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Nagaland Board Class 9 Important Topics


 “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out,” implies how important it is to put in all your hard work to achieve success. If you want to score higher marks in the exams, you need to start your preparation as early as possible. You don’t have to wait till the last minute or day to prepare. If you sow the seeds of preparation today, you will have a great start and eventually become successful in your studies. 

As a student of Nagaland board Class 9, you may be wondering how to prepare. After all, you will need to understand the basics that will help you in the long run. Furthermore, finding the important topics for 9th Nagaland board can seem to be a difficult and arduous task but, you can find all the materials for on Embibe. Embibe has 150+ explainer videos that will explain the concepts of each chapter in an easy manner.

Study the Nagaland Board Class 9 Important Topics

The right topics can play an important role in better exam preparation thereby helping you score more marks. Referring to the Nagaland Board Class 9 topics can help you understand what you must prepare for the exams. The important topics are listed on Embibe for Science and Maths. 

Embibe has 150+ 3D videos explaining all the topics in a detailed manner in an easy-to-understand language. After you are done learning the topics, you can practice the 500+ practice questions on the Embibe covering all the topics of the chapters. Learning and practicing these topics can play an important role in scoring higher marks than your peers. Furthermore, it also helps to keep your foundational knowledge strong which will be quite helpful for you during your board exams.

Nagaland Board Class 9 Topics: Maths

Once your basics are clear, it will become easier for you to start your exam preparation. Nagaland Board Class 9 deals with some important chapters such as Polynomials, Lines and Angles, Euclid’s Geometry and more. 

As a student of Nagaland board Class 9, you can watch the 3D videos, and take practice questions from Embibe to prepare for the exams. You can get all the topics that you need to practice on the 9th Nagaland board for on Embibe. 

Refer to the table below to get Nagaland board Class 9 Maths topics:

Sr. No.Chapter NameTopic Name
1.Number SystemBasic Number System, Irrational Numbers, Real Numbers and Their Decimal Expansions
2.PolynomialPolynomials in One Variable, Zeros of a Polynomial, Remainder Theorem
3.Coordinate GeometryIntroduction to Coordinate Geometry, Cartesian System, Plotting a Point in the Plane If Its Coordinates are Given
4.Linear Equation in Two VariablesLinear Equations, Solution of a Linear Equation, Graph of a Linear Equation in Two Variables

You can find more important topics for Nagaland Board Class 9 Maths on Embibe.

Nagaland Board Class 9 Topics: Science

Science involves a lot of fun theories and experiments. If you want to study the concepts and learn the best of both worlds, you will need to practice and prepare for the exams properly. As a student of Nagaland board Class 9, you will need to prepare for the exams accordingly. 

Referring to the videos on Embibe will help to clarify the concepts in no time. When you’re learning the concepts in the form of 3D videos, your imagination and creativity will be inspired. This will therefore help you in preparing for the exams very easily. All the practice questions are available on Embibe for preparation.

You can access the Nagaland board Class 9 topics for Science from Embibe. Refer to the table below to be familiar with the topics:

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopic Name
1.Matter in Our SurroundingsPhysical Nature of Matter, Characteristics of Particles of Matter, States of Matter
2.Is Matter Around Us Pure?Mixture, Solutions, Suspensions and Colloids
3.Atoms and MoleculesLaw of Chemical Combination, Atom, Molecule, Ions, Writing Chemical Formulae, Molecular Mass and Mole Concept
4.Structure of the AtomCharges Particles in Matter, The Structure of an Atom, Distribution of Electrons in Different Orbits (Shells)

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Some of the frequently asked questions about the Nagaland board Class 9 topics are given in the table below:

Q. What are the important topics to study for Nagaland board Class 9?

Ans: The important topics to study for Nagaland board Class 9 are available on the Embibe app. You can create an account on the app and check the topics mentioned under every subject. These are the topics that you must study for better exam preparation.

Q. How to score 90+ marks in Nagaland board Class 9 exams?

Ans: If you want to score 90+ marks in Nagaland board Class 9 exams, you will need to refer to learning materials such as practice questions, previous year’s question papers, sample papers and more. All these learning materials are available for on Embibe. So you can just create your account on Embibe and prepare for the exams. 

Q. How do I understand what are my learning outcomes?

Ans: One of the best ways for understanding your learning outcomes is to take a test of your knowledge. Therefore, you can take the mock tests for from Embibe to understand how well prepared you are for the exams.

Q. When will Nagaland board Class 9 exams be held?

Ans: Nagaland board Class 9 exams are likely to be held between February and March 2023. However, the respective dates will be announced by the school since the exams are conducted by the respective school authorities. 

Q. What are the benefits of 9th Nagaland board study materials?

Ans: The 9th Nagaland board study materials can help you prepare for the exams in a better manner. All these study materials available on Embibe will help you start the exam preparation. 

We hope this detailed article on the Nagaland Board Class 9 Topics helps in the best way possible. Please contact us via the live chat box, which is accessible when signed in. 

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