Last year, only 72.72% students passed the exam, which shows how difficult it is to prepare for the exams. So, when you have decided to level up your game, then dive into the pre-exam preparation and achieve your goals.  But first, you must map out what to learn and go through the reduced MP Board 12th syllabus 2022-23. 

A great way to start your studies is to combine your regular notes with Embibe’s AI-based learning material. Here, you can find the important topics from an exam point of view handpicked by subject experts. This will help you study faster and more effectively. Embibe provides exclusive books with videos, Embibe Explainers, 1000+ practice questions, mock tests, and much more for. Scroll down to learn more.

Important Topics for 12th Madhya Pradesh Board

The first step towards MP Board Class 12 exam preparation is getting ready to learn about the important topics from each subject. Going over the topics is critical because it will determine one’s future study routine. Embibe’s study material makes it easier for students to thoroughly prepare for their exams. Therefore, read the MP Board 12th syllabus 2022-23 for the Science stream and the MP Board syllabus of the Class 12th Commerce stream to learn the concepts from our online books.

Students can check the subject-wise 12th Madhya Pradesh Board topics from the sections below to increase their knowledge.

MP Class 12 Exam Important Topics for Mathematics

Studying with Embibe can provide the best guidance and support to students when they get stuck on certain topics. It can assist them to stay motivated and look forward to the bigger picture. Now with that, let us go  through the MP Board Class 12 Maths important topics to stay on the right track:

Chapter. No.Chapter NameImportant Topics
1Relations and FunctionsComposition of functions
Invertible functions
2Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsBasic concepts and properties of Inverse trigonometric functions
3MatricesTypes of matrices
Operations on matrices
4DeterminantsMinors and cofactors
Properties of determinants
5Continuity and DifferentiabilitySecond order derivative
Mean value theorem

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MP Class 12 Exam Important Topics for Physics

Amid intense competition, students can refer to Embibe’s study materials to understand the topics for Physics. The table below has the practice questions from each and every important topic to help students with their studies:

Chapter. No.Chapter NameImportant Topics
1Electric Charges and FieldsElectric charge
Different methods of charging
2Electrostatic Potential and CapacitanceElectric potential
Potential due to point charge
3Current ElectricityElectric current
4Moving Charges and MagnetismMotion in a magnetic field
5Magnetism and MatterBar magnet
Magnetism and Gauss’s law

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MP Class 12 Exam Important Topics for Chemistry

Students must pay attention to the concepts of Chemistry to ace the  Chemistry exam. The questions from this section can be tricky. Therefore, students can learn from Embibe how to solve these questions easily. Check the table below to know the important topics from MP Board Class 12 Chemistry:

Chapter No.Chapter NameImportant Topics
1The Solid StateAmorphous and crystalline solids
2SolutionsTypes of solutions
3ElectrochemistryElectrolytic and metallic conduction
Electrochemical cells
4Chemical KineticsFactors affecting rate of a reaction
Order of a reaction
5Surface ChemistryImportance of surface chemistry

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MP Class 12 Exam Important Topics for Biology

To pass the MP Board Class 12 exams with flying colors, students must learn with Embibe to enhance their knowledge. The table below has all the important topics from Biology that students need to know to ace the exams:

Chapter No.Chapter NameImportant Topics
1Reproduction in OrganismsModes of reproduction
2Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsSexual reproduction in plants
3Human ReproductionMale reproductive system
Female reproductive system
4Reproductive HealthReproductive health- problems and strategies
5Principles of Inheritance and VariationHeredity and Variation
Inheritance of one gene

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FAQs on 12th Madhya Pradesh Board Topics

Check out the frequently asked questions on the 12th MP board exam topics:

Q: Is ‘types of matrices’ an important topic in MP Board Class 12 Maths?

Ans: Yes, ‘types of matrices’ is an important topic in Madhya Pradesh Board 12th Maths.

Q: What is the benefit of knowing the important topics for exam?

Ans: One stays ahead of the competition and studies faster by just knowing the important topics from an exam point of view. This helps in effective learning and achieving good results.

Q: Does Embibe offer study materials for MP Board Class 12 exams?

Ans: Yes, Embibe provides study materials like practice questions, mock tests, books, videos, etc., to help students enhance their skills.

Q: Should one refer to Embibe to learn all the important topics for MP Board Class 12 exam?

Ans: Students must refer to Embibe to understand and learn the important topics for MP Board Class 12 exam. Embibe explains all the concepts in simple language and provides practice questions on them. This helps with the revision and boosts confidence.

Q: Does Embibe offer mock tests for MP Board Class 12 exams?

Ans: Yes, Embibe offers mock test series with detailed feedback analysis to help students track their progress ahead of the board exams.

We hope you found this article insightful. However, If you have any doubts or queries, connect with us on the Embibe app and we will be glad to help you. 

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