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Srinagar-based International Delhi Public School introduces AI teaching solutions and AI-based personalized education.

Published on 30 Sep 2022

The notion of addressing artificial intelligence (AI) is not a brand-new technology. Science fiction films and numerous historical writers have foreseen its rise to fame. Although it hasn’t gone exactly as they had hoped for, the technology is already here and is causing changes across all industries. Technology that affects all industries, including education, is not frequently presented.

However, artificial intelligence is all about this. According to recent predictions made by experts, the US will see a 47.5 per cent increase in the usage of artificial intelligence in education between 2017 and 2021. This is supported by a report on the US education sector’s artificial intelligence market. Despite the fact that many education experts think that technology cannot replace teachers, they all agree that it will alter how they carry out their duties and the best practices that should be followed in the classroom.

It is transforming how instructors can carry out their duties. Additionally, it is transforming how pupils learn. This expansion is not just happening in the US. The market research engine projects that by 2025, global spending on artificial intelligence in education will be $5.80 billion, with an annual growth rate of 45%. International Delhi Public School (IDPS), situated in Srinagar, is collaborating with Jio EMBIBE, a top education technology platform, to provide instructors with individualized teaching solutions powered by artificial intelligence.

Teachers can impart high-quality instruction, give each student individualized attention, and deliver learning objectives as outlined by the New Education Policy. Kamal Zamani, Academic Director, International Delhi Public School, commented on the significance of personalized learning in helping teachers close students’ learning gaps, saying, “This initiative will give students more access to high-quality educational content and deeper insights on their own performance and learning behaviour.

Of course, AI-based personalized education will be tremendously helpful for teachers, who can now quickly and easily identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses and take appropriate action. Teachers may now design effective courses utilizing AI-based personalized education systems. The goal is to build an adaptive learning environment surrounding the teachers and the students, catalyzing high-quality digital education with 3D content suited to our syllabus while fueling the imagination of young minds.

Assigning tailored homework to students and holding tests utilizing the platform is now very simple and effective, and the teacher may teach with just the press of a button, both online and offline. He added that the collaboration with Jio EMBIBE has made it possible to maintain track of a student’s grade, syllabus coverage, score progress, detect behavioural change, and class interactions, among other things. AI can make sure that each person’s instructional software is customized.

Students already have access to adaptive learning systems, games, and software. Given that learning is easier, more comfortable, and doesn’t depend on prior knowledge, AI-based personalized education is perhaps one of its most significant. This technique highlights the needs of each student, emphasizing the particular disciplines in which they are weak and having them repeat lessons they haven’t learned. AI-based personalized education will improve their system and the process as a whole.

Teachers shall only provide assistance and support when pupils request it. Personalization is at the top of the list, as anyone knowledgeable about international trends in many businesses will know. This is a benefit for the educational sector that results from the development of artificial intelligence. By giving teachers all the required knowledge, AI-based personalized education enables educators to step up their game.

Providing personalised learning also enables teachers to produce content that best meets their students’ needs. Tasks are automated, giving teachers more time to spend on instruction and having a greater positive influence on students.