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West Bengal Board Class 9 Important Topics


As the West Bengal Board class 9 exams are stepping closer to you day by day, the pile of topics you need to cover remains. With the huge syllabus and limited time, are you considering skipping the topics you find hard to understand? But what if the topics you skipped appear in the question paper? It may sound like a nightmare, but there are things you can do to avoid this. Continue reading to find out more.

So, what is the solution? The only way to put an end to this is to cover all the WB Board Class 9 topics. But how can you study the topics that are hard to understand? The textbooks can be boring and confusing. What if you can access 3D visualised explanatory videos that break down complex topics into easier parts, helping you cover topics easily? Dive into the Embibe app that will ensure your cover the entire syllabus on time. Wondering how? Well, this article has everything you need.

West Bengal Class 9 Topics at Embibe

The Embibe app provides 3D explanatory videos that will help you understand concepts easily and retain them longer. Best of all? The videos can be accessed for anytime, anywhere. Refer to the below information to find subject-wise WB Board Class 9 topics at Embibe.

WB Board Class 9 Topics for Science (Physical Science)

Students can access the list of Physical Science topics from the below table:

Chapters Topics
Measurement and Unit
Dimension of Physical Quantities
Measuring Instruments
Force and Motion
Rest and Motion
Equations of Motion
Newton’s First Law of Motion
Newton’s Second Law of Motion
Newton’s Third Law of Motion
Different Types of Forces
Linear Momentum and Conservation of Linear Momentum
Matter: Structure and Properties
Pressure of Liquid and Air
Archimedes’ Principle
Surface Tension
Bernoulli’s Theorem
Effect of Energy: Work, Power and Energy
Equivalence of Work and Heat
Latent Heat
Saturated and Unsaturated Vapour
Anomalous Expansion of Water
Sources of Sound and Vibration
Propagation of Sound
Some Properties of Sound
Characteristics of Sound
The Human Ear and Mechanism of Hearing of Sound
Sound Pollution
Atomic Structure
Composition of Atom
Sub-atomic Particles
Atomic Models
Atomic Number and Mass Number
Isotopes, Isobars, Isotones and Iso-electronics
Distribution of Electrons in Different Orbits(Shells)
Electron Transitions and Formation of Cations
Nuclear Force
Mole Concept
Mole Concept
Atomic Mass and Gram Atomic Mass
Molecular Mass and Formula Mass
Relation of Mole with Other Parameters
Colloids and Suspension
Soaps and Detergents
Dissolution of Ionic, Small and Macromolecules in Water
Crystals and Crystallisation
Uses of Non-aqueous Solvents and their Harmful Effects
Strength of a Solution in Different Units
Acids, Bases and Salts
Chemical Properties of Some Important Acids and Bases
Salt and it’s Classification
Oxides and their Classification
pH Scale and its Importance
Importance of pH in Everyday Life
Acid Rain
Separation of Components of Mixtures
Need of Separation of Components of Mixtures
Different Methods of Separation of Mixtures
Introduction to Water
Importance of Water
Properties of Water
Water- Universal Solvent
Purification of Water
Soft Water and Hard Water
Water Pollution

WB Board Class 9 Topics for Science (Life Science)

The following table provides the list of class 9 Life Science topics:

