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  • Written By Karen Marwein
  • Last Modified 19-08-2022
  • Written By Karen Marwein
  • Last Modified 19-08-2022

7 Tips For Chemistry Preparation To Crack NEET 2023

7 Preparation Tips for NEET Chemistry: NTA conducted the NEET 2022 exam on July 17, 2022. NEET is the single-largest medical entrance examination conducted in India. A total of 18.72 lakh candidates had appeared for NEET 2022, of which 10.06 lakh candidates were females, and 8.66 lakh were males. The huge number of candidates who apply for the limited seats in the different medical colleges makes the exam competitive. 

If candidates were to score well in their exams, they should be aware of certain tips that will help them in the process. Chemistry is a scoring subject. Those who have their fundamental concepts of the subject strong can score well in the subject by dedicating much less time to preparing this subject than the other subjects. In this article, we have provided 7 tips to help candidates score well in Chemistry and get admitted to their desired medical college. 

Latest Updates:
– NEET answer key 2022 to be released soon
– NEET 2022 exam was conducted on July 17, 2022.

7 Preparation Tips for NEET Chemistry

Here are the top 7 preparation tips for aspirants to score good marks in the Chemistry section of the NEET 2022 exam:

  • Learn the formulas thoroughly. Candidates must ensure they have not overlooked anything. With regular revision, candidates should soon be able to retain the formulas.
  • Candidates should ensure they have properly understood the concepts that each chapter intends to convey. Embibe helps candidates get a clearer and simpler way of understanding concepts.
  • Learn the theoretical portion of Physical Chemistry as the concepts are useful for the numerical questions asked in the exam. 
  • In Organic Chemistry, they should learn the chemical reactions by writing them down.
  • They should practice questions on “Conversions” daily.
  • Candidates should solve previous 5-10 years of papers to get acquainted with the most frequently asked questions and important chapters to focus on.
  • Candidates should cover the entire syllabus using the NCERT book. In addition, they should study from the reference books for the exam because studying from NCERT alone is not enough for an exam like NEET. They should then take the full revision test on Embibe to assess their preparation levels.

How Do NEET Chemistry Tricks for Practice on Embibe Help Candidates?

Here is how Embibe helps provide the tips to prepare for the NEET Chemistry section and how aspirants can benefit from the same. Aspirants should check out all these NEET Chemistry preparation tips and stick to the plan to score high marks on the test. The following are some of the best ways to study Chemistry for NEET. We have also shared some NEET Chemistry tricks that aspirants will find helpful!

Exam-Taking Strategy

Candidates should take personalised test analysis on Embibe to assess their preparation level. They can take this test for free. It will tell them whether they are answering the questions within the ideal time or taking time in excess. It also notifies the candidates of how many attempts they have wasted, whether from a lack of knowledge or carelessness. This analysis helps candidates identify the weak areas that need attention. They can then practice more questions on those topics to improve their scores.


Time Management

Candidates have 180 minutes to answer 180 questions. Since each question has a different difficulty level, candidates do not need one minute for each question. They can quickly answer the questions they readily know and save time for questions that need more time to solve. Candidates can use the practice sets of Embibe. The more candidates practice, the more their chances to find questions in common.

Question Selection

Candidates will get 4 marks for each question they answer correctly. There will be a negative marking of 1 mark for each incorrect answer. Keeping the marking scheme in mind, candidates should select the questions strategically. Candidates should attempt questions with the strongest concepts first and leave the ones that will take longer for the last. Embibe strives to make every child not just a dreamer but an achiever.

Builds Confidence

Candidates who regularly practice questions from Embibe have a better idea of the difficulty level of questions that examiners will ask in the exams. With practice, candidates know which topics are more important. Thus, they can focus on those better. There are also high chances that such candidates can correctly predict the questions they can expect for their exam.
A well-prepared candidate can sleep well the night before the exam, reach the exam hall calmly, and confidently, and answer the questions with a cool head. On the contrary, candidates who do not do this have chances to be stressed before the exam. In many instances, candidates sometimes mark answers incorrectly for the questions they know the answers to correctly due to lack of sleep and stress.

Better Revision

Experts always recommend candidates revise their lessons. The NEET syllabus is huge, and many candidates cannot complete their revisions before the exams. They tend to lose marks on topics studied earlier due to this. Solving questions from each chapter stops them from entirely forgetting the topics’ concepts. Hence, this is an effective alternative for candidates who cannot revise their lessons at the last minute.

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FAQs on Chemistry Preparation for NEET 2023

Following is a list of some common questions that aspirants preparing for Chemistry for NEET 2023 exams ask:

Q.1: Who will conduct NEET 2023?
National Testing Agency is the organising body of NEET 2023.

Q.2: Which are some of the best books to study Chemistry for NEET 2023?
Some of the best books for Chemistry for NEET are:
– Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon
– ABC of Chemistry
– Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee

Q.3: Will it be helpful to study Chemistry from NCERT Fingertips?
Yes, you can find topic-wise content in the NCERT Chemistry Fingertips book. A collection of MCQs in the book will help candidates predict what questions they can expect from the chapters. In addition, the content is presented in bullet points. This will help candidates learn and revise the content quickly.

Q.4: How many questions will be asked in Chemistry in NEET 2023?
45 questions in NEET 2023 will be asked from Chemistry.

Q.5: What is the full form of NEET?
The full form of NEET is the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. 

We hope that this information on NEET Chemistry preparation tips has helped you. If you have any queries, you can visit our website and write to us with your queries. We will assist you in the best way possible. Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest news and updates.

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