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11th Uttarakhand Board Chapter: Subject-wise Chapter


Don’t you wish your school textbooks were more interesting and fun to study every time you open them? Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit and watch the chapters come to life instead of going over the plain texts again and again? Well, this is the time when Embibe steps into the picture. Embibe provides a learning experience like no other and makes studying way more fun and enjoyable.

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UBSE Class 11 Subject-wise Chapters

Before starting any exam preparation, you must know and understand all the chapters to build a strong foundation. At Embibe, you can learn the chapters in detail through 3D videos and work on the concepts through practice questions.

Once you are done practicing, you can attempt as many mock tests as you like until you feel prepared. You can access the chapters included in Uttarakhand Board Class 11 syllabus from the following section. Go ahead and check them out!

11th Uttarakhand Board Maths Chapters

We see Maths only as a subject with complicated equations. But it is much more than just these equations. Maths helps us learn a lot of things that surround us every day. To explore more, let us go through the chapter-wise learning videos from the links below:

Chapter NumberChapter Name
2Relations and Functions
3Trigonometric Functions
4Mathematical Induction
5Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
6Linear Inequalities
7Permutation and Combination
8Binomial Theorem
9Sequences and Series
10Straight Lines
11Conic Sections
12Introduction to Three-Dimensional Geometry
13Limits and Derivatives
14Mathematical Reasoning
17Properties of Triangle

11th Uttarakhand Board Physics Chapters

You need to learn a lot about the physical world, but how will you do it? Learn about the physical world and physics in everyday life on Embibe. Embibe will help you explore the world of physics with its interactive videos. Watch now and ace the exams.

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1Physical World
2Units and Measurements
3Motion in a Straight Line
4Motion in a Plane
5Laws of Motion
6Work, Energy and Power
7Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion
9Mechanical Properties of Solids
10Mechanical Properties of Fluids
11Thermal Properties of Matter
13Kinetic Theory

Uttarakhand Board Class 11 Chemistry Chapters

Study the basic concepts of Chemistry with Embibe to score higher marks in the final exams. Here, you will learn about all the important chapters in detail to understand how these things react around us. Interesting? Indeed.

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
2Structure of Atom
3Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
4Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
5States of Matter
8Redox Reactions
10The s-Block Elements
11The p-Block Elements
12Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and Techniques
14Environmental Chemistry

11th Uttarakhand Board Biology Chapters

For most of you, Biology is an interesting subject that teaches you a lot about evolution. You learn so much about plants and animals that it engages you in your studies. Join Embibe and watch these concepts from the chapters come to life.

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1The Living World
2Biological Classification
3Plant Kingdom
4Animal Kingdom
5Morphology of Flowering Plants
6Anatomy of Flowering Plants
7Structural Organisation in Animals
8Cell: The Unit of Life
10Cell Cycle and Cell Division
11Transport in Plants
12Mineral Nutrition
13Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
14Respiration in Plants
15Plant Growth and Development
16Digestion and Absorption
17Breathing and Exchange of Gases
18Body Fluids and Circulation
19Excretory Products and their Elimination
20Locomotion and Movement
21Neural Control and Coordination
22Chemical Coordination and Integration

FAQs on Uttarakhand Board Class 11 Chapters

The frequently asked questions about Uttarakhand Board Class 11 chapters are as follows:

Q: How many chapters are there in Uttarakhand Board Class 11 Biology?

Ans: There are 22 chapters in UBSE Class 11 Biology syllabus.

Q: When will the Uttarakhand Board Class 11 exams begin?

Ans: The Uttarakhand Board Class 11 exams will tentatively start in March 2023.

Q: Does taking mock test help during UBSE 11th exams?

Ans: Yes, taking a mock test on the Embibe app for UBSE 11th exams helps boost preparation. It also clears any conceptual doubts and enhances problem-solving skills.

Q: How to score 90 per cent marks in UBSE Class 11 Physics exam?

Ans: Students can score 90 per cent or more marks in the UBSE Class 11 Physics exam by combining all the study materials from Embibe with their class lectures. This will ensure students learn more in less time to help with revision.

Q: How does Embibe help in learning chapters faster?

Ans: Embibe helps you learn the chapters faster by providing interactive 3D videos with detailed explanations. These videos mapped with each chapter helps students absorb the knowledge faster.

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