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8th West Bengal Board Important Topics


If you are ambitious to secure a good rank in the West Bengal Board Class 8 exam, you must thoroughly learn the topics from the chapters. You need to pay more attention to the topics and bookmark them to revise them regularly before the exam. So if you are keen to know the important topics from the chapters to prepare, then you are at the right place. 

Embibe is a leading platform that will assist you in developing a conceptual base of the topics. It helps to understand the topics comprehensively. The 3D explainer videos are aligned to the topics where you can watch 3D videos of prerequisite topics from the current grade to gain extraordinary knowledge. You can grasp the topics quickly and save time and energy. The AI-integrated platform always strives to bridge the learning gaps and help students excel academically.

Chapter-wise Topics for West Bengal Board Class 8

Embibe provides over 100+ explainer videos and practice questions for your exam preparation. You must focus on learning the important topics than the ones which are less important. This helps you to answer all the questions correctly. The practice questions and mock tests build confidence and enhance time management skills. Now, check out the chapter-wise important topics for West Bengal Board class 8. 

WBBSE Class 8 Science Important Topics

Let’s have a look at the Science topics for West Bengal Board class 8

Sl.NoChaptersImportant Topics
1Physical Environment-Force and PressureMeasurement and Unit of ForceFriction and Its Measurement
2Physical Environment-Force Active Without ContactGravity and GravitationElectrostatic Force and Charge
3Physical Environment-HeatMeasurement of Heat and Its UnitsChange of State
4Physical Environment-LightReflection of LightRefraction of Light
5Element, Compound and Chemical ReactionPhysical and Chemical Properties of MatterCharacteristics of Metals and Non-Metals

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WBBSE Class 8 Mathematics Important Topics

The list of Mathematics topics for West Bengal Board class 8 is given below:   

Sl.NoChaptersImportant Topics
1Pie ChartPictographBar Diagram
2Rational NumbersIntroduction to Rational NumbersOperations on Rational Numbers
3Multiplication and Division of PolynomialsBasics of Algebraic ExpressionsMultiplication of Algebraic Expressions
4CubesIntroduction to CubesCube Roots
5Complimentary Angles, Supplementary Angles, and Adjacent AnglesDifferent Types of Angles

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Below are the frequently asked questions with answers about West Bengal Board class 8 topics

Q: Can I find the topics for West Bengal Board class 8 on Embibe?

Ans: Yes, Embibe provides a complete list of topics from the chapters for West Bengal Board class 8 exam preparation. 

Q: What are the benefits of learning the topics for WBBSE class 8 from Embibe?

Ans: Embibe is a powerful learning platform that promotes interactive learning. You can select to watch the videos for prerequisite topics to understand and also practice questions from the topics. 

Q: How to take mock tests for WBBSE class 8 from Embibe?

Ans: To take mock tests on Embibe, you must log in with your mobile number and email address, select your goal and take the online mock test series on the ‘test’ tab. 

Q: How to prepare for the West Bengal Board class 8 exam?

Ans: Manage time, note the important topics, practice questions regularly and take mock tests on Embibe to perform well in the West Bengal Board class 8 exam.

Q: What are the passing marks in the class 8 WBBSE board?

Ans: The passing mark in the West Bengal Board class 8 exam is 25%. 

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