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West Bengal Board Class 7 Topics


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7th West Bengal Board Subject-wise Topics

Studying the West Bengal Board Class 7 Topics are important for the exam, and students must not miss anything. You must have a clear understanding of each and every topic. In this article, we have listed all the important topics with links to the videos you can access for.

7th West Bengal Board Science Topics

Check out the 7th West Bengal Board Science Topics in the table below to prepare well for the exam: 

Chapter No.Science Chapters Topics
Physical Environment –  HeatHot and Cold, Heat and Measurement of Heat, Changes of State of Matter, Role of Heat in Physiological Action of Living Beings
Physical Environment – LightLuminous and Non-Luminous Objects, Transparent, Opaque and Translucent Objects, Rectilinear Motion of Light and Shadows,  Pinhole Camera, Reflection of Light, Refraction of Light, Dispersion of Light, Harmful Effect of Invisible Light, Role of Light in the Physiological Activities of Living Organisms
Physical Environment – ElectricityElectric Cell, Symbols of Electronic Components, Electric Current and Circuit, Effects of Electric Current, Solar Calculator, Effect of Electricity on the Physiological Processes of Organisms
Physical Environment – MagnetMagnet and Magnetic Materials, Properties of Magnet, Earth as a Magnet, Role of Magnetic Field on the Physiology of Animals
Physical Environment- Use of Environment – Friendly EnergyUses of Different Sources of Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Energy From Biomass
Time and MotionIntroduction to Motion, Speed, Velocity and Acceleration, Force, Newton’s Law of Motion, Energy and Work
Morphological Diversity and Functions of Living Components of Environment Morphological Diversity of Plants, Seed Germination, Pollination, Diffusion, Osmosis, and That Significance
Environment and Public HealthEnvironmental Crisis and Physical Health, Occupational Health Problems, Mental and Physical Health, Communicable Diseases and Their Remedies, Role of Vectors in the Transmission of Diseases and Remedies, Food-borne Diseases and Their Remedies
Human FoodImportance of Food and Its Components, Malnutrition and Obesity, Role of Water in Life, Synthesis of Food in Plants
Crisis of Environment, plants and ConservationWeather, Climate and Climatic Change, Biodiversity, Waste and Its Hazards, Role of Plants in Conservation of Environment
Atom, Molecule and Chemical ReactionSymbols of Elements, Charged Particles in an Atom, Valency, Writing Chemical Formula, Chemical Reaction and Chemical Equation, Types of Chemical Reaction
Role of Substances in EnvironmentThe Role of Organic and Inorganic Materials in an Organism, Various Components of the Body of a Living Organism, Acids and Bases, Indicator, Edible Salt, Synthetic Compounds, Effects of Synthetic Compounds on the Environment,

7th West Bengal Board Mathematics Topics

Use the 7th West Bengal Board Mathematics Topics to learn complex concepts for the exam. 

Chapter No.Mathematics Chapters Topics
RatioRatio and Its Types
ProportionProportion and Its Types
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Whole NumbersIntegers, Natural Numbers and Whole Numbers, Addition and Subtraction of Integers, Multiplication of Integers and Its Properties, Division of Integers and Its Properties
Concept of IndexBasics of Indices, Laws of Indices, Expressing Large Number in Standard Form,
Algebraic OperationsBasic Term in Algebraic Expressions, Operations
Drawing Angles With CompassConstruction of Angles 
Construction of TrianglesConstruction of Triangles With Given Parameters
Construction of CongruencyCongruency of Triangles
ApproximationApproximation and Its Applications
Square Root of FractionsBasics of Square Root of Fractions, Square Root of Decimal Numbers

FAQs on West Bengal Board Class 7 Topics 2023

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the West Bengal Board Class 7 Topics.

Q: Where can I find the explanation of West Bengal Board Class 7 Topics?

Ans: Students can find the West Bengal Board Class 7 Topics explanations at Embibe. 

Q: Are West Bengal Board Class 7 Topics at Embibe?

Ans: Yes, the West Bengal Board Class 7 Topics are at Embibe.

Q: Do Approximation and Algebraic Operations come under West Bengal Board Class 7 Topics?

Ans: Yes, West Bengal Board Class 7 Topics include Approximation and Algebraic Operations.

Q: How difficult are West Bengal Board Class 7 Science topics?

Ans: West Bengal Board Class 7 Social Science topics are easy. You can easily master the topics with the right explanation and practice.

Q: Should I refer to the most important topics for my West Bengal Board exam?

Ans: While preparing for the 7th West Bengal Board exam, you should read all the topics, but you should concentrate on the important ones because they are more likely to come up in the exam.

We hope this article on West Bengal Board Class 7 Topics 2023 has helped you. If you have any doubts or queries, feel to contact us by downloading our app, and we will be happy to get back to you.

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