Chapters Topics
Basic Properties of Life
1.1.1 Definition of Life
1.1.2 Basic Properties of Life
1.1.3 Abiotic Origin of Life
1.1.4 Sources of Variation in Life
Biology is the Study of Patterns and Processes of Life and Its Diversity
1.2.1 Objective of Studying Biology
1.2.2 Biological Studies at Different Levels and Aspects
1.2.3 Infusion of Knowledge from Other Branches of Science into Biology
1.2.4 Applications of Modern Biology
Classification of Diversity of Life
1.3.1 Birth of Modern Taxonomy
Taxonomy and Taxonomic Hierarchical Arrangement
Binomial Nomenclature
Five Kingdoms of Life
Classification of Kingdom Plantae
Classification of Kingdom Animalia
Biomolecules and Their Behaviour
Inorganic Compounds
Organic Compounds
Vitamins and their Roles in Human Body
Minerals and their Roles in Human Body
Discovery of Cell
Cell Wall
Cell Membrane
Cytoplasmic Organelles
Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
Concept of Tissue as an Organization Level
Meristematic Tissue
Permanent Tissue
Epithelial Tissue
Connective Tissues
Muscular Tissues
Nervous Tissue
Major Organs of Human Body and Their Functions Major Organs of Human Body and Their Functions
Plant Physiology
Mineral Nutrition
Movement of Water, Minerals, Food and Gases
Organ-level Respiration
Cellular Respiration
Concept of Nutrition
Types of Nutrition
Holozoic Nutrition
Components of Alimentary System
Overview of Digestion
Digestive Enzymes
Dietary Food Intake and Associated Problems
Concept of Circulation
Types of Circulation
Different Body Fluids
Composition of Blood
Blood Group and Blood Donation
Coagulation of Blood
Internal Structure of Human Heart
Course of Circulation of Blood
Concept of Excretion
Excretion in Plants
Excretion in Animals
Human Excretory System
Accessory Excretory Organs of Human
Immunity and Human Diseases
Concept of Immunity
Concept of Vaccine
Pathogen and Parasites Causing Human Disease
Concept and components of WASH
Microbes in Human Welfare in Our Everyday Life
Microbes in Biocontrol Agents
Microbes as Biofertilizers
Ecology and Ecological Organisation
Concept of Ecology
Ecological Interactions at Individual Level
Ecological Interactions at Population Level
Ecological Interactions at Community Level
Ecological Interactions at Ecosystem Level
Functional Aspects of Ecology
Natural Resources and Its Sustainable Use
Forest as Natural Resource
Water as Natural Resource
Food Sources

WB Board Class 9 Topics for Mathematics

Students can refer to the below table to access the list of class 9 topics for Mathematics:

Chapters Topics
Real Numbers
Basics of Number System
Decimal Expansions of Real Numbers
Irrational Numbers
Representation of Real Numbers on Number Line
Operations on Real Numbers
Theory of Indices Exponents and Surds
Profit and Loss
Profit and Loss
Basics of Logarithm
Laws of Logarithm
Basics of Polynomials
Zeros of a Polynomial
Operation on Polynomials
Remainder and Factor Theorem
Factorisation of Polynomials
Factorisation of Polynomials using Algebraic Identities
Solution of Linear Simultaneous Equation Solution of Simultaneous Linear Equation
Theory of Sets
Sets and their Representation
Types of Sets
Operations on Sets
Different Properties of Parallelogram Simultaneous Linear Equation
Different Properties of Parallelogram
Graph of Linear Equations
Parallelograms and their Properties
Theorems Regarding Intercepts and Mid-points with their Applications Intercept Theorem and its Applications
Theorems on Area Concepts of Area
Theorems of Concurrency Concurrent Lines and Related Theorems
Application of Pythagoras Theorem Pythagoras Theorem and its Application
Construction Area Related Constructions
Formula of Distance between Points and its Applications
Distance Formula
Section Formula
Area of a Triangle Formula
Rectangle, Square and Triangle Perimeter and Area of Different Quadrilaterals and Triangles
Perimeter and Area of Circle
Terms Related to Circle
Perimeter and Area of Circle
Frequency Distribution
Introduction to Statistics
Presentation of Data
Cumulative Frequency Distribution
Graphs and Charts Different Types of Graphs, Charts and Diagrams
Theory of Probability Probability – A Theoretical Approach

FAQs on West Bengal Board Class 9 Topics

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions on WB Board Class 9 topics:

Q: What are the benefits of studying the West Bengal Board Class 9 topics at Embibe?

Ans: By referring to the Embibe app, students can access West Bengal Board Class 9 topic’s 3D visualised explanatory videos making it easy for candidates to understand and retain topics for longer. 

Q: Where can I access the West Bengal Board Class 9 subject-wise topics list?

Ans: Students can access the West Bengal Board Class 9 subject-wise topics list from the above article.

Q: How many topics are there in the Heat chapter?

Ans: There are 5 topics in the Heat chapter.

Q: Where can I access the West Bengal Board Class 9 topic’s explanatory videos for?

Ans: Students can access the West Bengal Board Class 9 topic’s explanatory videos for at Embibe.

We hope the above article has answered all your doubts and queries. Embibe wishes you good luck and all the best.

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