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ICSE Class 4 Books 2023


ICSE Class 4 Books: Students in Class 4 will get to learn about a wide range of interesting concepts and topics that is crucial for them to practice for the exam. Students will need to learn these topics thoroughly as they will be asked in the higher classes as well. For this, the students must learn from the best ICSE Class 4 books. ICSE designs the books for Class 4 as per the latest regulations and guidelines. These books are designed in an easy-to-understand manner for the convenience of students.

In the article below, we have provided a list of ICSE Class 4 books for different subjects like Maths, Science, Social Science, Arts, English and Hindi. All the books are according to the latest ICSE syllabus. To make learning interesting and interactive for the students, these books contain pictures and examples. Continue reading to find the list of ICSE Class 4 books.

ICSE Books for Class 4: All Subjects

In this article, we have compiled the subject-wise list of ICSE Class 4 Books that the students must follow. These books are recommended by Board that the affiliated schools must follow. After reading this article, students will have a fair idea of the best books to help them in preparation. All the ICSE-affiliated schools must follow the books as they are designed according to the latest ICSE syllabus.

ICSE Maths Book For Class 4

ICSE Class 4 maths book includes all relevant topics and essential concepts according to the latest syllabus. Thus, students can understand the subject of maths from this syllabus thoroughly. However, academic experts believe that students should follow the ICSE syllabus to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject.

The syllabus for Class 4 Maths includes chapters such as Whole Numbers, Multiple and Factors, Unitary Method, Fractions, Shapes and Patterns, Money, etc. Given below is the list of books for Maths:

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
ICSE Understanding Mathematics 4 M.L. Aggarwal
Number Line: Mathematics Book Pearson
Foundation Mathematics Goyal Brothers Prakashan 
New Guided Mathematics Class 4 Oxford University Press/ Abhijit Mukherjea and Neela Ghose
Mastering Mathematics for Primary Classes Class 4Arya Publishing Company

ICSE Science Books for Class 4

The science syllabus of Class 4 introduces students to the most fundamental concepts of Science. ICSE has designed the Class 4 Science syllabus to be student-friendly. Thus, it is perfectly optimised concerning the learning ability of students. All relevant concepts and topics which a Class 4 student needs to study have been included in the ICSE Class 4 Science syllabus.

The syllabus for Class 4 Science includes chapters on Plants, Animals, the Human Body, Food, Safety, First Aid, Our Universe, States of Matter, etc. The list of books for ICSE Class 4 Science is tabulated below:

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
ICSE Science Is Fun for Class 4 Frank Educational Aids
I Discover Science TextbookCambridge University Press
New Inquisitive Science for Class 4 S. Chand/ Kiran Ashok Kumar
ICSE Science Today Class 4 Cordova/ Dhiren M. Doshi
Millennium’s Science for Juniors Class 4 Millennium Book Source/ Anisha Talwar

ICSE Social Studies Books for Class 4

The ICSE Class 4 Social Studies syllabus consists of all essential topics and concepts that a Class 4 student must study. The board has cleverly designed the syllabus to make it suitable for the students to read and for the teachers to tutor.

The Social Studies syllabus of Class 4 includes The Earth, Our State, India, Pollution, Almanac, etc. Find the list of books for ICSE Class 4 Social Studies in the table below:

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
Elementary Geography Book 4S. Chand/ Dr Ranjana Gupta
Elementary History for Class 4S. Chand/MP Rozario and Dr Shashi Goyal
Millennium’s Social Science for Juniors 4Millennium Book Source/ Shuchiya Datta
Starting History & Civics for Class 4Oxford University Press/ Moneesha Sharma and Amita Prasad
Primary Geography for Class 4Frank Brothers
Full Circle ICSE Active Social Science for Class 4A.K. Singh and Vineeta Saxena

ICSE English Books for Class 4

The syllabus of ICSE Class 4 English covers topics like Nouns, Verbs, Tenses, Story Writing, Comprehension, etc. In order to complete the English syllabus, students must ensure that they must follow the English Language and English Literature books prescribed by the Board. Below is the list of prescribed books that the students of ICSE Class 4 must follow:

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
New Mulberry English Course BookOxford University Press
Lighthouse: English Course Book Sanghamitra Dasgupta 
New Mulberry English Course Workbook Oxford University Press
ActiveTeach Impressions Supriya Bhattacharya

ICSE Hindi Books for Class 4

As part of the ICSE Class 4 Hindi syllabus, students need to read and learn literature and grammar. For this purpose, the students must ensure that they follow the books that are prescribed by the Board itself. The books included in the list given below are according to the latest ICSE Class 4 Hindi syllabus:

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
Gunjan Hindi Pathmala 4 (ICSE)  Madhubun Publication
Vyakaran Vatika – 4 Madhubun Publication
Nootan Saral Hindi Mala for Class 4 Goyal Brothers/ DV Singh and AK Mishra
Phulwari Hindi Reader 4Ratna Sagar/ Deepa Aggarwal
Pallavi Saral Hindi Pathmala for Class 4 Cordova/ Bharathi Pandith

ICSE Computer Studies Books for Class 4

The syllabus of ICSE Class 4 Computer Studies covers the most fundamental concepts in Computer Science. It will introduce students to the basics of Computer Studies that can eventually be fruitful for students who wish to pursue Computer Studies at a higher level. Students must only be following the best books, such as the ones, given below to complete their Computer Studies syllabus:

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
E-World Computers (Basics And Applications) Class 4 Pearson/Anshu Kumar and Shweta Malik
Click On Computer & Applications Part 4 Frank Educational Aids
Access to Computer Education Class 4 Oxford University Press/ N. Subramanian and S. Chithra

ICSE Arts Education Books For Class 4

Arts is quite an interesting subject that students enjoy learning. Studying from the best ICSE Arts Education books will help to foster creativity in students. It is advisable that the students refer to every book and follow the syllabus to prepare for the exam. Given below is a list of books students can refer to:

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
Together with Be An Artist Art & Activity Book Class 4 Rachna Sagar
Millennium’s MAC Book (Arts and Crafts) for Class 4 Millennium Book Source/Akansha and Shipra
Canvas My Big Book Of Drawing & Colouring Book 4 Goyal Brothers Prakashan

FAQs on ICSE Class 4 Books

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on ICSE Class 4 Books:

Q: Where can I find the list of ICSE Class 4 books?

Ans: The list of ICSE Class 4 books is available on Embibe.

Q: Is it compulsory to pass all subjects in ICSE Class 4?

Ans: Yes, it is compulsory to pass all subjects in Class 4. However, it will completely depend on the school authorities.

Q: Who provides the ICSE Class 4 books?

Ans: The ICSE Board provides the Class 4 books and the school authorities prescribe and follow those.

Q: How many subjects are there for ICSE Class 4?

Ans:  Common subjects for ICSE Class 4 Books are Mathematics, Science, Hindi, English, Social Studies, Computer Studies, and Arts Education.

Q: What books should I follow for ICSE Class 4 Maths?

Ans: The name of the ICSE Class 4 Maths book is available in the article above.

We hope that the article above on ICSE Class 4 books provides relevant information to the students. There are more such informative pieces of ICSE Class 4 on Embibe.

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