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Nagaland Board Class 7 Books 2023


Go on any social media website and scroll through the feed, the majority of the posts will most likely be videos. Why is that? Well, the answer is simple. Videos catch our attention quickly and we tend to retain visual content better than any page loaded with thousands of words. What if your 7th Nagaland Board books turn into such videos? Imagine binge-watching chapters like your daily shows.

Well, Embibe brings this imagination into life. Here, you can watch 3D videos of chapters instead of reading them from the book. As Nagaland Board prescribes NCERT textbooks for exams, you can get them with explanatory videos on Embibe. This way, learning becomes fun and easier. Scroll down to learn more about the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) books.

NBSE Class 7 Subject-wise Textbooks

One has to spend a substantial amount of money to prepare for the exams. Besides the coaching classes, you have to buy tons of books that cost you a lot. Spending so much money is not feasible for all. However, you do not have to worry as Embibe offers all its e-books and study materials for. Go ahead and check them out!

MathsNBSE Class 7 Maths Book
ScienceNBSE Class 7 Science Book

Nagaland Board Class 7 Maths Books

Students often complain about the problem-solving questions in Maths as they find them difficult. To help solve those problems, Embibe offers its big books with interactive 3D videos that explain concepts in simple language. Check the table below to get access to these Maths books with solutions for.

Nagaland Board Class 7 Science Books

To ensure that the Science syllabus is covered uniformly, you must use the best resources available online and be selective about it. Science is an interesting subject and to clear the basics, you can go through the e-books on the Embibe app. Check the table below to access these Science books now.

FAQs on Nagaland Board Class 7 Books

Here are some of the common questions about the Nagaland Board Class 7 that candidates may have on their minds:

Q: How many subjects are there in Nagaland Board Class 7?

Ans: There are five subjects in Nagaland Board Class 7. They are Maths, Science, Hindi, English, and Social Science.

Q: Can I take a mock test on Embibe to prepare effectively for the NBSE 7th exam?

Ans: Yes, you can attempt the mock test on the Embibe app to prepare effectively for the NBSE Class 7 exam. This will also helpy ou track your progress ahead of the exams.

Q: How many Science books for NBSE Class 7 exams are available on Embibe?

Ans: There are 20+ Science books available on the Embibe app for Nagaland Board Class 7 exams.

Q: How is the Embibe Big Book helpful for students in NBSE Class 7?

Ans: The Embibe Big Book for Maths and Science is a compilation of all the important chapters and topics. They come with explainer videos and important questions that engage students in their studies and help them clear their doubts.

Q: How to attempt the NBSE Class 7 mock tests on Embibe?

Ans: Students can attempt the NBSE Class 7 mock tests on Embibe by signing up on the app using their mobile number or email address.

We hope this detailed article on the Nagaland Board Class 7 Books helps you prepare for the Nagaland Board Class 7 exam in the best way possible. Should you have any queries regarding taking the mock test or anything related to the exam, please contact us through our website or download the app.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest Nagaland Board Class 7 exam updates!

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