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NCERT Books for Class 4 English


NCERT Books for Class 4: English is an important subject in the CBSE curriculum. Having at least basic conversational and written skills in the English language is necessary for also understanding other subjects such as Science, Mathematics, and Social Science, if the medium of instruction chosen by a student for the other subjects is English. Subject-matter experts curate the NCERT books for English with a view to extending all-encompassing teaching of the language.

The CBSE prescribes the NCERT English book for Class 4 called ‘Marigold’. It is a detailed and well-versed book prepared to enable the students to develop basic skills in English communication and properly understand the aspects of English grammar. Students can download the Class 4 English book in PDF format and start reading the chapters. Scroll down to learn more about the NCERT Class 4 English Chapter 1 and more.

Download Marigold PDF For NCERT Class 4 English

The students who are in Class 4 can download the complete English NCERT textbooks from this article. Just click on the below-provided link, and the book will be downloaded to the computer system in PDF file format.

Here, we have given the NCERT Books 2024 PDF, students can download it for free and start preparing from it. In this online book, you will get all the chapters of Class 4th English NCERT books. These English NCERT books are available in English, so download the book PDF and start learning.

Books for Class 4 English Chapter-wise PDF

Students can download the NCERT Class 4 English book PDF from this article. Below, we have provided the PDF link to download the individual chapters.

Chapter Name Download Links
Chapter 1:
i) Wake Up!
ii) Neha’s Alarm Clock
Download Here
Chapter 2:
i) Noses
ii) The Little Fir Tree
Download Here
Chapter 3:
i) Run!
ii) Nasruddin’s Aim
Download Here
Chapter 4:
i) Why?
ii) Alice in Wonderland
Download Here
Chapter 5:
i) Don’t be Afraid of the Dark
ii) Helen Keller
Download Here
Chapter 6:
i) Hiawatha
ii) The Scholar’s Mother Tongue
Download Here
Chapter 7:
i) A Watering Rhyme
ii) The Giving Tree
iii) The Donkey
Download Here
Chapter 8:
i) Books
ii) Going to Buy a Book
Download Here
Chapter 9:
i) The Naughty Boy
ii) Pinocchio
Download Here

How to Download CBSE 4th Class English Books?

The students who want to download the Class 4 English Books PDF can refer to the official website or follow the below-provided steps to download the PDFs:

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website of NCERT – ncert.nic.in.
  • 2nd Step: On the homepage, go to ‘Publication’. Then click on ‘PDF (I-XII)’.
  • 3rd Step: From the drop-down menus, choose your Class (Class IV), Subject (English), and Book Title (Marigold).
  • 4th Step: Click on the ‘Go tab.
  • 5th Step: A new page will open. From the left side of the screen, select a chapter. Click on the download button to download that chapter’s PDF.
  • 6th Step: In order to download the complete textbook, click on the Download Complete Book tab.

You can download the chapter-wise PDF of Class 4 English Books for free from the given link, so just click on the link and download it. Follow the given links and get the PDF easily.

Advantages of NCERT English Class 4 Textbook – Marigold

There are numerous benefits of following NCERT textbooks, some of which are given below:

  • NCERT textbooks are compiled in a simple and easy-to-understand language.
  • All the important concepts and theories are included in NCERT textbooks.
  • All the concepts in NCERT textbooks are explained in detail with relevant examples from daily life.
  • By referring to the NCERT textbooks, students can comprehensively understand every concept and topic.
  • These books are written and compiled by experienced authors who have a deeper understanding of subjects.
  • NCERT textbooks are helpful for school exams and various government exams, Olympiads, etc.
Q: Will NCERT English books for the Class 4 curriculum change in 2023-24?

Ans: No, there will be no change in the NCERT English Books for Class 4 in 2023-24, as there is no reduction in the syllabus for Class 4.

Q: How many chapters are there in the ‘Marigold’ textbook for CBSE Class 4 English?

Ans: There are 9 chapters in ‘Marigold’ textbook for Class 4.

Q: How can I download Class 4 English books from NCERT’s official website?

Ans: We have listed the steps to download Class 4 English books from the official website in the article above under the section ‘How To Download NCERT English Books For Class 4?’

Q: Which is the prescribed NCERT book for Class 4 English for the academic session 2023-24?

Ans: ‘Marigold’ is the prescribed NCERT Class 4 English Book prescribed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training. It includes 9 chapters in total.

Q: What are the chapters covered in Class 4 NCERT books for English?

Ans: Some of the chapters taught in Class 4 NCERT books for English are Wake Up, The Little Fir Tree, Run, Alice in Wonderland, The Giving Tree, etc.

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