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  • Written By Prince
  • Last Modified 25-06-2022
  • Written By Prince
  • Last Modified 25-06-2022

NCERT Books for Class 4 EVS: Chapter-wise PDF

NCERT Books for Class 4 EVS: Environmental Studies for CBSE Class 4 is an important and mandatory subject. Through this subject, students learn about the fundamentals of the environment around us. The topics discussed in the NCERT EVS book Class 4 form the basis of the concepts discussed in higher classes. Thus, students are advised to read the latest and updated NCERT 4th Class EVS book thoroughly.

The topics covered in the Class 4 EVS textbook aim to teach students about the environment we live in and help them build an eco-friendly environment. In this article, Embibe provides the direct links to download NCERT EVS Class 4 textbook PDF. Students can download the whole book or individual chapters separately. So, scroll down to download NCERT Class 4 EVS book PDF in English, Hindi, and Urdu.

CBSE NCERT Class 4 EVS Books: Full Book PDF Download

Candidates can download the NCERT Class 4 EVS book PDF in English and in Hindi from the table below:

Book NameDownload Link (Zip file)
CBSE Class 4 NCERT EVS Book – Looking Around (English)Download
CBSE Class 4 NCERT EVS Book – Aas Paas (Hindi)Download

These NCERT 4th Class EVS books are available in two different languages, i.e., English and Hindi. We have given the direct link to download NCERT Books for Class 4 EVS PDF free of cost. So, students can download any book as per their preferences and start preparing for the exam.

How To Open Zip File?

If you have downloaded Class 4 EVS complete books as a zip file, you will need a zip file application to open them. You can download free software called 7-Zip to extract and open the zip file. Alternatively, you can also download WinRAR, which is a paid software to open zip files.

NCERT Books For Class 4 EVS: Chapter-wise PDF Download (English)

CBSE 4th Grade EVS chapter-wise PDFs in English are given in the table below:

Class 4 EVS Textbook Chapter-wise PDF
1st ChapterGoing to School
2nd ChapterEar to Ear
3rd ChapterA Day with Nandu
4th ChapterThe Story of Amrita
5th ChapterAnita and the Honeybees
6th ChapterOmana’s Journey
7th ChapterFrom the Window
8th ChapterReaching Grandmother’s House
9th ChapterChanging Families
10th ChapterHu Tu Tu, Hu Tu Tu
11th ChapterThe Valley of Flowers
12th ChapterChanging Times
13th ChapterA River’s Tale
14th ChapterBasva’s Farm
15th ChapterFrom Market to Home
16th ChapterA Busy Month
17th ChapterNandita in Mumbai
18th ChapterToo Much Water, Too Little Water
19th ChapterAbdul in the Garden
20th ChapterEating Together
21st ChapterFood and Fun
22nd ChapterThe World in my Home
23rd ChapterPochampalli
24th ChapterHome and Abroad
25th ChapterSpicy Riddles
26th ChapterDefence Officer: Wahida
27th ChapterChuskit Goes to School

Practice Exam Questions

NCERT Books For Class 4 EVS: Chapter-wise PDF Download हिंदी में

Download NCERT Class 4 EVS book PDF in Hindi from the table below:

एनसीईआरटी कक्षा 4 पर्यावरण अध्ययन पुस्तक को यहां से हिंदी माध्यम में डाउनलोड करें:

कक्षा 4 पर्यावरण अध्ययन
पाठ 1: चलों, चलें स्कूल!
पाठ 2: कान-कान में
पाठ 3: नंदू हाथी
पाठ 4: अमृता की कहानी
पाठ 5: अनीता की मधुमक्खियाँ
पाठ 6: ओमना का सफ़र
पाठ 7: खिड़की से
पाठ 8: नानी के घर तक
पाठ 9: बदलते परिवार
पाठ 10: हु तू तू , हु तू तू
पाठ 11: फुलवारी
पाठ 12: कैसे-कैसे बदले घर
पाठ 13: पहाड़ों से समुंदर तक
पाठ 14: बसवा का खेत
पाठ 15: मंडी से घर तक
पाठ 16: चूँ-चूँ करती आई चिड़िया
पाठ 17: नंदिता मुंबई में
पाठ 18: पानी कहीं ज़्यादा, कहीं कम
पाठ 19: जड़ों का जाल
पाठ 20: मिलकर खाएँ
पाठ 21: खाना-खिलाना
पाठ 22: दुनिया मेरे घर में
पाठ 23: पोचमपल्ली
पाठ 24: दूर देश की बात
पाठ 25: चटपटी पहेलियाँ!
पाठ 26: फ़ौजी वहीदा
पाठ 27: कोशिश हुई कामयाब

How to Download NCERT 4th Class EVS Book?

