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RRB ALP Mock Test Series – Mock Tests For CBT 1 & 2


RRB ALP Mock Test Series: The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) is conducting the RRB ALP exam for the recruitment of Assistant Loco Pilots (ALP) and Technicians in Indian Railways. The first stage of the exam is ongoing, and after that, candidates who clear the 1st Stage Computer Based Test (CBT) will appear for the 2nd Stage of CBT. If you are an RRB ALP aspirant, you must take RRB ALP Mock Test Series.

Without taking RRB ALP Mock Tests, your RRB ALP preparation will be incomplete. Because, you won’t get an idea about where you are standing and whether or not you need to improve, and if yes, which areas of improvement are. It is, therefore, very important that you take RRB ALP Mock Tests for every stage of your preparation. In this article, you will get detailed information on how to take RRB ALP Mock Test, what are the benefits of taking the tests, and how to develop a proper and smart test-taking strategy. Read on to find out.

RRB ALP Online test series

RRB ALP CBT 1 Mock Test – 1RRB ALP CBT 1 Mock Test – 2
RRB ALP CBT 1 Mock Test – 3RRB ALP CBT 1 Mock Test – 4
RRB ALP CBT 1 Mock Test – 5RRB ALP CBT 1 Mock Test – 6

RRB ALP Mock Test Series

Before getting into the details of RRB ALP Mock Test Series, we need to look at the RRB ALP exam pattern. The selection of ALP and Technicians involves the following stages:

  • a) 1st Stage CBT (Computer Based Test) – For both ALP and Technician candidates
  • b) 2nd Stage CBT – For both ALP and Technicians candiadtes
  • c) Computer-Based Aptitude Test (CBAT) – Only for ALP candidates
  • d) Document Verification

The different sections of 1st and 2nd Stage CBT are tabulated below:

Sections Of RRB ALP 1st And 2nd Stage CBT
1st Stage CBT 2nd Stage CBT
Part A
Reasoning Basic Science & Engineering
Mathematics General Intelligence & Reasoning
General Knowledge & Current Affairs Mathematics
General Knowledge & Current Affairs General Science
Part B
Test of Relevant Trade

As you can see, the various sections of 1st Stage CBT and Part A of the 2nd Stage CBT are almost the same. Also, these sections are found in exams of other government jobs, like bank PO and Clerk jobs (except the section for General Science and Basic Science & Engineering). So, taking mock tests for bank exams, especially bank PO exams, will also be useful for RRB ALP CBT 1 exam.

How To Take RRB ALP Mock Test

As mentioned above, the different sections, syllabus, and pattern of the RRB ALP exam are almost the same as that of the exam. So, you can take the mock test series during your preparation for the RRB ALP exam.

Follow the steps as under to take mock test series:

  • Step 1: Go to the test page of Embibe: https://www.embibe.com/test/home.
  • Step 2: Select the exam that you want to take — “RRB ALP” from the left side of the screen.
  • Step 3: Select the test type from the drop-down menu below the “Select Exam” option as shown in the image below – “Full Tests” or “Previous Year Tests”.
  • Step 4: Select the test that you want to take from the drop-down menu just below the “Select Test Type” option.
  • Step 5: You can click on either “Start Solving” or “Start Test” to take the test.
  • Step 6: Carefully, read the instructions. Then click on “I am ready to begin” to begin the test.

RRB ALP Exam Pattern

Candidates can check the RRB ALP exam pattern in the below-mentioned table.

Name of the SubjectNo. of questions 
General Intelligence & Reasoning25
General Science20
General Awareness and Current Affairs10

Advantages Of Taking RRB ALP Mock Test Series

Taking RRB ALP Mock Test Series once you have finished the whole syllabus has many benefits. Some of them are tabulated below:

Benefits Of Taking RRB ALP Mock Test Series
1. Taking mock tests will build your stamina and concentration to sit for the entire duration of the exam.
2. It will build your confidence to sit for the actual exam.
3. Taking regular mock tests will help you get used to the exam’s difficulty level.
4. Evaluating your performance in the tests will help you identify the topics and concepts you need to study again, practice more and improve on.
5. You will be able to develop a smart test-taking strategy with a proper plan about how you will attempt the paper, choose questions to answer, utilize your time, etc.

How To Attempt RRB ALP Exam

Your score in any exam depends upon the way you take tests – your overall strategy to take the exam. This means you need to select the questions wisely, not try to attempt every single question as they appear. Otherwise, you will spend time on questions you ultimately do not answer or get wrong. The idea is to maximize your accuracy, minimize negative marking, and score as high as possible.

Attempting the RRB ALP exam in the following manner will help you achieve this goal:

RRB ALP Mock Test: How To Attempt RRB ALP Exam
1. You must have identified your strongest and weakest subjects by now. Start off with your strong section and keep your weakest section for the last.
2. Go through the questions carefully and assess their difficulty level and whether or not you will be able to solve them.
3. Attempt only those questions which you know for sure, i.e. you are absolutely sure about.
4. As for the questions which you think you might be able to solve, mark them. Do not try to attempt them now.
5. As for the questions you have absolutely no idea about, skip them altogether.
6. After you have answered all the questions you were confident about, attempt the questions you had marked earlier – questions you thought you might be able to answer.
7. Do not go overtime on any section or question. Also, you should not answer any question in a hurry.

As you take RRB ALP Mock Test Series, try to develop the habit of attempting the paper in the above manner.

Now that you know how to take RRB ALP Mock Test Series and how to develop a smart test-taking strategy, start taking the mock tests on Embibe.

Embibe also provides a detailed analysis of the test with which identifying your conceptual weaknesses and gaps in the test-taking strategy becomes very easy. All you have to do then is work on those aspects, and your score will increase from test to test. However, you need to unlock the Advanced Test Analysis for this purpose.

We hope this detailed article on RRB ALP Mock Test helps you. If you have any confusion, feel to comment below. We will get back to you.

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