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5 Easiest Chapters in Physics for IIT JEE


5 Easiest Chapters in Physics for IIT JEE: Candidates preparing for the JEE Main exam frequently look for the easiest and highest-scoring chapters to ensure a high score. When students are preparing for a national exam like JEE Main, it is not recommended that they leave any topic out of the JEE Main syllabus, but knowing the scoring chapters can help them strengthen their JEE Main preparation.

When students attempt JEE Main exam, be it mock tests or actual exams, Physics is, by default, the first question they see. However, starting with Physics can be difficult as it can be a very tricky subject. At the onset of the JEE Main preparations, candidates may have to answer many basic questions like – which chapter to start from, whether to start with difficult or easy ones and what the easiest chapters are in JEE.

Easiest chapters in IIT JEE – Physics

The 5 easiest chapters in Physics for IIT JEE are mentioned in the table below, along with some other easy chapters to help candidates with their studies.

GeneralHigh Weightage
Units and MeasurementsSemiconductors
Work, Energy and PowerOscillations
Wave OpticsWave Optics
OscillationsElectromagnetic waves

Why Are These Chapters Easy?

Physics plays an important role in getting a good score in JEE examination because most of the questions in the JEE exam are directly asked from basics. That can become very tricky for some chapters. However, the chapters mentioned above require comparatively less effort and time to understand completely.

  • Less Effort: The concepts in these chapters are few in number and easy to grasp. There are relatively fewer formulae required to solve the questions as well!
  • More Efficiency: To master these chapters, go through HC Verma and practice the problems after each chapter. Embibe has free JEE mock tests for candidates to give so that they can master the concepts. It will help them realise how much time they spend on each question.
  • Less Time: Since they are easy, they require less time, leaving candidates time for more difficult topics as well!

How Important Are These Chapters?

These chapters are great if students want to score decent exam marks. They are like a backup that every student must have. But students must see that these chapters do not consume much of their time during tests or while studying. To check the time distribution for each question in these chapters, the best way is to take a test on Embibe and check the feedback on each chapter mentioned above.

FAQs on 5 Easiest Chapters in Physics for IIT JEE

Q.1: Is Wave Optics an easy chapter?

Ans: Yes, Wave Optics is comparatively an easy chapter in Physics.

Q.2: Where can I find the list of easiest chapters in Physics for IIT JEE?

Ans: Students can find the list of easiest chapters in Physics for IIT JEE on this page.

Q.3: Are these easiest chapters important from an exam point of view?

Ans: Yes, these easiest chapters are important from an exam point of view.

Q.4: Can I score good marks after going through these chapters?

Ans: Yes, candidates will score good marks after going through these chapters.

Q.5: What are the five easiest chapters in Physics?

Ans: The five easiest chapters in Physics have been mentioned in this article.

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