Students can follow the below-mentioned steps in order to download the NCERT Class 4 EVS book PDF in English and Hindi from NCERT’s official website:

1st Step: Visit the official website –

NCERT Books For Class 4 EVS download

2nd Step: On the homepage, go to the ‘Publication‘ tab. Then click on ‘PDF (I-XII)‘.

3rd Step: From the drop-down menus, select Class (Class IV), Subject (EVS), and Book Title (Looking Around, Aas-Pass, or Aas-Pass in Urdu).

Attempt Mock Tests

ncert books class 4

4th Step: Click on the ‘Go’ button.

5th Step: A new page will open. From the left side of the screen, select the chapter you want to download. Then click on the download button.

6th Step: To download the complete textbook, click on the ‘Download Complete Book’ button.

Advantages of NCERT Textbooks

Check out the below-mentioned advantages of referring to NCERT textbooks:

  1. NCERT textbooks are easily readable as they are written in a simple and lucid language.
  2. NCERT books contain numerous questions, problems, and exercises that the students can practice.
  3. The concepts in NCERT textbooks are written in detail with relevant examples, illustrations, and diagrams (wherever required).
  4. By following the NCERT Class 4 EVS book solution and textbooks, students can get a clear understanding of all the important concepts and topics.
  5. NCERT books are prepared according to the guidelines laid out by CBSE.
  6. The price of NCERT books is less compared to other publications which makes them more accessible to students.

Highlights of NCERT Class 4 EVS Books

  1. Since the NCERT is syllabus-oriented, each chapter’s activities include questions that may appear on the exam. As a result, students may achieve high grades in any subject just by reading the textbooks.
  2. Beautiful images cover the pages of the NCERT class 4 EVS book PDF download. Students appreciate this book because of the attractive drawings, diagrams, and real-life examples, and they stay hooked to it until the conclusion.
  3. NCERT books follow the CBSE curriculum and are syllabus-oriented. As a result, students do not need to go for additional books to finish their course. It essentially saves them a significant amount of time, which teachers can instead use to prepare their courses.
  4. Another advantage of NCERT books is the simple description of each chapter. The analyses provided in these books are all presented in simple language that students may understand without difficulty. Furthermore, the principles presented in these publications enable students to have a better understanding of each area.

FAQs on NCERT 4th Class EVS Book

Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below:

Q.1: From where can I download NCERT Class 4 EVS textbooks PDF?
Ans: You can download the NCERT EVS book Class 4 PDF from Embibe. We have provided a one-click PDF download for all chapters of the Class 4 EVS subject.

Q.2: How can I download the Class 4 EVS book from NCERT’s official website?
Ans: If you want to download the Class 4 EVS textbook from NCERT’s official website, please refer to the ‘How To Download NCERT Books For Class 4 EVS?’ section of this article.

Q.3: How many chapters are there in ‘Looking Around’ textbook for CBSE Class 4 EVS?
Ans: There are a total of 27 chapters in the NCERT 4th Class EVS book.

Q.4: Looking Around’ textbook for CBSE Class 4 EVS is available in which languages?
Ans: Looking Around’ textbook by NCERT for Class 4 EVS is available in English, Hindi, and Urdu.

Q.5: How to open a zip file of NCERT Books for Class 4 EVS 2022?
Read the details given on this Embibe page under the heading ” How To Open Zip File? ” follow the steps and open the zip files.

Download Class 4 NCERT Books for other subjects tabulated below:

NCERT Books For Class 4 HindiNCERT Books For Class 4 Mathematics
NCERT Books For Class 4 UrduNCERT Books For Class 4 English

Download NCERT Books For Class 4 (All Subjects) PDF From Here

That was all about Class 4th EVS NCERT Books. Now, you can download the book and start your preparation. We advise you to visit Embibe Ask for any other academic questions. You can post your queries on the portal and the academic experts at Embibe will resolve your queries as soon as possible. You can also browse through queries posted by others for solutions.

We hope this detailed article on NCERT Books for Class 4 EVS helps you. If you have any queries, post in the comment section below. We will get back to you at the earliest. Stay tuned to Embibe for more information on NCERT books and syllabus.

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