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7th Haryana Board Chapter


Are you preparing for the 7th Haryana Board exams? Then you’ll need to know what exactly the exams will entail and what chapters will be tested that are specific to it. This is exactly where we can help you! We have compiled all of the chapters of Science and Mathematics that you will study in the 7th Haryana Board syllabus so that you can get started on your studies without delay.

In this article, you’ll also find links to our expert-curated 3D video explanations of all the chapters covered on the 7th Class Haryana Board exams, complete with practice questions from Embibe. Also, the 7th Haryana Board chapter list will help you streamline your preparation by going through these different aspects of the exam in detail.

Subject-wise 7th Haryana Board Chapter List

If you have the subject-wise 7th Haryana Board chapter list handy, you can prepare for your exams efficiently by following the chapters that are expected to be covered. All you need to do is choose the best book available at Embibe, study directly from it and review the concepts through the 3D video lectures from Embibe experts.

Below, you will find detailed information about the 7th Haryana Board chapters that make up the syllabus for both Science and Mathematics. In addition to this, you can also find direct links to Embibe’s 3D video explanations for these chapters.

7th Haryana Board Mathematics Chapters

The chapters you will study in 7th Haryana Board Mathematics are shown in the table below. You can also use the links below to begin studying each chapter with 3D video explanations:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
2Fractions and Decimals
3Data Handling
4Simple Equations
5Lines and Angles
6The Triangle and its Properties
7Congruence of Triangles
8Comparing Quantities
9Rational Numbers
10Practical Geometry
11Perimeter and Area

7th Haryana Board Board Science Chapters

Here is a rundown of the 7th Haryana Board Chemistry chapters, with links to 3D video explanations for each chapter:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Nutrition in Plant
2Nutrition in Animals
3Fibre to Fabric
5Acids, Bases and Salts
6Physical and Chemical Changes
7Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate
8Winds, Storms and Cyclones
10Respiration in Organisms
11Transportation in Animals and Plants
12Reproduction in Plants

Haryana Board Class 7 Important Chapters

Below are some expert-suggested important chapters for Haryana Board class 7:

The Triangle And Its PropertiesCongruence Of Triangles
Comparing QuantitiesRational Numbers
Practical GeometryRespiration In Organisms
Transportation In Animals And Plants

FAQs on 7th Haryana Board Chapter

Some of the most frequent questions based on the 7th Haryana Board chapter are as follows:

Q: What are some important chapters in the 7th Haryana Board of Science?

Ans: Some of the most important chapters in 7th Haryana Board Science are Fibre to Fabric, Physical and Chemical Changes, Transportation in Animals and Plants, Electric Current and Its Effects, and Forests: Our Lifeline. At Embibe, you can study all these chapters with interactive 3D video explanations.

Q: Is 7th Haryana Board Mathematics tough?

Ans: Yes. You may find some chapters of 7th Haryana Board Maths difficult. However, Embibe’s 3D video explanations make it easy for you to learn and master these chapters.

Q: Does the 7th Haryana Board have Chemistry?

Ans: Yes. Chemistry chapters will be covered in the 7th Haryana Board Science syllabus.

Q: Where can I download the 7th Haryana Board chapter list?

Ans: We have shared the subject-wise 7th Haryana Board chapter list in this article. For each subject, you refer to the list where you can also find the associated 3D video explanations from Embibe.

Q: Where to get mock tests for the 7th Haryana Board?

Ans: Embibe provides mock tests for the 7th Haryana Board exams.

We hope this article on the 7th Haryana Board chapter helps you. Should you have any questions or doubts regarding the 7th Haryana Board exams, contact us on the Embibe app.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on the 7th Haryana Board exams.

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