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  • Last Modified 29-11-2016

5 most fascinating phones


 Diamond Crypto Smartphone

  • Price – 72 Crores
  • comes with a powerful encryption technology that will protect your information from dire situations like kidnapping, blackmail, corruption and racketeering.
  • have 50 diamonds

phone 1

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

  • Have 12mm gold frame
  • also has a smattering of black diamonds, 17 hand-polished and etched sapphires and a rear made of 200-year-old
  • Price – 55 crores

phone 2

Vertu Signature Cobra

  • Price- 15 crores
  • Comes with white diamond and 439 rubies
  • No camera,
  • No touch screen and only 1MB of internal memory

phone 3

Vertu Diamond

  • A phone encrusted with diamonds on a platinum surface, this one comes in an assortment of attractive colours like yellow, red, blue, black, brown and tan.
  • it comes with a scratch-resistant glass.
  • Price – 6 crores

phone 4

The Chairman by Ulysse Nardin

phone 5


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