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UP Board Class 7 Books 2024: Expert-suggested Books


UP Board Class 7 Books: The higher classes you go to, things become descriptive and logic-based. The concepts you will be studying in UP Board 7th grade will be a little in-depth of what you have been studying in your previous classes. This is why the UP Board has implemented NCERT to be a part of all the UP Board Class 7 books.

UP Class 7 Books are fully aligned with the syllabus prescribed by the Board. In this article, we will give you all the subject-wise links to UP Board Books PDF Download and boost your preparation level in the best way. Here we have given links for all UP Board Books Class 7 PDF Download subjects as per the subject preference.

UP Board Class 7 Books 2024 PDF

NCERT is the main channel covering all the UP Board Class 7 Books. These books follow all the exam patterns and syllabi of the Uttar Pradesh Board. These concepts are explained in a simplified manner. These books take the assistance of different activities and real-life examples to wider the candidates’ minds. Furthermore, by downloading UP Board Books PDF, the candidates can go through offline also anytime and from anywhere at their convenience.

By going through these UP Board NCERT Class 7 textbooks, students can prepare for their K12 exams, various entrance, and many government exams. In the next section, you can find the UP Class 7 Books for all subjects:

UP Board Class 7 Books For गणित

As you go higher, the difficulty level of Mathematics keeps on increasing. The best way to score well in the subject is to learn what your teacher taught. Then, practice the questions given in your UP Board Class 7 books. For your convenience, the UP Board Class 7 Math book is available in English, Hindi, and Urdu. Download class-wise maths UP board books. Along with books, you can also find UP Board solution Class 7 Math on Embibe.

MediumDownload Links
Maths – EnglishDownload PDF
Ganit – HindiDownload PDF
Hisab – UrduDownload PDF

UP Board Class 7 Textbooks For English

UP Board pays a lot of importance to English. This is why it has advised NCERT to prepare the best book as per its syllabus. You can find the downloadable links here. You can also find UP Board Solution Class 7 English.

UP Board BooksDownload Links
HoneycombDownload PDF
An Alien HandDownload PDF

UP Board Books For Class 7 Science

The subject of Science becomes holds a lot of value if a student wishes to pursue Engineering. By studying UP Board Class 7 textbooks of Science, you can easily understand all the basic components. It is available in three languages. You can find the links to access them, along with UP Board Solution Class 7 Science.

MediumDownload Links
Science – EnglishDownload PDF
Vigyan – HindiDownload PDF
Science – VI (Urdu)Download PDF

UP Board Class 7 Books For Social Studies

Social Studies has been adopted as the main component of General Studies, which is asked in many competitive exams. Preparing from scratch can be the key if you are willing to appear for such exams. The table below mentions all the UP Board Class 7 textbooks for Social Studies:

UP Board BooksDownload Links
History: Our Pasts-IIDownload PDF
Our EnvironmentDownload PDF
Social and Political Life-IIDownload PDF
Hamare Ateet-II (Hindi)Download PDF
Samajik Evem Rajnitik Jeevan-II (Hindi)Download PDF
Hamara Paryavaran (Hindi)Download PDF
Hamare Maazi (Urdu)Download PDF
Samazi Aur Siyasi Zindagi (Urdu)Download PDF
Hamare Mahol (Urdu)Download PDF

UP Board Class 7 Books For हिन्दी

For Hindi, UP Board has set up some good books for Class 7 to provide students an interactive atmosphere of learning. You can find UP Board Books for Class 7 Hindi हिन्दी below:

Hindi BooksDownload Links
VasantDownload PDF
DurvaDownload PDF
MahabharatDownload PDF

UP Board Textbooks For Class 7 Sanskrit

Sanskrit has been the primary liturgical language of the country. This is why UP Board Class 7 books are prepared well so that students don’t miss out on anything.

UP Board BookDownload Links
RuchiraDownload PDF

UP Board Class 7 Books For اردو

The syllabus of UP Board Class 7 books for Urdu comprises three parts where a student learns about various basic concepts. Find the downloadable links of all three UP Board Class 7 اردو books below:

Class 7 Urdu BooksDownload Links
Apni ZabanDownload PDF
Urdu GuldastaDownload PDF
Door – PaasDownload PDF

UP Board Solution Class 7

Now that all the books have been mentioned, let us look at impressive NCERT Solution materials prepared by academic experts of Embibe. There is a significant probability of chances that a student might face some difficulty when he goes on to solve his NCERT questions. This is the point where students can take the assistance of these solutions. As Mathematics and Science are the two most important subjects, we have covered everything related to these subjects in our NCERT solutions.

Moreover, these NCERT Solutions for Class 7 are strictly prepared as per the UP Board guidelines. This will further assist you in taking its help to score good marks in your examinations.


FAQs for UP Board Class 7 Books 2024

You can find the important FAQs asked by a lot of students.

Q: How to access UP Board Class 7 books?

Ans: You need to visit the official website of NCERT at ncert.nic.in. Now under “Publications”, click on PDF (I-XII). Select your class, subject, and book. It will display the book on your screen.

Q: How UP Board Class 7 books are useful?

Ans: These UP Board Class 7 textbooks can prove to be a lot helpful in making you understand some basic concepts. As these concepts become more detailed as you progress towards higher grades, it’s essential to utilize the current Class 7 books to grasp all the fundamental elements.

Q: Where can I find the answers to the questions given in UP Board Class 7 textbooks?

Ans: You can find NCERT Solutions for Class 7 at Embibe for free.

Q: Can you help me out with the names of English books prescribed for UP Boards Class 7?

Ans: The names of English textbooks prescribed for UP Boards Class 7 are Honeycomb and An Alien Hand. You can find the links to these two books in this article.

Q: How to download UP Board Books Class 7 PDF?

Ans: On this page, we have given a subject-wise PDF of all the UP Board Class 7 Books, so you can download the PDF with a single click on the download link.

We hope this detailed article helps you. If you have any questions about this topic or any exam, let us know in the comment section below. We will surely assist you. Embibe wishes you all the best in your preparations!

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