Free learning content and AI-powered personalised recommendations provided by Embibe help students achieve their best scores, and improve question attempt strategy and time management, says Aditi Avasthi, CEO, Embibe, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Published on 14 Jul 2023

What is the Genesis Behind Setting Up Embibe?

Embibe came into being with the aim of democratising education. We wanted to solve the problem of standardised education forced upon students. We wanted to personalise the crucial mentoring and academic guidance needed by every student in India, where even half a mark can define access to a particular college. Another crucial aspect that Embibe addresses is that it makes every student feel that he/she has an equal chance of getting selected for an exam, regardless of their academic background.

With Personalised Learning as Need of the Hour, How Does Embibe Ensure that it Addresses the Needs of All the Students?

Embibe’s extensive three-dimensional knowledge graph hosts over 40,000 concepts with seven lakh interconnections. All learning content is available as best-of-the-web videos and question banks, with interactive 3D slideshows and e-books to be featured soon. Embibe leverages a unique mix of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand students’ learning patterns and existing knowledge to build on, which is unique to every student. It then accordingly suggests the most effective personalised learning path for every learner to help them achieve real-life goals, regardless of their level of ability, exposure and access.

Along with urban, rural and remote areas of the country also have students with good talent, how is Embibe ensuring equitable access to knowledge with them?

Embibe’s system has been optimised to work on low-bandwidth Internet and low-cost devices at scale, as Internet connectivity becomes a concern for students in rural areas of the country. Despite hosting over 19 million students who cumulatively spend 16 million hours on 230 million sessions, Embibe’s system works seamlessly regardless of connectivity, device and geography. The most important benefit for students is that all the content on Embibe and its features, including Learn, Practice and Test, are free-for-all.

How is Embibe using technologies like analytics and AI to overcome various challenges in the Indian education domain?

We have seen in India that education is standardised for all, and scores decide the college and future opportunities for a student. But we have found out using Data Science that learning style varies for each student. So Embibe employed Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to give personalised guidance to every student, ensuring they achieve their academic goals. Embibe’s Knowledge Graph enables students across age groups to connect the dots between concepts. Students can now go back and master a concept from previous years that is affecting their current preparation.

What are some products that Embibe is working on for the growth of its presence in the educational market?

One of the products currently in the pipeline is LEARNUP, which is a complete learning and learning outcomes solution for K-12 students and teachers. It aims to make learning more immersive and interactive for students using 3D slideshows, videos and real-life scenarios.

Another offering is RANKUP, a personalised score-improvement programme for aspirants of JEE, NEET and several other competitive exams. RANKUP pinpoints a student’s weaknesses in academic knowledge, test-taking skills and behaviour before giving highly personalised improvement plans and strategies to convert these weaknesses into strengths.