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11th Nagaland Board Important Chapters 2023 (All Subjects)


Do you fantasise about being a top scorer in your Nagaland Board Class 11 exams? Well, you should also know that it’s possible for an ordinary student to choose to be extraordinary. The only qualities required are sheer determination and hard work to take that big leap and succeed as a bright student.

Talking about where it all starts, knowing the chapters from which questions appear in the exam, and proper learning sources are the opening move to success. At Embibe, you will not only know the chapter names for the Class 11 Nagaland Board but also get extensive knowledge of each chapter. Keep reading to learn about the 11th Nagaland Board Chapters in detail.

Nagaland Board Class 11 Chapters

The chapter links for Nagaland Board Class 11 Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are provided below. To attain perfection in each topic, students must thoroughly understand each concept and try to answer all the textbook questions provided at the end of each chapter. To learn about every chapter in detail, students can go through the subject-wise links provided for each chapter below.

Nagaland Board Class 11 Physics Chapters

Preparing a list of derivatives, formulas and various laws of the Class 11 Physics chapters makes the final exam preparation easy. The chapter links of Class 11 Physics are mentioned below for your reference.

S.NoChapter Name
1.Physical World
2.Units and Measurements
3.Motion in a Straight Line
4.Motion in a Plane
5.Laws of Motion
6.Work, Energy and Power
7.Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion

Nagaland Board Class 11 Chemistry Chapters

Understanding the fundamental concepts of Chemistry and practising the formulas and chemical equations for all the chapters is the success behind scoring good marks in the 11th Nagaland Board Chemistry exam. The chapters can be learnt from the list tabulated below.

S.NoChapter Name
1.Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
2.Structure of Atom
3.Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
4.Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
5.States of Matter

Nagaland Board Class 11 Biology Chapters

The main motto that students should keep in mind while preparing for Nagaland Board Class 11 Biology exam is that learning should involve an in-depth understanding of the topics and not just memorizing the terms. The Biology chapters are provided below to help you grasp the concepts easily.

S.NoChapter Name
1.The Living World
2.Biological Classification
3.Plant Kingdom
4.Animal Kingdom
5.Morphology of Flowering Plants
6.Anatomy of Flowering Plants
7.Structural Organisation in Animals

Nagaland Board Class 11 Mathematics Chapters

Perfection in Mathematics subject comes with good practice. The more the problems are practised, the more the subject proficiency improves. A detailed explanation of the chapters is provided below to make your Mathematics exam preparation productive.

S.NoChapter Name
2.Relations and Functions
3.Trigonometric Functions
4.Mathematical Induction
5.Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
6.Permutations and Combinations

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FAQs on 11th Nagaland Board Chapters

Students might have many questions regarding the 11th Nagaland Board Chapters. Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers.

Q: Where can I find all the chapters of Nagaland Board Class 11?

Ans: Students can find all the chapters of 11th Nagaland Board at Embibe. 

Q: Does Embibe provide access to chapter-wise explanations of Nagaland Board Class 11 subjects for free?

Ans: Yes, at Embibe, students can learn in detail all the chapters of Nagaland Board Class 11 for free.

Q: How many chapters are there in Nagaland Board Class 11 Chemistry?

Ans: There are 14 chapters in 11th Nagaland Board Chemistry subject.

Q: Is it easy to score high marks in Nagaland Board Class 11 exams?

Ans: Yes! You can easily score good marks in Nagaland Board Class 11 exams by studying all the chapters in detail, practising the previous years’ papers and sample papers and attempting mock tests.

Q: How can I access all the chapters of Nagaland Board Class 11 at Embibe?

Ans: You must register on the Embibe app using your email ID or phone number to access all the chapters of Nagaland Board Class 11.

We hope the above article has answered all your doubts and queries. Embibe wishes you good luck and all the best.

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